• Published on: 2018-12-14
  • what's up guys we're back obviously you can tell that it's just one of us so you're probably assuming that something's fishy and yes something is fishy it is 505 in the morning right now which means definitely sound asleep don't know he's Hitler wakes up at approximately 11:30 a.m. every single day which means that he's gonna be asleep for another six and a half hours which makes and his life really easy which is going to make me pulling this off way easier explain what I'm talking about so about three weeks ago I went to the store and I got these I went to the store gift shopping or so Ethan thought but what I was actually doing was buying demos wrapping paper ever in ever and I hid it in the guest house closet because no one would ever go in there it's not like a room that we ever used so I knew that the referee where it would be safe in there I just want to make sure I had it from the time came the times come he thing was up so late last night playing for a night like probably to like just about two hours ago which would be 3:00 a.m. right now it's 5:00 the Sun is still down which is going to make it a lot easier to pull this off so I have to get started like right now Santa Claus company do you so bad videos by myself I'm going to give Ethan the gifts that he's ever gone in his entire life is here a basically just gonna wrap every single thing he owns and give it back to him no I'm not I'm not sure how to do this video by myself Claire is [Music] what's up guys I don't have to be too quiet cuz either that's like one of the heavy sleepers it's ever existed as you can see I'm here at Santa's gift wrapping staged everything I'm saying is they're cheesy I mean I'm just gonna be cool are you as you can see I'm here at my rapping sushi that was even worse all my gift wrapping stuff behind me I got wrapping paper and boxes and bags we are going to wrap every single thing that Ethan owns about it right back where it was so let's get started I'm going to learn right now that's pretty good along okay I want to say this is the first time I've ever wrapped a half used bottle of Ellucian I'm pretty good at this not know why I'm just kind of coming up with these techniques I'm just gonna fly three item is down like 97 more to go I want to wrap this entire cord Itzik plugged into the wall you know what I mean discharge record I can get into his phone with my face I'm not going to do it though see I'm a good brother dude showing a video just telling me up got to do that what's up you thing you just go ranked gotcha bitch Ethan cellular phone thank so pissed noises his desk and all the wires like this camping rewiring stuff is the worst ever it's the worst it's clean laundry two creeks this really box number one pair of shoes number one hello mother now we got to quietly move all this stuff back into Ethan's room without I'm waking up I'm gonna wrap one more thing that he owns and they're gonna wake him up and let him in the santa came let's do it [Music] [Music] [Music] take a sleeping pill I squared with it out the club's last night I got his charger his candle block they give him his phone last because I don't know he has an alarm set or anything like that I'm gonna leave that out here but it's wrapped up right there all right so I just finished up wrapping pretty much everything in Ethan's room that I could possibly wrap without being in there with him and making too much noise although we kind of proved that to be not a non-issue just in case Ethan wakes up he's really frustrated that all of his stuff is wrapped because I got him good guys I got him good so far just in case he even tries to get in his car and leave grabby things entire car and the Santa Claus hat wrapping paper so he can't get away without unwrapping at least something [Applause] doing pretty well essentially going away faster it's not a very good wrap job I got the gut admit it's done leave this fresh wrap on this car dude it's Santa wrap it's freakin tight actually they'll look at this I wrapped his entire car I let the wheels out just in case you see someone's address and then the back is wrapped the other side is wrapped literally completely wrapped every single thing that he himself owns is wrapped in Christmas paper so what it's called wrapping paper Christmas wrapping paper happy holidays Justino I started rapping at 5:00 a.m. this morning and it is now 9:15 in the morning so I've been rapping for four hours straight honestly it hasn't even felt that long it's been like kind of fun I'm just really excited to see what Eaton's reaction is when he wakes up his entire rooms wrapped and he's probably gonna try to leave and then his car is gonna be wrapped entirely so let's go wake him up okay santa came bro santa came do get up syndicating get up baby - what santa came he came last night he gave you all these gifts - was crackin dude Santa came he came in the middle of the night while you were sleeping bro why you wrapped all mine I didn't dude Santa did oh my god what did you do this bro Oh get up bro cook come on come on wrap all of your gifts dude oh wait wonder where on this is a freaking camera there's another camera what aren't you excited at santa came what your shoes brother look dude your shoes dude dude what is this this is so extra little gifts you're not excited do bro dude I was uploading the video on computer right there did I got you I got you good dude um not