This Changes RGB Forever

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • thanks to Coursera for sponsoring our trip to CES 2019 the courser one is their new super-powerful water-cooled gaming and or workstation system you can check it out at the link below so of course there is no stranger to launching new RGB products at trade shows but this time really I swear it's actually different so this isn't just more RGB LEDs with more animation patterns or anything like that no okay actually that's exactly what it is but I swear it's different like get over here so this right here is a demo of what Corsair has been working with with a company called Primax and they're calling it capella --cz and what it essentially is is a method of mounting LEDs and not like not like this entire surface mount like blocky square white thing but actually the diode itself just the little dot in the middle that actually emits the light mounting LEDs directly to a PCB and this is important for a number of reasons it increases power efficiency which in turn can actually increase the maximum brightness of the leds and it dramatically increases their density so in the past if they wanted to do let's say an RGB memory module they would have been stuck with like basically this kind of spacing there's only so much granularity you can get to the animations that you can build into the product well now they can achieve density of like I mean what do you what even is this this is like a hundred LEDs or eighty LEDs looks like a hundred and it's like under my pinky and I have I have very small hands folks very very small fingers so right now there's only one product that is going to contain this new technology and it's their new Dominator platinum RGB you can actually see they've got like a history of Dominator platinum here and they haven't gone that crazy so they've only got 12 of these capella X LEDs mounted to it but what they're talking about sounds pretty incredible because not only can they mount these things to a rigid PCV they can even mount them to a flexible PCB so even some of their most RGB tout products like some of their fans with 16 LEDs built into them I mean this is a whole new level they could put hundreds of LEDs into a and do like I mean they could even display something when you think about it this is fundamentally a small LED display it's absolutely incredible now they're gonna need some software upgrades because at the current time a single channel off of I believe it's their node pro controller is that sound right Aaron node Pro single channel 100 LEDs at a time right now yeah they're so a single channel can only support 100 LEDs which is like I'd have to do this so those guys have some work to do to catch up to this but this enables all kinds of new possibilities for LED lighting you could conceivably have a system with thousands or tens of thousands of LEDs sille in a nutshell more compact more power efficient or brighter so they could do something like a wireless backlit keyboard for example and just generally more possibilities because they can put them anywhere like that look at the difference in profile here it's crazy speaking up for referrals they're stepping up their game there as well so we've had range issues actually with our dark core RGB wireless mouse and our new employee lounge and I was so thrilled to see the harpoon RGB wireless so the incredible thing about this is twofold number one is the wireless technology that they've built into it so Corsair says but with a single device connected to a dongle they've achieved 500 microseconds so that is about half of a millisecond of latency on this thing and with two devices connected like if you had a a harpoon RGB wireless and then a future keyboard that presumably they're working on you could get one millisecond on each and that's with a micro dongle so this is a new technology they're calling slipstream and the second really cool thing about it is the price so they're not holding back on us and launching this with a hundred and fifty dollar knows they want slipstream freaking everywhere in their lineup and they went well this mouse is the one that's currently most ready for production so we're gonna put it in there boom let's go 50 bucks it's super light it's just under 100 grams and the range is actually really impressive so it's running off of that system they're one of the coarser 1i 140s but that's not the crazy thing that's not really that far it's that they're doing it at CES so part of their slipstream technology is that they're able to straddle two frequencies at a time for a very short period and decide on which one is the best in order to maintain that latency and showing it off working at a trade show like CES without any hitching is either brave or foolish so far it's actually been working really well for most of our time with it so I'm leaning towards brave but I mean there's still plenty of time for them to regret this it's just looking pretty darn good at the moment they're boasting thirty hours of battery life using slipstream or up to sixty using bluetooth LE although of course there is a latency disadvantage there and it comes with a little compartment on the bottom for the dongle as well as a switch so you can go between 2.4 gigahertz slipstream and Bluetooth this puppy is available hey hey I Harry when's the harpoon available now ok you can buy it today so you can go check it out at the link in the video description speaking of the link in the video description this video is brought to you by the Corsair 1 the lineup goes all the way from the i-140 which has an RT x 2080 and an 8 core processor all the way up to the I 180 Pro which is really closer to a workstation than it is to gaming with 12 cores 32 gigs of ram an RT x 28 e TI a 750 watt power supply and this is all in the same slim form factor as the original Corsair 1 so you can check that out at the link in the video description thanks to Corsair for sponsoring this video and thanks to you guys for watching don't miss any of our CES content we will see you guys at the next move oh by the way the elgato guys here at Corsair we're gonna be super sad if I didn't mention their key light so you can control it so check this out you can adjust color temperature and brightness and stuff with your stream deck it's like Wi-Fi connected if your streamer is pretty sick if you're not a streamer then maybe you just really like having like a light on your desk but that's cool too
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  • Sam Sırri

    These "RGB" products are for retards :p Flame on.

  • David Frisken

    I don't get it? Surface mount and through hole RGB LED's have been around for years.

  • b888

    $50 unlike the overpriced logitech $150! Looks like I am converting to corsair!

  • theUglyManowar

    an led keyboard illuminated allowing me to game with my active shutter glasses on and actually see the keys! I need this to suceed!

  • Lime

    I just like that with LED density going up we can have more displays that can be seen through, more Daft Punk style visors.

  • Der Mate

    this is probably more interessting for flexible displays than its for lightning ...

  • Joselito Muller II - não sou o Emanuel

    They should just put another LED screen on the computer tower cover and be done with it. Then at least we can program it make it as pretty as we want without having to touch components.

  • DerTrueForce

    Am I the only one who twitched when he flexed that module?

  • OrangeC7

    That anyone would put this much effort into RGB LEDs inside a system is a surprise to be sure, *but a welcome one*

  • Duane Ransom

    Does anyone else loath wireless mice as I do? Give me a Corsair M65 -ish or a Logitech G502 and I am happy!

  • thekingof awesomeness

    so linus said there would be a link for the mouse but there isnt one so I found it and here it is

  • Suzuya

    ''This Changes RGB Forever'' should be a meme!!

  • J Wohl

    I wana see those ram stick do black/ green matrix stream.. that would be bad ass.