The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... First Cleeter Test Fit!

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • so I can look behind you Your Honor please confer on YouTube chain what's happening guys today is some El Camino action for you guys the jet car we're gonna update you we have so much to tell you about for starting off our day up here in Kissimmee Florida at trz Motorsports if you remember we have a trz Motorsports front k-member on leroy love that thing made a world of a difference on that car and on the El Camino pretty much everything is trz Motorsports from the four length to the front control arms things like that so today we're actually checking out their shop because they're helping us out we want to come out and see their operation and we're picking up our nine-inch rear end housing for the El Camino today which I hear is quite beautiful so James and I just got here I'm gonna check it out get this for your end housing and then we're heading to profile all right so we got Todd here from trz oh oh is this the one damn hell holy crap damn man it's a sick shop look at this thing my god oh yeah holy crap man this thing is a whole different level than I thought damn you guys do this all in-house huh Wow man that's incredible so we gotta get the third member and then axles and the sinks pretty much ready to rip yep I got brakes I got the brake yes sir yeah man this is sick wow you guys you Austin welding - how much is the same way that's not bad at all think it's plus 70 pounds 70 pounds yeah I know it feels free lie to me dang got some billet mountains there 51 inches yeah it's pretty narrow yeah I've got some control arms everything this is the operation man yeah oh yeah KSR bladder bars for the guys you guys know Kevin from KSR anti-roll bar yeah man Leroy needs an anti-roll bar really bad you ever seen my sway bar it's like bent along the back it's really kills you guys a little yeah we should love to dig something up so what's the story you guys make all these here - yes yeah I'll show you the CM gives you everything in the house yeah it's going a little too it steering arm yep I got those on Leroy so these are actually the control arms we have on the Elco yep but we already have them yeah yeah we're stock spindles cool let's uh let's run around check it out got some cards in here - are these just cards that you guys build stuff off over friends vehicle for a Cowrie yeah same sick 3:9 knees in this thing there you go James James kinda wants an F bodies though man it's the operation a bunch of jig Welding tables right here our main favor and I might have to get on the welder I'll have you seen my work before I've got a bridge Porter - hell yeah yeah we got a Bridgeport in oh no they're awesome man oh yeah feel like I want a plasma table but we don't have the use for one but it's a brand new sucker huh yeah very cool man these are an operation here - oh yeah that's awesome that you guys cut everything in-house so yeah bring it all in one place oh yeah these are Zink man out here working the lathe machine as billa LS real quick yeah yeah go ahead whip it up yo hey yo James grab your control arm a-hole look at those damn cuz only anti-roll bars and so all right guys so we're taking our new rear end housing which is insane we're throwing it in the bed white Buffalo and we're adding a profile go that thing dude this thing is in saying oh my gosh just walk it in look at the bars in the back of the car - whoo look at that oh my gosh this is all finished weld is over here oh my gosh holy crap Troy where's the floor the floor we'll be back guys oh my gosh that's amazing holy crap this is nuts from last time we were here oh baby so the seats I'm out of yet we gotta try this out today we're gonna get mounted up make sure we got the seat at the right angle for me damn we even have the steering column in look at that trz Motorsports mounts and stuff right there oh man they must have McFarland fab in here I heard they did those welds are beautiful look at the floor correct me if I'm wrong but this is just the the back of the funny car cage and then we're gonna create the hoop once you know where I'll set those down through here very similar to what's in the we run ROI okay but of course inside the car in this case yes wow man this is the most beautiful freakin thing I have ever seen still got my storage containers down here huh get lost when it's all said and done yeah understandable trimming that all out yeah yeah that would be a good spot for batteries doom on board yeah so are we gonna reuse the same floor there's a chance that we're gonna probably piece it back in um if that's not an option then we go with a just what we call a tin floor okay basically be sheet metal panels that will fabricate hangman something about that too is if he's looking the height difference of where this bar sits in the floor well yeah you can sit in this seat yeah the floor was of get four inches to give you the header yeah we need all that header always another consideration when we decided to cut the floor out is a it would make fabricating the cage alot easier yeah and be Headroom is a good thing right not a short for those of you who are new around here I've said it in the past but I'm actually six foot six we might all look kind of like regular height but James is like six four of six six Cooper's over six foot we're all pretty tall headroom has always been a problem for me in cars and that's a good reason why Leroy's cage is on the outside of the car alright let's see what else we got going here last time I think we did the update video you guys saw the front k-member but they've obviously got these front bars and now it's also last time we're here there was no engine in this thing and James was up here what was it two weeks ago and he actually installed the LS in here and it's got a front plate a front motor plate and a mid plate and it and it has a power glide case on it so that pro fab could properly mock up the bottom of the car and where the transmission mount was and it even has our holley manifolds on it so that they could you know do the mock up plate and start mocking everything up up front making it fit how it's going to be permanently eventually but you know obviously they're just in the beginning stages of some of the things up here I like this firewall play he has man cool because it's pretty ugly firewall so that's a factory whole it built a nice little plate for it - bar is in so Troy all this comes out to be finished welded then around the table see finished welded now yeah have once all these bars are in and all the funny car bars are in then this whole thing we knock this - bar section out yeah and this whole thing's gonna be able to lean forward enough Oh get up there and I got so intake wise on the jet guys remember how we talked about half of the windshield is gonna be cut off for the air flow to go into the jet you can kind of see now how we have to curve the intake around the funny car hoop we plan on cutting a hole in the floor to lower the jet down into the bed a little bit yeah but basically this is gonna be all cut out through here so and then we're