When Your Waiter Can’t Take a Hint (ft. Chris Harrison)

  • Published on: 2018-12-19
  • (bells jingling) - Why can't we just have a nice dinner? - It was an accident. It doesn't mean that I love Rose. Okay, do you know who else - Daisy? I never dated Daisy. - Me, Lily, I am also a flower! - Good evening. Welcome to Terizoney. Is this your first time with us? - Who have you been here with? - I thought it was with...never mind, no I've never been here before. Family owned since 1972. Can I start you two off with a drink? - Water. - Same. - I cannot believe... - Still or sparkling? - It doesn't matter. - Lemon or lime? - I don't care. - Ice or no ice? - Honestly, whatever you want. - Gotcha, be right back. Okay? We're here. - Okay, okay, fine, you know what, I like trying new things with you. - No. - Behind. - Come on Rose, it will be fun. - Wait, what did you call me? First off, we have a honey glazed salmon, - Yeah, I'll take that. almost rustic taste. - That one, that's good. - And the honey, oh, the honey, it really cuts through that smokiness. - I will take that one. - Same. - We also have the... - The first one's fine. - Perfect. You're gonna love it. Now, are we celebrating anything tonight? Anniversary perhaps? - Food, just bring the food. - Great, I'll be right back. - Sure. - Super. - Hello, answer me. - May I interest you in the wine list? A rosé perhaps? - (Sighs) You're nuts. - No! - Fantastic. - You're clearly lying. - Dinner is served. This is heated. - Same. - You're toast. - Yes he is. - That's cold. - You can say that again. - Jack? What are you doing here? - Oh my god. - Wait, wait, who is she? - Me? I'm Poppy. Who are you? - Pop... What is it with you and flowers? - Look I can explain. - Refills. - Oh my god, you are disgusting. - How we doing over here? - Okie dokey. - (sighs) - No. - Lavender? Yeah I'll take that. (boom) - Chris Harrison. of the bachelor, January 7th. Link is in the description. And Who Wants to be a Millionaire, every damn day. Last collaboration over there. Behind the scenes there. more collaborations coming. Can you find me a boyfriend? - Yes
  • Runtime: 03:20
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