• Published on: 2018-12-11
  • guys today Grayson is really gonna put his dad mode to the test I'm gonna be living it my dreams as you guys know or may not know Gracie does a lot of dad like things all the time such as water the garden do the laundry do the dishes and cook me food someone's gonna be a dad around here can't it just like two kids running around okay now I'm the other man I think I'm more fun than Grayson so it's so unfashionable my fun so we're gonna fight let me so might we're living in them so my fun skills are gonna be put to the test we're literally gonna find out yeah we're gonna find out today who's more dead at the same time who's the more fun dead so guys I'm at know we're back we forgot to say that yeah we're back so yesterday we got a call from a good friend / neighbor Austin McBroom and he asked if we could do a little favor tonight if you don't know Austin is he's Austin of Ace family Tim Katherine Al and Aleya now is their new baby they are actually our neighbors and they asked us you don't the screen I guess it and Austin asked us if we can help him out tonight with a little something that is babysitting their daughter Elle which I was really excited about I'm really excited I'm really excited to but I'm kind of nervous I was 2 years old I've never met her before and I'm kind of scared that she's not gonna like me the goal here is to get her to say that she likes me more than Grayson and I'm the better it's gonna have it's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen well you know what Grayson it's up to L I guess it isn't Dale I'm so excited I'm very excited but I'm also nervous dude sometimes like I feel like every time I walk in the room baby like cries whenever there's baby in the room the exact opposite they always hug you there was no smile and like la high-five means stuff all right guys I think we're getting a little bit off-topic let's go babysit all right so we're definitely here as you can see the babysitter's have arrived the babysitters are here but yeah we're gonna go meet al now hopefully she likes that layer first interaction goes well hopefully she like to need more right off the bat I will say one of yous ever met twins before that's all so something's probably be so confused seeing people that look there's little kids get so confused when they meet us they're like this if you're new to this world and you see people next to each other that look the exact same so already off till I get kind of funky start here but it's usually but hey makes it more interesting I think we're I think we're both pretty good with kids but I think I'm more fun one so let's see what happens it's nice to meet you I'm Ethan I'm Grayson we look the same don't we hey Clint yeah yeah rush on the house what let's do it Sean this is the ACE family our director guess it was nutcrackers Roddy I love knockers I have enough record collection he doesn't have one this big though yeah I was one of them this big call the North Pole tell Santa what you want for Christmas right which I had a toy room wow this is a fun room this is also what's this you have a kitchen I'm hungry you can have something to eat oh thank you you're probably better cooking the Grayson is cook the tomato leg my tomatoes cook thank you you do like that okay so what do you want to play down do when you play this you could be some food thank you this is easier than I thought I was gonna do thank you yeah okay a little sandwich of the pretzel okay the pretzel oh thank you thank you share this is a chocolate pretzel yeah it's so good I love chocolate so L I brought some stuff that we could play with I brought arts and crafts and I brought stuff to make cookies with we can bake and I also brought some toys did you really bring stuff yeah of course that's a cheating how is it cheating they're gonna see way more fun than me I'm just prepared well I didn't bring anything but I'm more fun than him I promise he's lying I'll go get the toys okay okay so I brought some toys in in this bag I got you this it's a pink reindeer just in time for Christmas she doesn't like him do you like him no yes she does and then I got you a little dog and then I also this wasn't fair I also brought some slime so you want to play you want to play the toys I brought down okay I should have thought it I think I think that we should play with the slime will you play with slime then I'll be fun just like me let's go up let's go to the table and play with this line yeah okay let's do it I got to keep up well this just isn't fair another was gifting involved here I thought it was just have the the pureness and the fundus of your heart I'm gonna have to pull some strings here so this is your first time play with slime yeah even smells like orange let's play with let's play with purple first thank you hello doesn't that feel cool yeah you pull it nice isn't this fun yeah I like slime to you guys play what slide yeah we're playing with slime if I - oh thank you give him this one we should make something cool let's make a sculpture why why I'm into intricate we're selling gold slime I'm an adult I'm Jason are you having a good ol time - yeah you think's trying to outdo me no but he can't no just this is how I am naturally I'm more fun watch this it's a smiley face isn't that cool oh you got slime on your belly why did Kristen let you do that I did in urine you're on that side look at me I made listen you idiots lime water belly I made a visitor favorite shirt Gracie I made us a face with eyebrows he's trying to copy me now than just a smiley face right right because has either all right we're gonna make you both a sculpture out of slime okay and then you have to tell us which ones which one you like better thank you l can you guess what I'm making what does it look like so far oh the head is squishy look what I made you know what that is um it's it's moustache you made a circle yeah what he he made a moustache it just kind of kind of creepy but I made something cooler what is that can you guess what that is it's a dog you like dogs which would you like better that one's the best I think so too yeah what if we did another arts and crafts you like arts and crafts cuz I brought some arts and crafts so we can make decorations that we can put on the Christmas tree you want to do that yeah okay if you want to make snowflakes I think she's uh I think she's just entertained by the slime I don't think she cares about either this rain it should be a point from you I brought it I'm one to thought to bring it but I had more fun with it you didn't bring anything you didn't bring it you me the mustache all right L let's do arts and crafts now okay arts and crafts okay I got paper scissors glitter you like glitter I brought I brought the glitter no he no he didn't I brought okay let's do some arts and crafts this is how we're gonna make this snowflake okay we're gonna cut the paper right down the middle do you want to do it with me oh nice perfect good job good job L