gonna obviously put 10 of some sort to connect this area yep and of course we'll have some kind of plating and through here smooth this area out for air flow this is so crazy this is so crazy man let me get underneath this thing take a gander oh yeah Troy this is nuts man let me get in this thing I don't feel it out so you stop you just put your feet down that's it so I kind of look behind you my rearview mirror is gonna be useless I should have a lot of headroom so there's some wood under my seat so this can actually maybe I'm think looking at in there now yeah I might end up losing that I might need to be lowered just because my helmet is bigger sure and maximizing space sure Wow so I'll have a wall here but I mean this is pretty much gonna be how it is and then plus a floor the cover driveshaft and whatnot but no yet my heart started to race the foot on the brake not bad right to get used to just two pedals this is the right way this is the perfect distance back and the steering wheel is in the perfect position are you sure yes likewise I could sit a little bit lower that would be my only thing so guys give you an idea of a few things that are gonna be different I mean right now it looks like there's a lot of bars but I'm gonna have a hoop around me and then there will be an X in the door the column will end here and have an extension on it so when I remove the steering wheel it'll be easier for me to get in and out I'll have a dash here and then the controls for the transmission and the jet would be on my right side so I'll have the gear lever for the power buy it will probably be on the right side the jet control will be on the left side because I won't really even have to shift it it'll all be pneumatic so once the car leaves off the transbrake it'll shift itself the jet will be controlled by my right hand it all sounds complicated but you know when we started this project we're gonna really ease into things so we'll get the LS engine running really good then we'll run the car on the jet only fill that out and we'll leave the jam kind of you know maybe a lower setting perhaps to start out and kind of dial everything in you know because that first run we have the LS engine and the jet engine running at the same time I mean that's gonna be crazy no one's really ever done this before itself we're pioneering something that is crazy it's gonna be stepping stones the whole way here star level beginners by the end of it I can't believe I'm even sitting in this thing with these bars yes I mean obviously you got to tell that we're not cutting any corners on this project you know some of our other cars you know we throw them together and go out and let it rip this car is no joke I mean we're talking fire suppression we're talking everything done to spec all the way no corners cut because this car has the potential to be extremely fast and it will probably be extremely fast so it's scary you could think about and I mean even I'm afraid of this thing at this point but we're gonna be extremely safe about how we go about a lot of people have been commenting that they're worried about this project and just know that no matter what happens when we get out there if something's not right we're not gonna make a pass like we're gonna take precautions to a whole new level we're talking 20 layer racing suits full fire gear I mean this is this is gonna be a totally different ballgame but in a way it's gonna be so fun to pioneer a path that no one's ever been down and that's what we want to do is you know try something new you know like now this cage is gonna be served at 25 3 which is good for what 650 in the quarter yet the weight that it is and we we shot high in the weight for that that's another reason why we took the floor out was all because chances are we're gonna go back in with just the ten sailors yeah which is gonna be a lot lighter than said the factory sheetmetal yeah so we're doing what we can to shave weight wherever we can trying to make it faster basically make it faster and to compensate and safer and safer to that are safer we're looking to be able to have an onboard system to run the jet engine or a lot of people use a cart yeah support vehicle things that we're doing that have never been done before let alone an LS engine and the jet it's a hybrid you think about on the wrong end of the scale gonna be on the same stars so this is without the wood underneath this is probably how will do the seat huh that's that's so low that's how you want to be official you want to be able to put the flat foot to the firewall yeah right behind the pedals I can do that these wheel tubs are out of a c10 man right yeah that is sick well with the ride hi you guys are playing on we're gonna need all the clearance yeah it looks so good when it's dumped like that alright guys so now that we've seen the front half of the car you know the normal cage stuff that you see in the LS engine back here to the jet pretty much the next step is gonna be putting that rear end housing in putting the car on its actual own suspension and getting it to a normal ride height and then cutting out the floor making the Jets it where it's normally going to sit and then figuring out that one degree angle down that Larsson was telling us we're gonna need and then the larson motorsports guys are actually gonna fly back in make sure that we have everything engineered correctly as far as mounting the the jet goes because you know that could be important for doing jet they haven't done that before so we will have the professionals come back as far as the jet goes when it is time to mount up the jet but everything is moving along as quickly as it can the ol El Camino will be here at Pro fab for probably at least you know another month or two at least so but everyone's got to be patient you guys know this takes time like I said we're not cutting any corners on this project it's a pretty serious race car as you can tell and it's gonna be a really really awesome cool project for us to take ground to events I mean freaking melt stuff it's not all about going fast with this thing it's also about the show and melting whatever we want freakin putting on shows think about freaking yeah we can burn demo cards think about little kids seeing this thing like it's gonna get people hooked so I'm really excited and I just want to have fun with it you guys know we're all about investing in the channel and this is a this is one of our bigger builds for sure and the guys at profile we trust him with everything they're doing an amazing job but for now guys thanks for watching do it for Dale we will freakin see you later [Music]
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  • Curveball

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  • Kenneth Chitty

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  • Bartow Santa

    Hopefully you have a way to prevent the jet from lighting if you pull a wheelstand since that would negate the 1 degree down position of the jet and send you into orbit. Normal jet cars are thrust only and don’t have to worry about climbing the ring gear.

  • Bartow Santa

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