Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test

  • Published on: 2018-11-08
  • [Applause] welcome to good mythical more elevator pitch okay we just need a few seconds to pitch this movie idea it's called George Orson and the race to the Sun okay picture a man and nothing but George let that sink in for a second now picture okay yes now picture him in a spaceship that's sinking yeah on top of the Jordans and think about this for a second the spaceship itself is George and he's headed towards the Sun and when he gets there he learns that the Sun is actually hold on a second George you like walk out with jazz hands that's what that's the way you seal the deal if any time this is actually a great trick to do when you're on an elevator yes as someone is like as it's closing and someone sees you just last two or three seconds just give them jazz hands and it it will affect their day for a while it's more like this than like what this is what is this that's funny fingers this is something different that's like what that's the cheerleader thing spirit fingers spirit fingers jazz hands jazz hands and spirit fingers yeah also if somebody's trying to get on an elevator and it's very full you should give him jazz hands as well okay in 2002 Booker King Burger King really my favorite restaurant released a Shaq packs what they called it after Shaquille O'Neal who apparently was on board for this he's on all the posters Lisa's head was yep and what was this things sourdough double cheeseburger with fries and free warm chili sauce that you could dip into there's a commercial yeah [Music] [Music] I'm the new shag pad real solid Oh bacon cheeseburger crispy fries with free warm chili cheese dipping sauce and a coca-cola classic you got to have a Shack back baby Shack back check and sell things alright Josh come on in here and we have the Shaq pack that mythical chef josh has meticulously recreated it's very interesting to me that they they market it as free chili cheese sauce you know what to pay for dipping free yeah you're buying the thing with the stuff in it that's not really free hold on you you've been on the internet long enough to know why they say that it's free it's not just make it sound great it's because people it this is so sweet people like to ask dumb questions and so you have to you have to preempt them the sauce is free quit ass you have to pay extra for the sauce I really like it you have to pay extra for it that became a really bad wolf area you're saying that they put that in the commercial so so as to yes save the conversation at the counter 95 is it present employment 95% of all business decisions are designed to eliminate stupid questions except in commercials when it's more about just buy the thing hey I'm here is the sauce free all right let's try the free sauce first that's what this is really about right it really is this this came out when I was 10 years old and I think the Samuel Jackson shaft movie came out about the same time so like shaft was on the brain for people and no commercial has hit me as hard as that Shaq that commercial did when I was 10 years old yeah you were in that very malleable state I was like oh sticking your brain dude I have the free sauce got you a few sauce got me that is a good sauce and it was a decent movie I saw that yeah B how can this be free I mean it's so good it was in a probably sure the sauce already to see it but I saw it can we get confirmation that the sauce free yeah I mean it came out of like the budget like we bought come on man we didn't we didn't they stopped doing free so take the tomato out of your piece I am there's two Tomatoes okay so I left that tomato there for you so again what is this it's just sour dough which they they're doing sourdough sandwiches maybe just brought it back but they hadn't for a long time but they didn't bring the shack not bring the shack back that yourself Oh change their sourdough it looks more like rustic and artisanal now and I don't like it I'm orestes anal artist artists anal I miss the non artisanal and lots of bacon is there barbecue sauce oh yeah yeah no I remember saying that no it's one of those vague pink sauces which are the best sauces on burgers do we have a knife to cut that up we should they bother me the most impressive thing about that commercial was Shaq playing basketball in a leather trench coat he's a heavy man I mean there's a lot of bottom moisture to be made on that body who is the burger that's going into my mouth you also usually so I don't know I'm used to the fancy fast food treatment where I give all their stuff and then I just watch good mythical more still this is just best vision look at that I think that's mine cuz there's no tomato no there's to me I got some meat on it I got a whole tomato how many tomatoes are on there I made it I don't know two Tomatoes the only Shack we're here man Shaq doesn't attach himself to stuff that isn't awesome think about his Kazaam that movie