• Published on: 2019-01-09
  • hey guys and welcome back to my channel I forgot to do this oh my gosh it's been so long since I have film that intro I've taken so much time off of youtube I think it's been a total of three weeks let me repeat myself this year I decided just to take off the entire holiday season from social media in general and only get on it when I really wanted to and not film videos not worry about anything really having to do with work which was incredible and that's the first holiday season I've really truly disconnected the way that I did I still worked on projects and things that like are coming out in the future but as far as like socials I just stayed away because my brother and his family they're about to go back to Cambodia for five months my stepdad he just quit his job and moved home permanently and I'm in love and I wanted to just enjoy the holiday season and just bask in that moment and just be grateful and be present and I did go to my therapist two three times a week though the entire time so I didn't give up on myself just on my career so to make sure they're on the same page know it was important I needed to take like a little detox and it felt great but I am back I am super excited for today's video it is all over my socials people have been asking me constantly where this video is so if you have not seen the video where I went out and I went drugstore shopping and I spent tons of money on all the recommendations that my subscribers gave to me at Ulta and at Target I will link that video down below if you have not checked it out yet but this is basically the sequel to that I'm gonna be doing a full face of drugstore first impressions as you can clearly see by the title of this video I'm really excited about it I keep going back and forth cuz I don't know which foundation I want to use though the wet and wild one or the Maybelline because everyone says is they're both amazing and I'm just like I have a feel I'm gonna go with Maybelline and I am NOT going to cheat at all in this video a lot of times when I do like first impressions of stuff I'll bake well whoops I'm sketchy a little bit and like I was gonna use like you know my anastasi eyebrow product so like I was gonna use like my morphe settings right today I'm really just only going to use drugstore stuff that I purchased in that video that's it you guys know that that's like a hidden talent of mine when I was a little girl I like did that voice and he was like my imaginary friend and his was Fred and he talked like this it's really weird hahahaha maybe by like three weeks break actually made me a little bit crazier but I'm not kidding and I'm my best friend growing up we were best friends like 11 years she could do the exact same voice and she named like her imaginary friend Bob so is Bob and Friday and we were so weird that we we like bought build-a-bears and then Bob and Fred and then they got married I don't know I had a gay wedding with teddy bears and my dad was a pastor and he like officiated the wedding and he married oh my god a little weird oh okay mm-hmm let me lock it up hello oh my gosh my skin is so red right now from trying to pop imaginary pimples bitch you need help okay so for today I am NOT going to try a new primer I'm just gonna try a new foundation concealer powder that whole vibe my skin is so crazy sensitive I'm scared to put a primer on today I do leave in about 24 hours for Las Vegas and then to LA and I just have so many meetings coming up and I do not want to do something that's gonna just irritate my skin and I break out hives or anything like that so I'm gonna like skip the primary for today and just go to foundation my skin is really moisturize though so we'll be good to go okay I'm going to use the pixie glow mist and it says that it has argan oil in it I'm pretty sure how to use this before and it's beautiful it's like a great dupe for the tatcha I just like ingest it I'm pretty sure I have used before and I'm pretty sure it broke me out we're gonna take a chance it's gonna prep my skin's by getting it a little dewy a little slick a little slippery a little moist oh my god okay wow this tastes disgusting you know I'll do anything for a glow and anything for dewy skin but what the is that gonna kill me I'm going to be using the maybelline superstay a full coverage 24-hour foundation I'm gonna be mixing two different shades together right here I'm using 120 and 128 because this looks like it's gonna be too dark and this looks like it's gonna be probably a pinch too light so I'm gonna go ahead and make a little cocktail speaking of cocktail when everyone was like partying and turning up during the holidays literally eating soup bread bananas and rice and drinking nothing but water and Pedialyte because I had gastritis yeah that um pixie mist really didn't make my skin look very dewy though so a minute but tastes like balls already this coverage is bomb oh do you see this a good place so just like I thought and expected this is Matt I prefer something it has a little bit more life than this if you will so I'm gonna just spray my face again with this pixie glow mist now I'm just going to continue to just kind of press that into the skin now that I have that do we miss all over it hoping that it will just make it a little bit