LEARNING HOW TO DANCE ft. Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

  • Published on: 2018-10-16
  • here is the start to something new okay okay you can let go of my hand I'm nervous I had to I don't think you let go yet this is looking good now you think yeah I can't let go he hit well ago but I can't let go now you can let go no I just did come on you dude you guys point is really nervous I'm like actually no bullish guys I am extremely nervous right now so guys may or may not have seen me tweet or post what I know I think I post it on snapchat that we were starting a new series so basically we're starting this big overall series called becoming a professional IV that's what we're gonna call we're becoming a pro becoming a professional we had the idea of becoming a pro it tells will be better becoming specialist plumbing professionals so basically this series is pulling us completely out of our comfort zones we can call this series out of our comfort zone that's that's a good name - that's way better in this series we're gonna meet up with a bunch of professionals and many different avenues the fields fields industries fields you name it they're them but they're gonna slowly but surely train us to be actually quickly but unsure ly trained us to become professionals you guys are going to see real raw nerves and emotions we're putting everything into this series we're not taking anything out we're not holding back and we're not gonna not try we're not gonna think it's goofy to to be bad and this and that cause we're gonna suck and it's good it'll be goofy as is they'll be naturally goofy but today we are gonna learn how to become professional dancers dancing is something that we've always sucked at even is a little bit better than me he's a little bit looser a little more elusive and agile I'm Gong key like like big awkward idiot at dancing yeah I'm awful Grayson grace head is crazy this is an issue where he doesn't bend his neck ever Gregson's always like this I'm never like that whatever silly Gracie actually this I would say maybe maybe that's how I dance but not everything not I kind of do dance like that oh it's up dude oh it's up guys I'm see you there all right I would say maybe I do dance like that yeah I admit it I'm stiff I suck at dancing but today we're we are we are learning how to dance and we're doing that because we are going to be trying out for a dance team and being judged by professional dancing judges we're gonna need to learn how to dance thankfully we have the help of two professional dancers and we only have 48 hours to become professionals but hey that's what the series is about we are now out of our comfort zones that has to be the series name come on that was good maybe we should get a little animation for this series just a little bit of it let's do it I have no clue what to wear to dance I don't know what I had that works for dancing is is your special attire that I need to be wearing probably not a sweatshirt because I'm gonna sweat my balls off I'm just gonna I'm just gonna film what dancers wear in the juice probably not gonna wear this net maybe male dancers alright so I'm just gonna search men's dancing ooh yeah this is just uh there's a bunch of guys bring no clothes so that's definitely the wrong the wrong type of men's dancing I'd like to look saucy when I dance work I just kind of really a 'shmock I'm probably better off just figuring it out myself let's go to my closet now where the merch I gotta wear the merch all right got a shirt oh I have an idea I saw one of the pictures that guy was one guy was wearing clothes and in that picture he had these big long like mom pants on and like an open button up coming out of it these are kind of athletic but also kind of zesty I'm gonna wear something it's kind of like a classical dancing outfit all right I think I might fit I'm nervous so I'm just I'm just building up to top off the outfit hey what are you wearing ioannis question what's up why are you why are you wearing that what do you mean this is literally what they wear when what like this high maybe for like the performance but I think for now for just ok what was that you know just getting ready maybe I think I think you should wear that for like the the performance but just for practice then you can wear something a little bit more cash oh this is just a rehearsal yeah you're gonna your swamp axe is going to be 107 degrees today I'm pretty sure so maybe wear some pants you don't really care about you're not supposed to be a dancer yet watch this what no it's like one of the only moves I got I would just wear just wear something else it's getting real gray dude I'm so nervous been here also why am i back here we're literally just moving our bodies you know in an irregular way I'm sure that's all it is we can't we can't overthink it Greg we're gonna be fine why did you come up with this idea or I came up with this idea why'd I do that we're gonna humiliate ourselves bro hey man Ethan yeah that's what the series is all about yeah I know what the series is about Grayson but it doesn't make it any easier for me I know but by the way I don't know if we said this before but there's two episodes per profession so the series is one big series called coming out of comfort zone it's going to have someone they know okay but there's two episodes they could dig suck on y'all this is the most nervous I've ever been no it's not I'm not kidding it's one of the most nervous I've ever been actually grazie was really nervous one time in preschool that he was in had to take it when he was in school well now I'm gonna dance okay let's do it relax dancing dude just dancing in front of everyone here in to professionals we need to get our private room y'all know yeah we definitely need a private high nervously you're nervous I don't know maybe that's why I'm nervous everybody 'its we'll see you guys in there I don't know where the studio is that oh let's go Studios right here and uh it's time to go in and meet the pros embarrass ourselves [Music] you don't understand like um yeah I'm so stiff yeah you've never seen a dance it's bad his neck doesn't bend to tell I was nervous when I walked in that's not good so we closed that window up there okay we should we should start with some questions it's question time I was really confused about what the where is this proper dance attire I don't know what that means but well I think it was I was wearing a very classical out there