• Published on: 2018-09-25
  • all right you have an emo flat fix-it Grayson not good listen we're doing my intro idea this week okay every week we do Ethan's intro idea I can't Kurtzman of the back is really gonna be monetized all right I didn't say curse word I just barked wait yo say on the real dos I go up no or damn you know all right so go up no not up you'll get Where's Waldo now DJ Pauly D dude I'm trying to figure out what what cool thing I can do for my intro we still haven't said the magic words yet please you do why did you call the magic words I don't even want to say it we could do something magic what are you talking about you see where'd I go ha magic we're back and this week you saw the title you saw the thumbnail you click the video you click the thumb with your thumb on your screen they use a pointer finger they can use any finger the Cavin user knows sometimes I do that when I come like a laying down no okay you ever do that no what did they click with their nose he said your thumb Grayson I think what I said appeals to the majority of the viewers a lot of people click the video with their thumb Grayson is web them to be kind please I'm Lauren naturally sit down and try to be funny and zipping this up why are you sipping it up because I mean business there's something you mean business that looks like you mean all right guys so today we're giving each other tattoos yep you heard it you just read it do you click this you heard me say it you heard your boy I can't go on so today I are going to give each other tattoos but here's the catch even has all four I was it the catch already is that we suck it we're gonna suck at a to it all right that's one of the catches the second one second catch said you catch of the day let's see what it is oh she had words come up yep um we don't know we don't know what were you going to tattoo each other I know actually what I'm gonna tattoo an Ethan but he doesn't know what I am permanently engraving on his skin for the rest of his here's no good we got a brand into his skin you're not gonna give me a brand you can give me a tattoo now it's time to draw it we have to change something up here a little bit we have your table really getting a table all right you get it by the do I have to get the table we decided that it would only be fair if we both brought the table and together since we do on this channel together it's important that we exert equal amounts of effort into our projects we got the table and we got the supplies let's just go holy this turtleneck is making me sweaty all right wait hang on I gotta take this down a notch all right we're good I'm gonna get started Gracie is gonna draw my tattoo now and I am NOT allowed to know what Grayson is drawing so I had this blindfold that I hid you get these and Jax hey what Grayson you have us you have a thing sticking up you know fine I'll rock it oh you can't see right obviously go what are you gonna do anything if you slap me I'm gonna cause chaos I didn't shake on it person you I'm not gonna slap you you know you spit on your own hands but still do that a little joy Vince that's you right now also right now I have zero idea what I'm gonna draw first tattoo so let me figure that out you see you don't know you didn't know I got a few ideas guys new rule new catch this is a bad joke we get one rule each so you get one rule about the tattoo that's gonna go on your body so my rule for Grayson is no color you already left the vibes on my side with the last purple Wow a tattoo I won't put color on I wasn't planning on anyway you got two pens of black colored pencil let's get started I have some ideas but why am I even blindfolded cuz you know like to see what I'm tattooing on nobody easily just leave the room and you could just draw by yourself yeah but that I feel weird all right it's getting kind of hot in here deception are you joining ready yeah nice what is it so grim Jon yeah man what you making what grace is what it's bad it's not Grayson please do not make it bad dude I actually think you're gonna like this wait since this handkerchief was in my ass am I gonna get pinkeye now you did wasn't in your ass oh yeah just a joke all right I'm bored what part did you mess up before whatever you're John what are you gone again they mess up the ruse that's actually pretty good this is I can't really explain what the drawing yeah we're just gonna look at it then no one even knows what this is there are significant Steven what I don't even know if we're gonna use this but it's good all right my turn I even I swear you sliding I'll spit on you I'm really bad at drawing so I'm gonna pull a reference photo for what I want to draw for Grayson oh my god I'm not trying to look at the definition of his word I just want to draw this Ethan is not very artistically inclined is that is it the correct terminology I don't know I'm dead of English too Ethan is not that very good at art I can't wait for this it's good to it oh that's sick look at that dude it's definitely not boo not as cool but that should work I don't know where I'm drawing right now what is that supposed to mean oh there's not looking the hottest dude that's not cool but I yeah yeah I thought you can't even tell what that is supposed to be this you just it just not all right let's try it let's try it this way ah that's pretty cool maybe one oh one like that one like this what why is are multiple alright I forgot to give you my rule I guess my only wills no penises ah start over again shut up serious wait when we're trying try right here B what is it oh yeah it's uh as my job all right if you got enough to work with here all right slide over we're all done here we have to just lay out the rules first another rule another catch is that you can't do the tattoo when did you get like when it's until it's all done it's out of your skin Chris I didn't think that we'll just do a final reveal at the end of the video we'll both sear tattoos for the first time and we don't know what the arbol it's getting tattooed earnest but at the very end we do