more glowy make me look a little bit more healthy moisturized and radiant now one of the products that I am most excited to try which is this makeup revolution concealer it's called the conceal and define I got this one at Ulta I didn't know like where exactly it was sold but I was on a hunt to find this because I had no joke hundreds of people recommend this concealer saying that it was a great dupe for um heart-shaped tape which as we know is like the number one concealer in cosmetics right now so I'm really really excited try this I swatch on the back of my hand and it looked bomb so I'm gonna make some colors because that first one looked like it was a little too dark for my liking it doesn't feel like it's super matte and it's also not Whaley or sticky okay it's not as full coverage as the Tarte shaped tape and the only reason I'm comparing the two is just because so many people were saying that it's a great dupe already just application wise this is the best drugstore concealer that I've ever tried for sure I will say that the new more if you want is incredible so I'm not gonna compare those two because that's not fair because those haven't even launched yet but I will say that this is in the same arena arena arena arena yeah it's an arena may I go back to school and plants okay so I have applied a couple layers of concealer it is definitely not a full coverage concealer but it is buildable obviously I do not know how it wears if it's gonna crease if it's gonna start building up kicking up I have no clue but just application my first impression is it's really good but I personally want more full coverage because I'm a drag queen at heart okay now I'm gonna be setting my face and I'm gonna be using a Maybelline powder and this is called the fit me powder and it's the set and smooth and it says it's for normal to dry skin and then there's this one that's the matte and poreless that's for normal to oily so of course I'm gonna be using this one since my foundation is so matte right now and I'm complaining about it like a little I was gonna go ahead and use my same at Beauty sponge and just put it in there like so oh wow it's got good coverage I'm going to apply a pretty light amount looking at my concealer right now it is creasing horribly just to be honest in all my little lines under there which isn't a deal-breaker for me because it's been on for probably bout three minutes at this point and I have not set it yet with powder and once I set it with powder I'm sure it'll be good to go but my chart shape tape doesn't do that it doesn't crease on me like that I can leave it on for probably 15 minutes before it starts to crease oh I don't know what to use to set my under eye cuz I don't use the same color I usually always use a light really light powder I do have this one this is the loose finishing powder again Maybelline fit me and it's in the shade fair and it looks like it's pretty light alright we're gonna do a really small amount of this because I don't know how drying it's going to be in my under eye could turn into a crepey disaster in seconds and we do not want that so I was gonna blend this all around that area and then just walk away just blend and walk away okay so far it looks great I bought these contour palettes right here again by makeup revolution the same brand that makes the concealer that I tried umm this is the only thing that I have for contoured even by a bronzer I don't know what shade I want to use though because these look really really gray and this looks really red I'm actually gonna start off with this shade right here even though it's barely darker than my skin I'm gonna start off with that as kind of a base and kind of get to know the formula and then build from there it's actually working like that color is nice I might be able to build that color and make it work and make it work I am sorry every single time this hand comes up and you see my spray tan I just I just put it down it is what it is it's light it's natural ask but I'm sticking with it I have an appointment when I'm in LA in a week to get more filler put in my nose because I haven't had it done in like a year and a half and it's fading so much when I was 13 years old my sister punched me in the face and broke my nose and so it goes like huh and I would love to get a nose job but I'm so scared it's like that's my biggest fear for some reason like a rhinoplasty so I just get filler injected and it lasts like a year and a half or so and it starts to fade and it fades in random areas and it's fading right now in random areas and I'm like oh God so I'm going to get a touch-up to my nose look mo bettah so in a week it'll be more better I'm gonna use that same Maybelline fit me powder and the shade fair to bake my face because that's really all I have but I think it's gonna work really nicely speaking of filler since I was just talking about my nose last time I got my lips touched up I go like every eight months and get a quarter of a syringe it's like a tiny bitch like a little just to like keep it looking good I had the most insane reaction my lips blew up like balloons I've never swelled like swollen spotless woman as well as well I've never swelled like that in my entire life it was so scary I was terrified I went back into my doctor the next day and