Learning How To Dance in 24 Hours

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • and down hey guys what's up it's Lauren today I am here in a dance studio because your girl is gonna learn how to dance in 24 hours so I have my good friend and Megan batoon who's here to help choreograph and lead me into the dancing world because I really remember that like short period in my life where I tried to learn how to dance and this didn't go so well there's definitely few videos of me dancing very poorly online so today we're gonna change that and I'm gonna learn some choreography today you're gonna go home Rach to sit all night practice it all morning come back tomorrow and perform it and hopefully it's acceptable hopefully you know this is probably gonna be like a mediocre situation and I'm a little nervous I'm a lot nervous I'm a lot nervous I have faith in Megan that she's gonna make me look acceptable as a dancer for like at least 15 seconds okay let's do it nobody's as like a choreographer I have faith in you as a dancer but I'll have the faith that you need so you pay for each other great great so I need this is tailored for you got it personal choreo so [Music] [Music] he just starts with a walk I knew that right through the walk with our right foot and then we go tip and yeah the same time our arms are going up this six we're walking slow one close and then we step and we hold up five six one two three four yeah you want us to drag the whole see you in my we're gonna go around our hips to the right yeah a little leg yeah so clockwise I'm going the wrong way then it sucks clockwise yeah yeah so instead of just swing like it's I got the hip yeah like exercise back a little rule right here yeah it's like oh and then we want to come out yeah sorry hands are here it's why I would shoot right when we come here where's your shoulder to come down here then I would just go down for now just go down like you're gonna type yeah [Music] okay yeah it's like what's going on this one you're like oh I know exactly what's going on five six [Music] halfway into the right hey hey yeah now I'm looking at the possible suitors that's it if anybody know what's in to me yeah you drag that left yeah really good and we're stepping and then it gets fast tip to tip to tip so we're going see you Mountain feel the confidence and then what occurs go that that's tomorrow left and then together right you want the arms to [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] like no giving yourself what you can't get right now oh my god meep let's tick tick and boom yeah am i put up a lot yeah your hip it's like coming out of its socket and then your shoulder is also broken we're turning around [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay try this music the first time no it's going really well how long do we do it's like an hour maybe maybe like a little bit more than an hour it's been like going pretty good though I'm excited [Applause] [Music] Oh [Laughter] [Music] I don't think I think I know and I just panic I'm like it's the part that's coming okay another lesson I'm gonna practice so hard this needs to be honestly the best ever like in that sounds really crazy but like I've taught quite a few people that don't dance yeah you dance and like really good we're a special breed yeah youtubers that do dance it's probably more special than pretty true no but like all the only two friends like to cheer or gymnastic you did you cheer no I'm so into it for real for real I do the cute doctor like we're cool dancer clothes you should wear something they feel sexy hello iPhone update coming at you from my garage I actually have like some workout in years like rarely ever used but currently they're being used as dance practice mirrors it's not going good I'm sweating so hard and I just recorded a video of myself and I'm like a little discouraged I thought I look better than I actually look but it's fine I'm gonna keep practicing into the night we don't get it I'd like definitely have the moves down I just need to refine a lot okay a little bit hey guys and welcome back to day two I I mean you saw my clip last night thinks we're in shape last night but we're back at the studio and I'm about to do my performance but also this is what the shortest performance like it's so extra for like or eight counts but like or someone who doesn't dance that feels like an actual lifetime so I'm gonna go run it through a few times with Megan and hopeless you can do some like last-minute refining and then we're gonna go into [Music] [Applause] so I just figured if I wear really high pants it won't look like I'm wearing a bra let I don't know if it's working or not but the beginning the stare this hair flip you really came in to cross the board also we're gonna be doing a podcast it called just a tip yeah it's advice just a tip just the tip I'll leave that down below when that goes live but thank you so much coming and go follow her on Instagram and Twitter and YouTube and all the good things do it ooh kick it wait but also like Matt probably knows all the choreography percent one go seed Apple over bad dances that will be linked down below the other guys enjoyed this track new things also there's another like trying new things video coming up soon with the try guys so get excited for that and I will see you guys on Wednesday you gotta get SideReel this idea this a little son DIY I'll see you on site for is anyway okay Elyse my pretty little kingdom [Music]
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