mm-hmm I mean he doesn't get involved with things and they're not gonna work that's one thing I've learned about Shaq this is the best taste that I've had in seven weeks well that sauce is the same sauce that's on a BK double yeah what's it called the BK king or something it's kind of like the Big Mac but it's Bacon's good to visualize the king double and then the decayed means this is the king double the king double I like that I like the kid double this is really good though this is this is a lot better it's very good all the other things if Shaq's involved it should come back you can't bring it back without Shaq of course um so that may be holding them up but um I'm saying we definitely bring this one back you guys agree oh yeah and I don't even care if you start charging for the sauce honestly could you get them to make that if you just told them all the things that were on it you could get them to make that exact burger but you could not get them to give you free cheese sauce or I don't even think I could pay for cheese sauce anymore this is like specifically made by craft just for the Shaq package Shaq must have like intimidated the Kraft executives until they made him a cheese sauce gesture his I wanted to be a special sauce but I want it to be free yeah I'm curious what do you think about our opinions on what we said did not bring back am reback so the yumbo ha ham and cheese yeah we're dead on if it ever existed because I'm still not convinced but that is absolutely an Arby's sandwich and Arby's added bear market fresh thing and they stopped just slinging the roast beef to him but it's not as good no it's not and that's not their core competency they shouldn't be doing that sandwich what do you think about the pizza I say double if they added pepperoni to it I think it would've been great I think it needs a spiced cured pork product I had to resist the urge to throw my own pepperoni in there that is a good point it would be better mm-hmm because it doesn't kind of sell it right now it just tastes like an unseasoned sausage sandwich I would like of it I mean yep and I would like a free side of marinara for dipping I don't want free marinara I want the marinara to be free and I wanted to say so in the commercial mm-hmm and I like you mentioned the chicken parmesan sandwich which I was a fan of that's my wife's favorite sandwich yeah it's really great but the problem is almost immersed I think on earth yeah there were times when that's all she talked to me about because late-night conversations about that sandwich and nothing else hmm how was your day honey have you heard about the the chicken parm sandwich you know what my yes yeah we talked about it all the time the pizza burger dipped into the G hey so you're mixing countries now just crossed the border across the border into you just overlapped it Italy into Wisconsin oh and Wisconsin I can't tell the whopper Ito didn't go far enough or I went too far you know cuz McDonald's right they just in the Mac Snack Wrap they called it a wrap and you know what they did to the burger they just cut it in half so it wasn't crumbled or like some toddler's attempt it crumbling all right you you it gives the effect a feeling like you're getting leftovers yeah cuz you're like this was made for something else and you cut it yeah but it costs a dollar 29 though that's the thing Mac Mac crap was cheap this is like you have $4 substantial burrito so I think they didn't go far enough with the queso to turn into a burrito it's ripped up the burger patties I would have liked it better with the slice cheese melted yeah or you do that for a dollar 49 half a whopper patty followed a wrap but this isn't a weird middle ground that I hate and I'm mad about it yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty other stuff did you have it when it was out yeah I did usually all the new fast food items is like compulsively yeah okay I have to in this cheese log of macaroni I mean I yeah I know it's decadent and I don't think it can it it can be one of those limited time things mmm yeah don't make it a daily party they should keep bringing it back though I mean your routine what I didn't mention is there was a time when you could buy these in cheats gas stations and in Walmart but those don't exist anymore either I think yesterday Brad yeah Crafton in chester Cheetah are they both crafts or is there some sort of like melding that had to happen and then oh listen listen Lay's frito-lay it's all owned by one company in the Illuminati let's dip this is into that I think that's smart I'll be like I didn't do that when I was making these earlier today in the kitchen oh you went from curtailing the decadence to double downing doubled that downing double doubling down please don't feed on humans six stickers brought where'd you get him mythical dot store bra so sick bra totally bra just put them all over my board bra so sick bro yeah
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