I was like oh my god is this normal because it was horrifying you guys and it was so painful and it's happened out of nowhere and she said that that can happen she said that sometimes as you get older like your body just changes and you can develop like really intense scent like sensitivities and so apparently now I swell like a bitch it was insane so in 2018 I got pores I'm not kidding it's like a real thing that I'm very unhappy about I've always had the smoothest just cleanest nose I've never even liked how to pour on my nose it's just always just smooth and in 2018 I got pores and there's like just little dots little pores all over my nose and even when I apply concealer to my nose and foundation I acts like take extra time like pressing the product into my nose and now I have to use like pore filling primers on my stupid beak it's so frustrating I'm like oh is a bidet you guys have products there like really help which is to cleaning out your pores please let me know I know there's somebody gimmicks out there but like I want to know the real ones those like vacuums that like clean up the pores let me know if one genuinely works because mama needs it now for my eyebrows I'm gonna be using wow you see a lot of Maybelline today this is the Maybelline total temptation brow definer and it looks pretty promising this right here is really small I wish I was a little bigger but who cares and then this side right here it's like a little angled guy like a little anastacio brow definer so I have high hopes for this and you guys know if you've watched me for a long time I've never had luck with any drugstore brow products I always just said throwing at the trash and I'm like I can't do it in the middle my video and I just go back to the Anastasi eyebrow definer or brow Wiz because they've never worked for me so fingers crossed I'm actually just gonna use like my regular spoolie because that spoolie is not good you can also buy spoolie s-- at the drugstore for like less than a dollar just a razor splooge to comb through so the color that I'm using is great this is shade medium brown the formula is great it's easy to blend it's it's buffing out well this is definitely the best brow product that I have tried from the drugstore for sure okay the brows are looking pretty snatched I will not lie they look pretty good and I am impressed the formula is not as good as the Anastasia formula but at the same time no one said that it had to be I shouldn't even be comparing the two to different products to different price points so for eyeshadows if you guys watch my video I had a really hard time picking out shadows at the drugstore and I was just like what do people use from the drugstore I feel like nowadays people go to morphe and buy their palettes because you get so many shadows for such an inexpensive price and they're good quality so it wasn't that easy and honestly it was very like minimal selection for eyeshadow palettes especially at Target so the one that you guys were saying on my Instagram live that you guys loved so much was pixie people works like raving about the brand pixie so I picked this up I think it looks so promising it's definitely very pretty and I love that we have all these mats and then all these shimmers and then this little middle section of I guess what you would call blushes but they're all very shimmery blush isn't maybe highlight down there but yeah so I'm gonna work on this palette today doing like a nice bronzy look I think what snow bronzy groundbreaking I also got the revolution the makeup revolution eyeshadow palette as well it has all these really pretty just like cranberry purpley shades and here as well so I might like dip back and forth we'll see where's gonna have fun I'm gonna start off with this matte shade right here I'm gonna kind of bounce around with these like matte brown transition colors so I can here and here and here and kind of go ahead and put that in my crease to start off with you know the drill you know how Lowe's today is not gonna be some revolutionary makeup look it's gonna be a pretty standard makeup look but it's more about testing the products not about the actual look that I'm doing you know what I mean I will say that first swatch it has a lot of kick back let me show you right there you can see that shadow it's a lot of kick back in there which it doesn't bother me that much as long as I don't have insane amount of fallout I don't really mind the kick back and the pan but I know some people can be oh speaking of fall out hello oh say I know that some people can be really picky about stuff like that so I just want to tell you guys every little detail that happens along the way I personally feel like we are so picky about makeup now like so what picky it's crazy we all are like I'm guilty of it too but whenever I see like someone dropping a new product I always look at the comments to see what people have to say and it's like 80% negativity on everything because people are just like oh it's not gonna be this it's not gonna be that oh my god we expect makeup to do what Photoshop does now I feel like I think that like filters and like facetune and Photoshop has ruined us as a society not to get like too deep or too real but I really do and it's like so unhealthy for both men and women because