Lilly Singh Rewind 2018 (ft. Team Super)

  • Published on: 2019-01-03
  • the stain on my shirt but I really wanted to wear it all's I haven't washed my hair literally for we're gonna have just so it could be wavy for this video and I can't take too long to the Scarborough's birthday my whole day dedicated to that happy birthday to you happy birthday to you New Year same trash me whatever you answer girl subbu you know what in this new year we'll see I might start calling myself Lilly I feel like this is not the year of like what would beyoncé do what would a bounce do not even I this year for me is gonna be what would Lilly do I feel like y'all should do the same cuz you're dope you're awesome and this year you should do what the best version of yourself would do what's goin on y'all that's been a second after 12 collapse of Christmas I haven't been vlogging either I've missed you so much I've missed this this whole like let me talk to a camera and like talk to my people so it feels really really good obviously if you've been here for a while you know I do an annual review video of all the amazing things we've accomplished together but before I get into that let me just say that yo let's cut the BS 20:18 was robbed it was a challenging year for me but I think the best part of these videos in any review and any reflection is because it gives you gratitude and that's what this is for me it's looking back and being like oh you thought 2018 sucks but like look at all these amazing things you and team super did so that's why this is so important to me and like always I just want to express how grateful I am I mean whether I have a good year a phenomenal you're a horrible year one thing remains consistent in every one of my years is 2010 and that is your overwhelming support and just I want you to know especially this past year many times I was just devastated like I won't get into why but there was just many times I was not okay sometimes it would be your tweet or your comment or just you being like hey you know what Lilly like I having a good day that would be the one thing in my day that kept me going kept me smiling so thank you so much for your support it feels good when you're happy and it's crucial when I'm sad thank you so much to you super I love you I'm so proud of everything we accomplished together this journey has been insane little Lily would never believe this is her life so without further ado together actually this could be a tough collab without further ado on behalf of myself and team super this is what we did in 2018 with the county volunteer on TV and said what up to cardi B oh good - a young girl baby party B Make A Wish Foundation got her all y'all had a movie night with Karlie Kloss yup we're both models got a role in an NBC pilot called bright futures ended an epic warmest March and helped make history attended the NBA all-star weekend on 73 questions with birth that is violet four five one with Michael B Jordan attended Ronda Rousey's first WWE match at WrestleMania officiated a wedding in Mexico sachit our own production company called the unicorn Island Baraka was featured on an Olivia Carnaby's music video for girls like you girls like you burn yeah me too that President Barack Obama spoke at the conference tomorrow in France Bulls you'll just we got postmates salute to my house by Nick Jonas five star delivery when to the charge epithet have the biggest meet-and-greets ever like ever ever like ever ever notices and records our brother Olivia would say shaadi Karogi five years with one GOG went to South Africa with Charlize Theron organization CT AOP in the first ever youth talk with user in South Africa and our first ever meet up in South Africa with room to read got laser eye surgery and their heart like a mother Apple to the entire team to Ecuador where each area watched our third for Vicki campaign mazui and helps them even more girls to school partnered with Olay and walk the runway in New York Ashley I dual fashion and we switched bodies with our conic sister do Toros sister switch not counseling by dr. Phil released a Christmas album with Rita Ora Herald with the guys from create a gift guide with hustle Manoj helped you get woke with Jay Shetty hired Terry Crews as my body double went to couples therapy with John Cena in the biggest thing on YouTube with Alicia Keys China our inner Nicki Minaj I'm patty Barbie Jeeps I'm just playing but I'm saying went into the world of fortnight men's k-pop group ESP at the United Nations with BTS learned how to yodel with Mason Ramsay had a billboard in Times Square and took over Grand Central Station pulled an all-nighter they can an epic Harry Potter expelliarmus on Jimmy Kimmel Live get a puppy named scar oh oh we did need a boom-boom industry is born the hallway room fighted a real sloth into my house had our first ever pop-up shop in LA each other the cover of Cosmo India has become the must be or salaam-alaikum featured on the cover of porter magazine collaborated with Miss Piggy turned rappers into teacher 's started a campaign to help end violence against children and India lost her own mascara from Smashbox called super fan turned into Sailor Moon was a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Hey thirty million subscribers fourteen million subscribers almost died by making chicken things on hot ones no for real though I'm still feeling up it was featured in pretty big deal with Ashley Graham turned a childhood story into an animation or story booth also one teen super that is a wrap and Zoop holy crap like I don't know how I could be like oh it's bad year I'm in gap and it's a it's a bad year because the occasion went down but obviously was still full of great experiences and memories of us together and I'm very in the mindset of like yeah sure it's my channel sure I got the passwords sure it's my name dude we're in this together there would be no me there would be no team super without you so I am so excited to see what 2019 holds because this video is a rebuke this is about the review this is about last year and tying it up in a nice girl but in the next few days watch out because of my main channel this child out channel I okay be kind of nervous nervous I am going to upload a video with just some updates and announcements and how I plan to tackle 2019 is gonna include some changes because I just want 29 teens to be real out of the comfort zone I want to do big things I don't want to be safe I want to really push myself and I want to really take risks and so that's what my 2019 is about being safe after doing the same old thing we do a big thanks but so I'm gonna post announcement video for the next few days please watch out for that it's gonna be really important to me so stay tuned for that yeah otherwise I hope we had a steak Happy New Year and holiday regardless of what you celebrate whatever is not offensive to you other than that also I want to say even though all videos have been about 2018-2019 new years it's never too late to have a resolution a resolution doesn't have to be on new years it's never too late to make change if you're here is date and go how you wanted to go or your last year to go how you wanted to go parts of this year don't go how you wanted to go you can become the best version of yourself right now because you are dope as hell and I genuinely believe that I believe that the most powerful being on this planet and look at my eyes because I mean this is your mind conquer your mind really befriend your mind take care of your mind and you will conquer this year next year every year for as long as you please thank you so much for your love and support 20:19 is gonna be dope it's not like that one love Louie work on it that is a wrap EDC money for the rest of my life
  • Runtime: 08:22
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