College Kids Read 10 Funniest Test Answers (REACT)



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  • Mildred Ruiz

    The girl who said Freddie Mercury you are a queen!!! Love you.

  • random person

    Idk y, but Madison reminds me of Clarke from "The 100". Anybody else ?

  • T. Rex

    No offense, I would do the all of these, I am a kid...

  • fransptr


  • mrs. zawsome

    7:23 I could get away with that because The teacher puts the anwser up on the board and then we check are own work and problems like that are "sample anwsers" which can't be wrong LOL

  • king Naruto

    05:30 question paper is in Afrikaan #south africa vraag 3 stands for question 3

  • It's_Flicker

    1:48 “It’s the lion king!” No, it is pink panther.

  • Martin Mccann

    Maddison is lovely and beautiful. Can wait to watch her in another video. Family must be proud of her

  • Bri

    4:21 she’s my new favorite person

  • Ohmanom

    7:24 I’ve actually done this many times..... I mean at the very least I’d be more specific and say subtraction, addition, etc. Most of the time lol.