RIP Apollo (for now)

  • Published on: 2018-11-19
  • hey what's up guys um could be HD here and welcome back to another video another Tesla video but probably not the Tesla video that we ever wanted to make but here we are so a couple days ago on Friday afternoon on the way from a top-secret location or shooting a video to come here to the studio actually got hit by a truck so well crash didn't go too well so first of all I am totally fine I was not even scratched or bumped not injured at all so that's been fine but here's what happened so you might have heard about all the weather in the East Coast of the past couple of days have been pretty weird we got some snow dumped on us and it all melted real quick this happened in the middle of that but it actually had nothing to do with the weather so on the highway it's a three lane highway I was in the far right lane there was a truck in the middle lane I wasn't passing it I was actually pretty much matching at speed we're in traffic so everyone's going 35 miles an hour and I must have blend in his blind spot long enough that when he decided for whatever reason he was gonna merge into the right lane he just did it and I was there so I guess from his perspective he was just looking at an empty lane he merges and suddenly he's plowing a car it was kind of weirdly surreal just because I've seen accidents happen especially with a lot of truckers but a lot of accidents are usually just kind of like an impact and then they're over pretty quick this one was like an impact and then I felt it happened and then I realized this is I'm this is a crash of some kind but then it just kept going and scraping and going and going just because his car started his truck started at the back bumper on my rear left wheel and he had so much momentum that's an 80,000 pound truck that it just kept scraping and going forward forward along the side of my car until it clipped the front and mirror from inside the car it was actually pretty minor I barely like I felt like it was just basically a hand pushing my car sideways out of the road it was kind of weird but just the fact that I never saw it coming because he came from almost behind me and tried to speed up to merge into my lane that's why it was so blind so anyway that all happens I pull over he pulls over and actually got out the car and just took those that I ended up eventually posting on Twitter that you've probably seen by now you know it's funny actually somebody on reddit from I guess a dashcam passing by got a video of me right after I'd taken those photos so the internet stays stays ready for this type of stuff they stay ready but basically yeah we obviously call the police because it's an accident the truck driver he gets out he's pretty apologetic he says look I sorry I didn't see you I don't think he really had anything else to say there so you know you call the insurance you call a roadside that's that's taken care of the only other interesting variable is obviously we each have our own insurance company and I'm pretty sure we'll be in agreement when the police report eventually gets filed that it was the trucks fault because he merged into a lane I wasn't passing on the right he just happened to not see me it happens it's fine but that was the one little variable but now we're an interesting place because this is this is actually one of the biggest complaints and one of the areas where Tesla owners have the most negative to say about the company Tesla repairs are one thing that I've heard from couple friends who owned Tesla's and of course in forums and on reddit and things like that they take a long time not necessarily because the repair action itself takes a long time but because it takes Tesla a really long time to get out parts that need to be sent to start the repairs now that is of course assuming that this can be repaired I know I did ask on Twitter does this I mean it looks pretty bad but do you think you know replace the doors replace the rear 3/4 you think this is not totaled and a lot of people actually seem to think as long as the frame is bent as long as the battery and motors aren't damaged in any way should be okay now this morning I got a phone call and it was from the auto body shop and Tesla hasn't brought the car to them yet but they kind of they sent the pictures and a sort of a description of it to them and they believe that it can be repaired so that's good news so the challenge now is we have to wait for the police report which will be filed in the next 10 days just because State Police take longer because it was on a highway and it will hopefully find that the truck driver was at fault don't know how it could be any other way but that's the case then his insurance can come get involved and help pay for it and my insurance will have to there's a whole bunch of insurance logistics but at the end of the day my biggest question is how does Tesla handle it I think one could argue that my relationship with Tesla as people have pointed out could be seen as preferential right I've I've had a pretty good relationship with my service center every time I go in there we know each other guys we talk about camera stuff we talked about the interview I did with Elan things like that we're all pretty cool there I could see how they would say that that's preferential treatment but this is a new scenario with a body shop that I've never had any contact with a new relationship with a new company insurance companies that's all messy but the question is will this be a big pain point to owning a Tesla the question of do you total the car or do you repair it ultimately comes down to the cost of repair Tesla's our higher end vehicles they cost more if the cost of repair of a vehicle is too high relative to the cost of the car then the insurance company will just decide that's a total just pay for the value of the car get a new one but with a high value car like the Tesla and a high cost of repair it actually doesn't match up and you probably can still spend more money on fixing it so on one hand I'm glad that it's not totaled and that Apollo hopefully when they see it in person it'll agree with what they found in the photos and they'll find that it can be fixed but on the other hand this might take a while I'm just gonna have to keep Oh bring everywhere until we figure this whole thing out so that's that's basically it that's the outline that's where we're at right now I'll keep you guys updated on Twitter if I you know when I get more updates and we start to go through this process but that's my question have any you guys had similar experiences with an auto body shop maybe even with Tesla having to wait a long time for parts before you actually get in and the repair only takes a couple days let me know what you guys think so yeah not not the Tesla video that I thought I'd be making today or ever but we'll see how this goes it's the beginning of a process and I'll let you know fingers crossed all right that's pretty much it thanks for watching don't you guys the next one pace
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  • jzizzles

    lol car has so many issues he crashed it for the $$$

  • 348frank348

    I'm a truck driver and it is soo fucking annoying to have a car matching my speed right next to me. speed up or slow down, gtfo of our area

  • FORTY3

    Where you playing pubg mobile while the car was in auto drive..? Hmmm hmmmm..... Lol.

  • Dan M

    I always speed up when I'm next to trucks.

  • BlueCasey11

    If that was my leaf it would been totaled on impact

  • Lbsnaa Lost

    he came from behind you and you were in his blind spot? wtf ,...that doesnt make sense

  • 49 Techpoint

    This car has multiple cameras but still they didn't put a video recorder camera in it. And you are one of biggest tech youtubers but still you didn't install a dashcam in your car.

  • Razvan Necsoiu

    i tough they teach that in the driving school .. dont stay in a trucker's blindspot

  • darkpanda112 ###

    Honestly you should never be next to any other car for that long if theres open space, especially a big truck

  • PATR01T

    I'm a young port truck driver, he should have been able to see you, he has a day cab. visibility is better on those. And he had convex mirror on the frieghtliner

  • mthamma1

    the right lane is the truck lane youre not suppose to be there

  • SoldierT

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  • Ronny

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  • Frankie Cuellar

    I can imagine how long it's going to take a Tesla to fix that it's the same thing with Volkswagen if you get in a car crash your screwed because it takes a long time for the parts to come in and that's just a Volkswagen.