Cub Sport - Hawaiian Party (By Dolan Twins)


  • Camille Gallo

    anyone else wondering when ethan will close the front door? 0:24 😂

  • Carlyn Frattini

    How come Grayson is not in this or am I just blind Also was the girl Ethan kissed Emma

  • Mia

    Kristina!!!! She’s so pretty

  • Blanca G.

    Every girl here needs to chill, ur not Ethan’s property or something 💀😂

  • Shylah Garcia

    Is it just me or does ethans luv interest look like emma

  • Lennon Aultman

    Hmm coughs “Emma chamberlain copy cat” the tea is hot sis

  • Anna

    you cannot tell me ethan's girl isn't supposed to resemble emma