the more women expect that of themselves the more you're making men expect out of you I don't know I know I'm getting deep I'm gonna rant I feel like we expect makeup to now make us look like we have a filter on our face and if it doesn't we're like oh this is garbage but no really this eye shadow is not that great after all about I want more pixie not good enough no really there's a lot of fallout a lot of dusting um it's choppy it's not really showing up that well which sucks I don't have like high hopes for this palette I really did I open it up and I was like alright this is gonna slay you know it's gonna be bomb I was in it like I am really trying to build this product you guys and it is not happening oh god I don't you can see it but it is choppy like they're like sections I don't even have makeup on it my god do you see my under eyes I just looked at them for the first time do you see my under eyes do you see like how creased it is if you can get up in there I don't know if that's mmm concealer powder combination of both but that's definitely not how I want my under eyes to look obviously I want to look like I've been face tuned let me try yeah another Brown and see what happens it the more dense brush I might have a little bit more luck what is happening this is not the bye but it's just fallout central do you see this it's all the way down on my mustache very disappointed in this I will be real so I'm going to try makeup revolution and hope for better situation okay I'm gonna try like this Brown it's like a brownie with a red undertone Carm I need to shade buns from my original Jaclyn hill pal with more feet okay we got some pig ok so again it's fallout city but this has more pigment and is sticking to my lid more than the pixie did I really pride myself on my blending capabilities like if something doesn't blend for me I'm like oh this is a terrible product because I really have mastered blending so I actually think I want to make a video just like a blending 101 video it's just only about that it might be kind of boring though but just like all the tricks and things I had picked up along the way let me know if you guys would like to see a blending video for me because that's something I've always thought about but oh my god people actually like that you guys have no idea how badly I want to dip into my palette right now it's like rocking back and forth I'm like I need salt cream please go these shadows are not doing when I went long total it's gonna keep drinking things might get better just keep drinking just Qingwei did we do we drink drink drink can you see this on camera at the choppiness you know what I'm gonna go with a shimmer that's where I'm going too I'm gonna grab like this coppery one right up here from the pixie palette and let's hope that the shimmers are better shimmers are way easier to develop so I have hope that the shimmers could be a good situation okay so to get pigment from this eyeshadow your brush needs to be effing soaked okay as I'm trying to apply it with my finger it's literally removing the matte eyeshadows oh my god ooh I feel so negative right now I hate that I hate it this is why I don't like doing first impressions these types like reviews and stuff cuz I hate it when I hate a product I want to like the products I don't like complaining I do not like complaining about anything shadows are not that hard to develop I'm gonna be real they're not that hard now Matt's they can be tricky they can be tricky little bitch but do you guys see this my brush is wet like I'm trying to get this to look good and it's like just barely anything that's being applied it looks so pretty in the palette too like it's got so much like um from the palette I'm gonna take some of that shimmer on a brush and put it up like in my crease area to try to help the blending of that matte shade because it is just not living it's best taking the shimmer upwards did kind of help so today's house to us for that I just found this little Milani music situation right here super cute and there's a gold shade in here I'm gonna bust this bad boy open and try that gold shade I had hope for Milani I found this Milani palette right here and I'm gonna try this gold shade because it looks like it's really pretty oh yes okay you have some pigment that is what I need I really want to try pixie liquid fairy lights they're kind of like a dupe for like the Stila magnificent metals it looks like like they're like a glitter eyeshadow like this I want to just put it on and see what happens hopefully doesn't separate my eyeshadow but we're going in with high hopes always high hopes it's pretty it's a little chunky that's okay though we'll end it down a little bit amazing I'm just gonna do a little bit because I don't want to take it too far and then like breaks I shadow makes it look really terrible so we're gonna baby steps people baby steps so now I'm gonna move on to my lower lash line I'm gonna go back in with the makeup revolution eyeshadow palette and take like a little bit of both these shades right here and put that all along my lower lash line whoops with a little pencil brush see this looks nice good pigment and it's blending out well gosh the lower lash line just brings everything together I do not understand how people do their makeup not