know and then we react already to tattoos piece Grayson told me to do that we're here at the California dream tattoo studio and we are going to tattoo each other we already told you this like probably probably good 5 million times that I'm gonna say a good amount of times guys you know you know what's going on what are you doing this are you ready Rock Paper Scissors shoot to see who goes first yes that means you get 10 no I won so I choose what I'm gonna be able to tag you first what if what have you up that I can purposely queue up no I think you said you're gonna tell me first all right I'm ready let's do this so even it's not like to look at the tattoo I'm giving him so I'm gonna build a little wall you should get a look you're sick construction montage no that's just gonna be there come on let me get my construction out I'll just be there it'll be like it's three cuts all right fine you can do a construction montage [Music] tonight [Music] you needed to do a montage for that it's perfect there will be a wall in between us so we can't see what we're getting tattooed on us like so hey I'm gonna be tenuous dive you couldn't guess ya be telling mine as well you can't just freehand it you have to go make the tenth you now okay I'm gonna do so what's up guys I'm here with Romeo what's up my good friend who is also an amazing town artist who's gonna help me out with Taddy Ethan today so here I brought infants Ted Wow what is it do this little guy this little guy his name is mr. diamond watch it's from a video game that Ethan and I played Super Smash Bros they look familiar yeah we played this growing up a lot and he is the guy that you unlock at the end of the video game a great memory of mine is one day he said I stayed inside then we play this video game for 11 hours Street and we beat the game in one day he had to be like we had to be like 8 years old but we unlocked mr. Game & Watch and it was just like a great memory I have even that's a good memory the drawing I could use a little it's good it's not bad I'm actually I'm actually impressed yeah dude yeah it could use a little cleanup but for most part on the scenes it's like 85% there unfortunately there's no cleanup allowed so this is what he's getting really yeah I'm gonna try to clean it up the best I can against a wall I'm can you get on him I told me it's gonna work how's the kindest resettlement yeah I'm just gonna go with the flow yeah I like it it's cool honestly I think it's gonna be a good tattoo it's not too difficult to do so I think gana see you probably don't pull it off like pretty well Oh sick yeah man all right well I have high hopes as well don't look I can't see anything that Romeo's gonna walk me through a quick safety sanitary the shirt tutorial I can't see anything so before we get started I just want let everyone know that I am a trained professional and that we're doing this in a professional tattoo shop so please guys don't try this at home this isn't something that you guys should be doing on your own unless you're being supervised by trained professional I'll make sure that everything sanitary safe and yes pretty much it don't dip like a fork and like pen ink and try to poke it but he just won't work Gregson actually tried any got it right now that you're gonna try if I try to yeah okay I want to make a nice piece yeah put on your gloves okay that's important new tubes and needles never never reused never I mean we have the same DNA so technically we could so that's set up for you okay you're gonna want to hold it from right here this spot took a really fat pencil woman pretty much and then before we start gonna put a sheet down underneath his leg where you gonna get the tattoo by the way I don't know I think right here right here right here which is a good meaty spot Grayson's also choosing please don't get it in like a tan obvious visible spot hey now turn your leg this way a little bit I'm getting an upper s cramp faster if I do okay he's also a pro shaver favorite tattooer all right you have two dissents lon don't look alright so we are now applying the stencil to Ethan's leg this will be surprised to even end to your eyes at the very end what am i doing letting it dry why my all reality sitting in buy some Lube Lube it up lube it up louver up and just dip away dipping slang wait I totally forgot this is gonna hurt oh wait no no it's gonna hurt way worse when he does it oh she's actually happening the first line here we go [Music] and we're in Oh are you definitely not going steady let me do a little dance to see how it's looking a little bit yeah you have to go right I think you weren't going to even up oh I ain't going in deep enough oh never mind you leave it up you don't even up the chemicals and my legs being attacked by it a full nest of Hornets this doesn't feel like any other tattoos that had done in the past all right so that that wasn't bad Lucetta clean up this net wasn't bad Gracie this is omni for stop punching me like what is that open heart oh but it's fine Kristin what does that look better like that oh I think are you saying huh it's fine I'm lost and I'm scared we have to block it out oh dude that was way too deep oh my god Chris give me your honest thoughts on how you're doing right now Schmidt you're gradually getting better thanks yeah you can see the progress yeah you definitely can final line I'm just ready for it to be live it up oh great I'm just kidding yeah he's done that's a rat a rat did my first professional tattoo you go guided by professional yes hmm mm wear this on my body for the rest of my life how does he figure like it what do you think bro I feel that the experience the experience is awesome I I would be down to get better at tattooing so if anybody wants no you don't even practice patting on let me know in the comments down below so that's all you need to know and I'm gonna wrap it up and you can't see it until you're done telling me and the video is come to knit I'm setting my expectations very low I think you know I think you're not you don't have a bad tattoo