before maybe do one dance but that's it break out no nothing to break it out right now stop okay something that even I can do is like stunts though we could like we're very good at whatever you the whole picking him up and do yeah he's a good face he's gonna like hold her up her yeah yeah so I can do that good that's about it I mean it'll be kind of funny if we did what we do in our living room too with a sharp coffee tables around so I think this is a pretty safe it will be good how will you be here to be dancing okay so 14 years - okay [Music] when we were five so yeah it's okay so we'll give us into like so the goal for us is to be able to learn this choreograph routines that we can call it and then perform in front of judges [Music] pretty stunning but which one to be was in 48 hours so what are the credentials like do you have to win to be professional but you just have to have good presence what do you dance because like necessarily doesn't matter if you're good at dancing it matters if you like can pull it off how do we look where do we start yeah what do you start I'm not that flexible it should be good [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right let's do this I think we should should we show you guys the moves that we already know yeah it's not much I'm gonna put you right no move why did I say that maybe we can incorporate something that we already know you know what I mean yeah [Music] [Music] okay well now that we know what you can do I think we should show the routine before we teach you okay okay yeah yeah we'll take a look at what we gotta do I haven't done it yet Oh to sit there with an afro same baby oh yeah a team and yes just still making a little bit more nervous probably because they're gonna play music and dude I'm not I would come help with you nervous oh yeah so they're they're really nice and they're saying is gonna be easy yeah and since they've been dancing since they're - that's probably why it's easy uh-huh but they are they're great teachers we've already learned how to do a split I never thought in a million years would be able to get that close to split and I did so I feel like this is gonna go well if it just kind of up to us II so we have teachers got a professional yeah they're definitely good at teaching [Music] nothing special okay okay guys we'll just be over here take it away [Music] I can't do that my body doesn't my buddy doesn't squiggle like that we're sliding I can do that I don't think you understand how bad we are like we're actually awful no no no change you don't change you got this we don't okay it's actually easier than it looks oh I'm just afraid Julie I'm not gonna remember this yeah I need a lot of help I think we should just start now I'm sorry you guys but that that wasn't easy at all okay so you gotta have your opening closed and we want [Music] [Music] your hand on his shoulder and then you're together I think they are doing pretty well for their first time dancing they have like musicality and they know what they're doing and they're having a lot of fun with it but they seem a little nervous we didn't expect them to be this on it and like we're really surprised it's cool they can take a breath their own moves into the dance as well [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] as best as possible we look nervous all right this is your room okay no no no you tell me oh yeah oh no bro this is my way this is your room it's a little more intense yeah great more noise just just what we needed are the same time is two feet this is way harder than I thought it was gonna be and I thought it was gonna be hard I'm not not exaggerating I'm not nervous anymore I think things are going better than I expected for us but the dance in and of itself is just a lot harder than I that I expected [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay all right as if you're not in the depths and you're just like put it not even dancing just walking [Music] if you're strolling go a coward in fear more like post-up swag I think the only thing I'm worried about for both of them is the nerves I think at least when we're performing the nerves get to us and then we get all flustered and I really hope that doesn't happen because I want them to perform 49 steps yeah I think we're like out of shape for this we're not liking the dancer shape like honestly but in it but by the end of our dance from the crucial parts come up like we were way too fatigued to actually execute perfectly not even perfectly little execute at all [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and we open the studio for for another hour an hour to change your lives [Music] [Applause] guys I think we have a pretty short practice today but within maybe a couple more rehearsals they can become professionals yeah thank you getting by by being considered a dancer right exactly I wouldn't say like working dance girls like every week but definitely getting there yeah my fingers honestly almost broke today too when he can kick me my hand is falling some kind of had a little disadvantage it's like you could actually like mess your stuff like my knee started hurting a little bit like blizzard's feet are killing even landing on them a million times the split is really destroying me yes but that's we have to practice a lot you could answer that we can wow those judges and latest on the team Maddie Mackenzie are actually like amazing coaches and they're really sweet and you know I think they might be sure you're coating it a little bit I don't know what we're doing is good hopefully they're not like I don't know if they're we're doing as good as they're saying we're doing but they're very amazing teachers and I'm learning way faster than I ever thought I could because of that [Music] [Music] so what do you worry about like to me that well I'm so nervous so things to do when we go home after this cardio stamina practice crackheads watch the video and then I've series actually I definitely do that you guys need to make sure that you practice because you only have 48 hours Oh who says to keep going yeah how many hours I guess I didn't want to have just done all this for nothing you know [Music] [Applause] like really feeling it but he's like I think you gonna do cash great [Music] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video Papa - Papa click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's so good merch super
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