Turning our House into a Fake Hotel in 72hrs…(ft. Elle Mills)

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • yeah so we have some things to tell you we don't live in this house anymore you see in September our landlord told us that the yes theory house is going to get destroyed to make space to build a new building we were obviously devastated but also realized there was probably time for us to evolve we moved out to separate apartments and while we were looking for the next yes theory HQ we completely abandoned inside of our old house but last week we realized that we just can't say goodbye to it looking like this this house has been a space that hosted and provided some of the greatest moments of our lives from turning our backyard into a restaurant or hosting a fashion show and endless other events this house truly changed in our lives so to celebrate its generosity for how much it's given to us we wanted to transform it one last time and surprise some of the people who made living in it possible and so we wondered on a Tuesday night if it would be possible to trim this half abandoned home into a luxury hotel within 72 hours I do not live here anymore and I'm not responsible for any of this should we take a look at a Mars room that is not my room that is the leftovers it's like a masterpiece my gold is used to make art and that's my first art in space huh it's art let's hog this is good having one of the most intense like time challenges we've ever done because for the fashion show was almost impossible and you had two weeks to set it up like moving out furnitures bringing furniture and we're gonna have to repaint the walls add like curtains on these windows repeat the wall yeah how what do you how do you think we're gonna be an actual like enjoyable experience with this is depressing at 12 today we decided that we wanna do one last episode in the house and we want to turn this house into a legit hotel by the weekend okay we're gonna get the guests in on Saturday okay so here's the plan we've given ourselves three and a half days to empty clean and build this hotel our goal was to fill three rooms with three different sets of subscribers that were choose from Instagram and then the last room will be reserved for a special guest we called as many friends as we could get ahold of for help and the operation was on there's cobwebs lamps it's like a haunted house highly embarrassing it's like an army of spiders up in here we haven't touched any of this in like a year is it alive anybody want some some milk from November 30 years are you sure hello darling I told them more traveling is about to continue okay what we're doing is our house is being demolished in about a week and a half and so for one night we are going to make LA's nicest five-star hotel so we're I think it's time for your room amar [Music] we're a little starting to push it from the bottom will do this deliberation between us and you'll see it tomorrow morning yeah so it's been an interesting start of the day we woke up the most brutal rain probably that I've ever seen in Los Angeles to begin with Home Depot to meet Liam it's day two of the operation and everything is flooding everything we planned last night just through out of the window and came up with an entirely new plan we're going with some crazy colors we are overcoming the first of many setbacks the vinyl flooring does not stick to the walls which actually does make sense because it's not called vinyl walling they're gonna become flooring yeah and we are finally getting started with the painting of the living room gonna be all white it is beautiful then there's gonna be Marlowe never been so excited my life otherwise I'm gonna fall asleep because I'm exhausted [Music] doing so harder the purple in the yes without me promote safety right limb safety is paramount there's so much spray paint everywhere that we have to put these masks on the recording to feel super dizzy it's all coming from this room there's tons of paint on the floor which can't be removed so what if we stop everybody from painting everybody gets a sponge it rubs off oh my god 14 hours since we began cleaning spray paint off the floor so it's clearly going great ladies and gentlemen welcome to the yes hotel see as we until you have a clogged sink our fanciest water if we continue we have active art happening around you usually my favorite part of the house where as the myth goes one of the guests went crazy and threw pom-poms all over the wall here is to the guest favorite room of the house and here is apparently where the magic happens or we have tried your friend and this is where [Music] now we're just witnessing like pretty much all our friends coming together to wrap this up and we're pulling out some of the all-stars like Alan to come in and put this together last second all right let's see what happens in five four three two one this is like for creativeminds combined on fire but that's what yes hotel is all about uniqueness can't be like another hotel right is that paint on the floor yes the installation I didn't attend four years of architecture school for nothing we get going we're gonna go pick up El Mills baby oh alright at first guess the house is not very ready yet there's so like six people working inside all right how do we make these cookies look fine we're gonna have to distract we'll take her on a little detour an hour or two long detour now life could go to a movie theater have you ever been to LA before this is what we do we're never doing directly home from the air but yeah we always go see a movie there's so much to do it's been something yeah it's been an interesting process after the visit I lay a little bit are you stalling stalling this is part of our hotel experience we just do a little tour before the guests arrive just to get them familiar with the scenery and the smells [Music] yeah the weather has been really really interesting it was raining this morning