really something made four minutes Sunday that's not it's anything they've six or seven yeah I'll give it to you guys this is a cute little prank dude this is a grand old prank dude a grand old holiday Santa Claus prank I was more confused than anything I would like a sad game santa came but he did he came I thought I was dying for a little bit I thought we had to evacuate the house or something let's stop all right bro you want to open some of your gifts no I want to go back to bed you got a cool skateboard yeah you got a drum city I bet there's jobs to see you bro you've always wanted them I'm not a morning person at all you're unwrapping all this no no dude I was uploading a video on there it's Tuesday what time is it 9:30 yeah we have to upload it a little bit it was uploading it's probably up now no it's not it's fine what is this more pillows oh my god I'm not cleaning it as you are what are you wearing that's what the worst part is all whoever opens the present heavy paper the worst part of this is I got pinched by a guy I'm wearing a skin what is that a apron onesie no it's an overall onesie oh why didn't be so extra Nadia's just literally comfortable don't thinking that something that would make a mess you clean it what am I did you believe your raps forever you can do it neatly look it look how nicely I wrapped everything in here proud of myself yeah I'm not proud of you at all although this is gonna be bonus videos that's pretty good it's a kiss made more videos now do you can you please help me out of this no I'm not helping you because you got bright and I'm not helping you it only took me four and a half hours to wrap all these oh dude no offense but this is coming no match for my friends what do you mean I got you a worse you know you know okay this is gonna make me prank you next so like this video if you want me to print Grayson next what is this but you rap super-breath you wrapped it to my my phone braces that was so extra my god look you're next in well oh my god dude look at it what else you read the times I'm gonna get these gifts I don't even remember what I had I was sick and almost empty to Bevacqua for oh gosh what else did I get see isn't this fun I don't think I know what it's gonna be I was gonna be a Christmas candle I don't have time to clean all this bull today Grayson you know I'll give you credit for one thing I didn't wake up I don't know how you didn't stop dude dude Ethan I was made a huge bang with that wood that chair right there in the desk it was so loud out of my room oh my god you all the wires out of my desk I have to rewire everything Gracie that's so inconvenient oh my god it took me so long to wire why don't you just wake up and stop me then do Duke did you gotta finish opening your stuff oh my god what is this other wire here what does this even go dude why are you moving oh and you move all my kids do this in the wait my speakers Drake's in great spin I had this perfectly set up there's another wire in here where does this go I knew one day now I don't know I wasn't even prank yeah it wasn't it's pretty good at me dude your cleanliness you know I'm done with this what do you done with it I'm not cleaning dude just I'm just unwrapped it because I don't even know how you're at five I'll do the chair with you I'll do it we'll do it together [Music] please do the rest of the stuff no dude what are you gonna do to stand there and watch no I'm leaving I'm going to breakfast or something better be done in like three videos at home today Amiens upload and I was uploading and you dude I'm not kidding weird uploaded it's Tuesday what the why you leaving because you have to do it cuz you moved all the wires I know everything goes you don't leave right my charger please it so works how did you do this the glue to right next to my head while I was sleeping good where are you going where my keys did you wrap them no they're in your car dude please don't leave are you kidding me are you kidding me you know what have been the coolest thing to do what grappling a brand new car something like that like this and then you come out you wrapped all my stuff you wrapped a brand-new car you got me a new car and then it's wrapping I think it's my car that I wrap in it it's a new car but it's not it's my old car and it's wrapped this is so inconvenient oh my god can you believe my plate was so leave and make you do all that work well I I foresaw that happen Ning and I countered you by wrapping your car by wrapping your vehicle it might actually have to do all this by myself all right dude I'm gonna go sleep because I've been up since like 4:00 dude so Grayson yeah go to sleep that's good in here right now just take a little take a little rest you deserve it I'm just gonna go rest I'm just gonna chill out I've got my hot chocolate you know by the Christmas tree you get out you're gonna put on rub your gifts though happy uh Happy Holidays man dude we got him got him hey wait one more thing dude I hear my back don't wrap all this stuff all right you do that you know one more thing with you wonder what really brought what were they dude what shoes bro [Music] so I found this video on my phone what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's so good merch super out
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    15:33 Grayson being embarrassed because Ethan screaming at him so cute

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