Owner Has NO ISSUE With State Of His Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2019-01-02
  • what's looser now Sonia that's the center well that's a lasagna then I'm the Pope Jesus when was it made let's radio last fight it wow she's really weird very weird indeed poison is chicken I thought last it's not as chicken wow it's all dry bloody how Nina that's chicken yeah chicks alright destroy planned and it's just been reheated now for your pasta dishes yeah sure I like the taste that is not the way to cook I believe Chef Ramsay may have exaggerated it's almost sounded like it was unsalvageable try that way freezer I know you will not say for a dog okay for pancakes this is just as the dishes leave the kitchen reasonably quick about the axillary complaints from customers are almost immediate [Music] oh no what's wrong with that policies you are kidding me what is that come on guys this is an example of you know not knowing how to manage this restaurant you should be in the kitchen making sure that our food quality is consistent where's Nina [Music] helping the kitchen that's what you need to do I'm eating anything all day are you kidding me getting dinner with my mom and dad out front we should be working if he had the initiative the assertive has to take over we wouldn't be in this situation you know just continuously stands there and that was the frustrating thing right now because I look and he's like in my right for a fill at all times and you've got your poor 78 old mother standing out of punch clinging on a mess in there Oh mushrooms my god play the meatballs yeah when they from her ad Friday these are portfolio as well look at it how old is that to go that color and I have a feeling if I ask somebody they'd say no doubt from Friday what was it made how old is that is it Friday again busy day Friday I've you've seen inside your refrigeration yes absolutely we actually do a full full general cleaning every night if you go two minutes yes sir just look down there the back there yeah there's some product on the ground so what on the grills muscles yeah there is and have you any idea this is this is here this is just left there my god what's that you be serving this all night it's not even scaled you're the man that gave me ten out of ten come on then I don't know what to say you
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  • shaserdeses

    Nino has *photo proof* that the lasagna was made today and not last Friday

  • Alex Eastwood

    I kinda wanna know what percentage of people complain about the quality of the food because they know there on camera and just want to be dramatic.

  • Monet Makeup

    Looking in the comments for “I’m Nino” jokes 😂

  • cryptic !

    When I saw the thumbnail I legit thought that was cake lol

  • Konix95

    But I am sure he took pictures when he cleaned the storage

  • Elaine Braces

    I'll be honest. Nino is the only in denial owner that i can't get mad of

  • dragonfilms

    i think this is the way government is run. this is why you are not allowed to pry into their books or their secret meetings. there is a bunch of rotten fish and produce. and the politicians are in denial.

  • Mathgasm

    Nino stands for high quality restaurant mom and pop food.