and now we're gonna cut this into a circle won't do the glitter glitter the fun part right do you like glitter you like pain I brought it because I knew you did no he didn't know he did it I know I did now I have a circle we're gonna fold it a bunch of times okay you want how many whole business okay and then one more time you're distracting her shiny shiny obviously distracting know she let you like this right okay just be careful this is messy so you turn it like this and then it comes out there we got to do the coop first so first we have to make the snow blink and then put glue on it he'll do the boring part and then we'll just do the fun part next okay what's that oh okay okay ready al are you ready to open the snowflake yeah do you like snow have you ever seen snow okay ready so first you have to unfold it just like this open it up look it's turning into a snowflake ready open whoa Seifer glitter put some on the snowflake nice are you doing such a good job job L yep no it's a glitter time uh-huh yeah so ready we'll keep it right here I'm a toward with the glitter Gracie let me dump the glitter on the snowflake oh wow that's cool and turn it over and look now it was snowing when you put on the Christmas tree want to put on the Christmas tree oh the drill let's go to the Christmas tree yay Wow so I've been so funny here we go [Music] mama tell you you love slime yeah well I have an idea I'll be right back I wonder where he's going what's he doing yeah I don't know you I got the save the phone we need to ask Santa for some more slime for Christmas okay okay now you're gonna get some more slime for Christmas yay good thing I had that idea Grayson wasn't gonna have that idea dude I brought this slime she would even know what slime glozell was it for me yes it is I'll hook you up with some with the slime hook up hell do you know what else is really fun besides arts and crafts and slime baking cookies yeah cookies do you want to bake cookies yeah we can do it right here and play with it just like it slime but it's just cookies instead al do you want me to go get the cookies yeah we'll plug the slime while you get the cookies we'll put it slimy you get the cookies all right I'll go get the cookies okay what's this no there's not slime this is cookies cookie dough it's kind of like slime you make it into cookies and then we put them in the oven and then we eat them and just delicious and then you can even okay it's okay you're getting that this monster el you could even save some and leave them for Santa - I'll get all the ingredients together and then we could just do the fun part together okay okay sounds good al you want to come help me bake the cookies no she'sshe's cool plan with slime over you you want to play with slime right hell you don't wanna you don't wash your hands to make the cookies yeah no we'll just play the slime over here okay I'll be making them okay okay this is fun right you stole my slime you know he's he's trying to win the fun competition slime is way more fun than cookies right li brought that slime for you you like that slime ha ok the cookies are done and ready for me you can you preheat the oven or do you not know how to do that um I can figure it out I'm a babysitter side how to do these types of things is you have to know how to do these things in order to be a babysitter therefore I know how to do these types of things it's not sorry oh there we go yep look at that - what I mean 350 I know this is sunscreens it's not baking spray he thought it was either was butter bird sunscreen he's not very smart so what this is what we're gonna do we're gonna put a little bit of the butter yeah yeah perfect just like that just like that we're gonna put it on on the sheet because we don't have pan or wax paper and we're just gonna spread it in a little circle just like that yeah we're just spreading the butter out of a gadget so you're doing a great job okay now we're gonna take a little bit of the cookie well you're gonna take it and roll it into a ball and then put it right down on on the butter just like that okay oh that's that's a perfect cookie beautiful cookie okay here take a little bit bigger here and roll it like this perfect Thank You L okay the cookies are ready to go in the oven and then we can eat them when they're done are you excited yeah okay let's wash our hands okay let's do it and back to slime time yeah a big slime is the biggest baby centre-half of all time it is slime is such a babies in a hat oh my god if your babysitter gets lime and then you end of you're good babysitter you want this all you do just sit here well I think the cookies are almost done should I check okay yeah okay I have no idea what happened to these cookies [Music] well the cookies done you want to eat it it's time to eat the cookie cookie time spookie ookie time okay it's still a little hot so I'm gonna get a plate do you want to see you though okay ready al doesn't look like cookies No are you sure you want to eat those yes they smell amazing yeah but Grayson made them yeah they're good they look real great great I bet they're scrumptious are you taping the cookies can either gonna be good even though Grayson made them Grayson makes me breakfast all the time and I never eat it but we'll try as cookies well we will give them a shot I got the cookie those look like great cookies oh you want you out here try some out okay chew so are they good yes I think I'm just gonna sit cookie timeout I'll let you guys have a cookie time mmm that's good I don't trust those things all done no one more cookies right yeah duh um I'm falling behind a little bit here and you pull something on my sleeve well I have an idea I want to play with slime I like I wanted you slide do you want to you slime with me after cookies oh please I'm afraid to get my results you're done now cuz you wanna play this line with me do blenders fine okay let's go play it's fine I'm just gonna eat a little bit more thank you oh thank you sadly we're gonna have to leave soon now we've to leave soon thank you for letting us play with you and film with you yeah did you have fun yeah duh okay so we have a question for you out who was more fun me or Grayson who is more fun Grayson or Ethan [Music] Thank You al thank you for singing that was funny I brought all the stuff too so I agree the um I am a lot more fun than Ethan wait Oh al okay you like your toys no I don't even get a Elf anymore and I'm not I'm the least fun one another light that hurt a little bit but I had a really fun time playing with you so it's all good I had fun that was so fun right now I think you would've you were the most fun me what about me yeah yeah to a bull fun yeah yeah she's busy okay yeah okay well it looks like we're actually both fun I think we're pretty good babysitters well thank you guys for watching this was uh honestly just like the most fun video I think we've ever filmed a LDV people should subscribe to us 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