applying anything to their lower lash like it's so necessary for me I'm gonna take a little bit of this purple just for fun I just put that right along my lower lash line as well I bought a ton of the pixie eyeliners I may have bought all of them but they had at Target because my friend Jackie said they're amazing and then when I mentioned that on Instagram stories so many people were like they're so gonna try these for sure I'm gonna go on with the purple shade this is called deep plum and I'm going to put this in my waterline just to like pop that purple even more oh yeah that's got a great pigment I'm gonna put some mascara on I'm using the Loreal voluminous lash this is one of my favorite mascaras ever I've used it many many times this is the best drugstore mascara ever and that's that's the situation I have a couple of different lashes the two that I'm really looking at is the Isle or cosmetics luxe silk lashes in the style radiant they look really pretty they almost look like a version of like iconic lashes by house of lashes so I'm gonna try these I'll hold it up to my eye and if I'm not feeling it then I will do a different mirror oh these are pretty okay do these alright I'm gonna use another pixie liner this is just the black shade and I'm going to put this right on oh wow that is black and creamy wow this is amazing I'm gonna put this right here on the upper lash line it makes such a difference when you apply false lashes like this is a step that I can not skip if I promise lashes I have to do this it looks creepy it looks like it's gonna hurt your eyes it doesn't at first you're gonna blink a lot Nick know what's happening but it makes your lashes look so much more natural-like they're actually growing from your eyes and not like they're just stick on it's like I don't know if you can tell the difference between this eye and this eye now maybe if you get like a closer look but it's a difference how this just looks together and this there's like separation it's real damn I am so impressed this eyeliner is black as can be insole creamy and pigmented let's go ahead and wipe off oh this powder and see how it did with the baking over the last 30 minutes damn that's a long job yo do you see how like pigmented this powder is right here like me trying to viciously wipe it off it's on there which is awesome my makeup will not move at all it's like great insurance okay well I didn't really buy much blush while I was out shopping it was kind of one of those products that slipped my mind I did get this wet and wild color icon but after looking at it closer it's got like a lot of like gold sparkles and I'm like oh I'm gonna try it you know what this is what we're doing we're trying we're doing force impressions and I'm gonna get over myself and just do it oh God I can tell it's not as bad as I thought really it's not I would like more pigment I'm using a generous amount hold on I'm gonna use some Milani Luminoso blush this used to be one of my favorite blushes ever it's so good it took my favorite blush I've ever try from the drugstore and I'm gonna need a little bit of it for old time sakes because I know that it's beautiful I love the undertone it's such a gorgeous Coralie pinky peachy oh love it alright you guys I have been waiting to try this since I bought it I've only swatched it once you can see my little swipe marks i swatched it once the back of my hand it looks so good every time I've done my makeup I'm like oh what a droid silver but I haven't I wait to try it on camera so many people have said that this is such an incredible highlight that it's like so wet and intense and beaming and bright and I am in it I cannot wait it is by pixie and it is called delicate do okay I'm going to mix the two shades together this one right here looks like it's gonna be really light so the texture feels like an Anastacio like so Hollywood texture like that really like Mac extra dimension skin finish that's just like you got it you got it moment of truth this is very very pretty this is like it's kind of the wet and wild highlight it's similar to it definitely this is I would say the second best drugstore highlight next to the Wet n Wild I'm gonna put some like basically everywhere because this foundation is so mad like I couldn't use it I'm going to be using the Maybelline it lipstick in the shade dude lust you know that I am obsessed with their shade baddest beige so good they actually sent me a box with like 20 of them and it was so sweet I was like I will probably go through all of them in 2019 because I love that color so nude lust is similar but different so I'm gonna try this one as well I love I love it's like more of a sheer mMmmm I love this color it's to be like a good overlay lipstick like I want like a base and I want to put that over top we tried this this is again Maybelline and this is the shade purely nude oDesk nude but I love it so I'm combining purely nude and nude lust together is about high-maintenance just life I'm going to go in with a pixie lip gloss in the shade petal ice it's like totally clear with like the tiniest amount like a pink tint and just kind of put that on top just to give it like a really glossy kind of plump look that lip gloss has like a like a tingly not not tingly but like a cooling sensation which I love it