like so hard and so we got really really scared because thought it was gonna rain right now it's 4:15 p.m. which means its properties in the outer is usually that late you're so warm and really sunny and it makes you feel good like on your skin like today we're just raining you know how's the weather all right oh let's see what we got here Mary Poppins Aquaman you seen spider-man oh the kid who would be perfect timing let's go see it so the guests are arriving literally any minute now I got my host outfit on down I didn't ask anyone's opinion really I just went and bought this at a costume store here [Music] whoa [Music] yeah all been done last 72 hours where's your uniform I was a new one it's in the second bathroom is it okay this is room number one so it's like a mix between a hotel and an art installation oh just being here there's more guests right now [Music] Anthony this is my girlfriend Denise nice to meet you psyched we are I'm nervous we are got my phone in my house okay room for for them and we have another guest no just the right serve all the way from San Diego so jealous yeah it's a great thing it's a sweet room the transformation is actually [Music] providing on-demand massages at the yes Hotel that's how you roll I forgot it was dressed like this no massage yes chef max from yes table I have spent all day putting together an amazing meal for you guys to enjoy we could all just go around the table meals will just start coming out one after another so maybe so you guys enjoy sushi rice [Music] course number two cucumber carrots salad with a rice wine vinaigrette with a hint of lime juice and zest the amazing tradition with your friends so we go around the table yes everybody with the biggest yes and there was a big before I think the biggest one was dropping out which I don't recommend I had like him around 15 K on YouTube and I was like you know what if I dedicate my next six months to this I will be able to make it work because of that that's why I'm here today I came out of college to - to like go business to corporate and hit the spot I was like I don't think my heart's in it I sold everything I owned moved into a backpack and I was like I got a year I'm young and I've got nothing to hold on to you like let's just go and see what happens my cousin was telling me about the ship that he was going on I was beyond jealous and you know wishing I could go and do it and I remember my dad like grabbed me by the shoulder like totally picture I was like movie see he's like if you don't go on this trip or if you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life what on it two and a half month hiatus around the world came back I think it was $13 my name thank ya but the biggest thing I heard from that trip was how kind and open everyone house he's in the world main course tonight is a fresh scallop oh my goodness just like the number one restaurant city or something the last meal that will ever be had in this house okay so we have a very special guest that would like you guys to meet his name is Daniel Fernandez he's a fellow creator but most importantly he's a magician they're all gonna move it to the living room and he's got some awesome try some interesting psychological experiments today if you man could you go ahead and simply name up any card that comes to your mind hey oh hey sure look at this we got a stack here I don't know if it's gonna work but when you believe me if I told you that I knew that you were gonna think of that hard because you have an image when you think of the word yes I want you to go ahead and picture this image people ghosts watch this something that's super personal to you away right keep them close [Music] [Music] [Music] there's one last thing I wanted to do before it kind of like you know ending the official program for the night there's a big canvas in the hallway so we'll each just gonna go at putting a stroke on the castle and that wraps up the second-to-last episode will ever film in this house it disheartens us to know that within a month or two this entire building will no longer exist in all honesty though we could not have asked for a better way to say goodbye and that goodbye brought together so many generous kind and hardworking people around us from our friends who helped us build this hotel on a last second notice 2/3 of our subscribers who stayed in the rooms to our fellow creators Elle and Daniel we're so grateful for everyone around us our dream with this house was always to build a space for people to me to share stories and feel empowered to take on their own adventures and we're thankful that all the way until the last week of our time in this house it's living up to that promise we have a last epic goodbye episode plan before we leave being released in two weeks and after that it'll be a whole new chapter for yes theory I'll see you next week and once again these episodes with all the budget we need to create operations like this would not be possible without our regular sponsors honey honey is a free shopping tool that automatically searches the internet for the best promo codes every time you buy something online and it works on over 30,000 websites I've used it when I order things on Amazon booking hotels on Expedia or shop for clothes on I recently bought a watch for movement and by using honey I immediately saved twenty dollars on my purchase it only takes two clicks to install just go to join honey calm / yes theory and click down like an average user who downloads honey ends up saving around $30 per purchase there's no reason to not add honey to your browser today it's free and it takes two clicks to install if you want to join thousands of other yes band members and saving money on your purchases click the link below at honey to your browser or go to join honey Comcast theory I'll see you next week hi I'm o Mills and you probably wondering how I got here well
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