on you oh yeah okay sick thank you for sure I sure did let's wrap it up and flop it up all right I drew a bunch of these because I didn't really know which which one to do and I was kind of looking for a second opinion also I kind of stopped on some phone and I had to redo them I can see that honey this one's a good one or this one I would pick out of these two my opinion where did a good combination so what if I do like that one antenna maybe one of the eyes and X okay that's cool so it's like a like one of each eye it'll be good it'll be good enough because that's what seems to do to my thigh yeah you're right and swing it a little bit okay unluckily for me the only spot that I have left on this diet is a very visible spot down near my kneecap so hopefully he doesn't don't look in this direction because we're getting sent a lot hopefully doesn't mess this up too bad just you know all right I'm all sanitized there we go oh they missed my finger you ever accidentally cut someone will she be good I mean a little nick here there doesn't or anyone from this part right here go dip into slim dipping slam I'm kind of nervous I'm kind of wait which hand do I write with your voice one that's okay okay say use the hand that you're right with that's pretty good you kind of just really love balls do not do actually yeah bro not bad Brett with what I do see might do better than gray is he really he kind of is dude that's actually better for me okay okay all right grace its how you feeling right now I feeling you Thank You Grayson top hurts a little bit a little bit of tingling in the area of mine that is me looking why the fuck did you say that what was it licking cause he's looking good well you saw what with balls he's kidding oh this part this is the hard part [Music] people chip right they're going on all right keep going last wide here we go [Laughter] Oh even it's so they just started the line graces right that was deep shit that out you want to do anything else to it is I rap okay yeah if you want nope no it's pretty good okay thank God alright listen what's your what's your experience as far as being the one doing the tattoo that was Ruth fun I wish I was good at that mm-hmm I really wish I was good at that let's uh let's get you wiped off and ready to reveal the reveal my friend that I have a tattoo on my leg too and I don't know what it is awesome all right Ethan's been sagging because uh he's trying to cover his tats oh all right pull my pants up finally yes you can oh my gosh dude what is it it's mr. Game & Watch look at his emotion no one's gonna know what this is Grayson he's angry are you really disappointed in this yeah it's cool okay you know what me and Grayson you suppose this video game all the time we were little kids and this was a character in the video game it was the guy at the end we unlock them after 11 hours of playing that one day no one's gonna know it's cool it just looks like a man's on my leg man what it is all right so I have officially the most random tattoos of all time you know what what makes me unique thanks Grayson oh my god you ruined my leg I did not ruin your leg um maybe maybe be blacking out I'll be cooler yeah no probably not I'll just leave it and maybe just maybe I'll incorporate it into a bigger piece and we could just you know put it over top of him mm-hmm he's already talking about covering up my tattoo well great it really doesn't how do you think you could do a design side of it eventually thing kind of cool something like that I think it's by the way there's it yeah if yeah it just doesn't match whatsoever none of your stuff matches to be honest Thanks all right Gracie are you ready for your review oh yeah I have one on my leg - let's do it all right Grayson so I went for your vibe why don't you go and check it out one two three oh that's actually pretty cool yeah of course of course it actually really liked that hey kind of goes with the ghosty guy yeah it looks really good that's actually sick dude it's so simple - Grayson this is two in a row you give me two bad tattoos in a row honestly I was secretly jealous that you did instead use a cooler than mine so I had I'm actually gonna probably have to cover up my tat so random like it was great since favorite character what do you like you know talking about it you seen your room do nothing all day that's completely false Grayson and we like to think your room I should have done your room oh my god so how do you so what do you think um I don't like it outro mmm let's let's do a little recap Grayson's gave me a tattoo that I don't like it's pretty bad and stupid and I gave racing a good tattoo and he's pleased with it peace that's kind of mean well you know I must admit the art was pretty in you know you did good yeah it's just like a dumb tattoo idea of never you were talking about getting a mr. game to watch you know you never ever good you said you wanted him on your ass because I haven't thought of who gave him washing seven eight years old - come on we know your Michigan less fan boy you love playing all right Grayson it was actually your favorite character so I'm gonna say that my lines are ten times better than yours Oh II didn't it looks like I but I got shot with a mini paintball and a budget and my tattoo idea was need 37 thousand times better than yours so I think it you know it evens it evens out like we were bad right there that's yeah we gave each other tattoos awesome like for us being brave I'm kind of delirious right now because it's like 2:00 a.m. but I'm gonna wake up you know clear-headed and realize how much of a dumb decision this was and I won't feel any regret at all because I love jack-o'-lanterns how am I gonna explain this to anyone I mean I'll be all my little brother just playing around the tattoo you got on my leg that's what that's exactly what I'm gonna say everybody oh you have a little brother big age 20 minutes younger than me what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bottle it's all good merch
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