I'm gonna spray my face one more time with the pixie glow mist so this is the finished look right here and overall I think that my makeup looks really good I do want to point out the things that were like the most impressive and the things that were the most disappointing number one the most disappointing thing overall was the eyeshadows in general I'm not trying to be bitchy about it like I really came into this excited and looking forward to trying new things I now understand why drugstore eye shadows aren't like a really popular thing and there's a lot of affordable brands out there that sell eyeshadows that people love and I hear them talk about but as far as like drugstore eyeshadows I don't really hear that many things and now I know why because they were just so patchy so dry so much fallout so much kickback so like just lacked so much pigment like even just using so much amount I'm just like oil and fix+ trying to get like the shimmers to stick it was just a mess but I will say this product right here the pixie liquid fairy lights which is the glitter that I put on my eyes it looks really beautiful it did not break up my eyeshadow at all it's a great dupe for the steal of magnificent metals so I'm really glad that I tried this I did use the shade sunray but I also bought the shade Barre brilliance as well which is bronzer and sunray is more gold so these are really beautiful and I definitely feel like it transformed the eyeshadow because it was looking a little weak and needed help this makeup revolution contour palette was great it blended out so easy so smooth as you see on my skin like it was really a beautiful formula it wasn't too pigmented which I actually have found that a lot of contour and bronzer shades from the drugstore kind of lacked pigment but it's okay because you can build it and get it to where you want it to be but I definitely had to work at building the color but the actual product was it was really smooth and really blendable I think that these lashes are so pretty they honestly are such a great dupe for the House of lashes iconic light they look really really similar to those which I love and these again are the eye lure luxe silk radiant silk effect lashes right here so I really do like these the black pencil liner by Pixie was the thing that shocked me the absolute most it is so creamy and so black and so pigmented so I would say this is a great dupe for ardency in which is my favorite personal black liner it's black as coal it's amazing this is definitely a dupe the only thing is I did have to sharpen it after just doing it on one eye because it is so creamy that it just C mediately just like went down and ran away so you're probably run through it pretty quickly but it is really really good both the Maybelline fit me pressed powder and loose powder were amazing I was shook by how well the loose powder baked my face like it was so intense and such great coverage and it looks so natural now that I dust it away and my under eye honestly you guys the actual powder like I can tell the difference I know the actual powder looks great the concealer does not which I'm shocked about because I had so many people tell me how good that couldnt see there wasn't I was so excited to try it I had to apply like three layers of it to get it to even be like where I wanted it to be and then I could see through it still I was like apply my powder I can still see through this and then I got so many creasing and like lying situations underneath my eyes so not not in that sadly but the powders were both awesome and the face powder it looks so good so natural and so smooth on my face like this is the powder that I would actually genuinely use and then last but not least these two lipsticks of course I love Maybelline lipsticks and my favorite lipsticks from the drugstore I also like L'Oreal lipsticks but L'Oreal sent their fragrance and their lip is really strong these are not wrong um the shade purely nude I would have to say it was my favorite because it's just like really pigmented really full-coverage and it's a great nude with like a little bit of a pinky undertone but it's not a baby pink and then the other one of course was nude lust and this one is way more sheer and like daytime friendly and has like a high shine to it which is really beautiful as well the highlight was beautiful but I'm still going to crown the wet and wild highlight as the number one from the drugstore this would come in second a close second it is really pretty but I don't think it's as pretty personally as the Wet n Wild but it is balm that is if you guys I hope you enjoyed this drugstore first impressions I know that there were some moments in video where I was kind of negative and kind of like fussy and pissy about some products not working out the way I wanted it to but that was my real reaction and my real first impressions I hope that you enjoyed if you did please let me know in the comments please give this video a thumbs up so I know what you guys want to see so I can continue to make content that you guys are actually interested in because I'm just kind of like winging it my hopefully like this so that's it you guys I love you so much thank you for watching and I will see you my next one bye
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