Stephen A. gives Cowboys a 75% chance to upset Rams | First Take


  • The Parts Connect

    I'm watching. Sumo wrestling. Cowboys. Might need to get a couple of these guys. Up front 😜

  • K.e. J

    Lol boy you were wrong! One moment you hating on the Cowboys the next moment you talking about they can neutralize the second best team in the NFL.

  • shigsho

    Stephen A. wrong on all his predictions. Dumb as a rock.

  • Bower Power

    We were 1 dimensional, we just ran and ran and ran right over them!

  • Eric M

    He was wrong as hell😂😂😂

  • DanK

    He’s just mad cause he got booed in LA hahahahaha

  • Hugh MacDonald

    This is precisely why no one I know in Las Vegas pays any attention to him. He's a blowhard.

  • Jay Welch

    I don't care if Stephen A Smith is insulting somebody or giving them a compliment the dude is f****** stupid. I'm surprised he didn't make this video a black or white thing that racist ass bastard. I'm a black man in 2019 rich is s*** and we're still deprived. Stephen A Smith to get the f*** over his skin color realize that we all human I quit trying to make everything a racist battle you would expect ESPN would have better taste than that

  • Rodrigo Deleon

    Wasn't Molly literally hired just to sit there and look pretty?

  • Suite 212


  • Luke Dam

    lol Stephen A just runnin his mouth. Rams all the way

  • Kevin Sibert

    Rt is a problem the rt form the rams got team of the year card.ha ha u don’t know what your talking about

  • Energy Matterz Zone

    Dear internet y'all all might wanna check with me first before u make any real decisions I'm the most physic person on our planet I'm becoming a god by doing the inside work