Reacting to our HYPNOSIS! ft. Emma Chamberlain & James Charles

  • Published on: 2018-09-04
  • all right supporting whatever are you guys feeling about this tired I'm nervous wait are the videos of this boring James wake up come on hey guys so if you didn't see last week's video it was that you're probably not watching this video true any of you are you do it backwards okay we are going to watch us while we are hypnotized for the first time last week's video came out but it's like coming out two weeks from right now so like the survival video part 2 doesn't even come out here our channel we have not seen the footage of us being hypnotized we don't remember shit we don't remember anything we were hypnotized and it was weird because when I snapped out of it I was trying to think about what happened and I couldn't remember I can't remember anything I remember every single thing that happened so I don't even know why I bet he doesn't we're gonna figure that out I think I remember some parts cuz I got like snapped out of it which was depressing yeah I'm sad like I want it to work so badly I was hardest to like let it happen couldn't do it was just awake the entire time you're just Clinton without further ado we're gonna watch us be hypnotized and we have no idea what happened and we really embarrassed me grace in the back and I guess you guys are Tuesday or here last week well apparently we're all bad we're gonna do we're badly after it will just leave it exactly where it is who cares we've already big I didn't say we're back and then really hot or Emma how do you feel that thank you so I already know I need some wax I know the crane cries getting really it's gonna be cringy it's gonna be cringe cuz I'm just like I don't remember any parts of me in the beginning but I did my pre-flight job cytokines a mic Restatement I think I'm gonna do some goofy stuff oh my god I'm gonna really cringe I don't know what happened I snapped out of it when it was like too crazy to post it might be well benign twice rappel see you still have to do it I mean I recall snapping out of it and then I don't remember sergeant panic sir crying let's go I know my orders and you guys just don't remember I only remember some parts cuz I was like I'm probably some annoying but I gently over everything that happened yeah actually the cool one I heard it only works on human beings yeah that was my sisters that I'm not real that's too bad he's created like feels dude yes we're actually watch it out the next 31 minutes are gonna be very painful James you could just tell he's not sleeping he's clutching him and spreading in this he's moving dating arisen this friend group says I do remember he said the sound of my voice would become very loud and doesn't you could not hear anything else when he said that the music stop the music stop but here it doesn't stop you turned out he kept talking to you something look max look at him the music wasn't playing when I remember is not playing he made me focus on him and not the music I couldn't hear the music install work on you help me or is it right leave it immediately no wait smile consume it okay [Applause] [Laughter] but when you said that my back was just started sweating maybe Joey sweaty but instructing us to do things I like vividly river not feeling now but throughout the video you'll see me an average URI told us to do sling I still listen to it and we do it and we'll do it obviously not because of sanitizer because I wanted it to work when I was listening to him and trying to do at the healing okay if I keep going and going and going maybe if you do that [Music] I am sweating looking for it is sweating this was so funny to me very special I don't know why they actually remember but I don't remember my stupid oh my god I might actually genuinely laughing oh my zone I'm dying over the corner when you sip it come with me I'm sad but try to be low-key medicine Odo's Canada I literally like I didn't it didn't work but I felt bad because I was so into it so I like is like naked the case here the D I don't remember seeing anyone naked but I feel like when he walked up next to me at one point I don't know if we included this book he wants up next to me at one point I like off camera kinda like it wasn't really on camera I died notice then we walk up next to me he was just standing there like that and I literally like just pictured having a hairy back and like hairy ass crack I'm sorry I'm sorry man I'm sorry I need to look away there was [Music] that's where I would sit right now I mean just like you learn right now my hypnotize oh now you have to sell my house tell us I don't have to do anything I'm not hypnotized what he controlling me yes that's suspicious that's the burning heat I was in gladly with your son yeah I just like you've really stopped everything you just slut because he told me to never change anything about it okay ever not even James Charlie no because like that's what makes up somebody's personality and shit yeah but then you can give me a better [Music] [Applause] slowly oh hi wait who's your fucking favorite tiny kitty girl he wasn't even he wasn't even hypnotized line hello well our to me not to him so wait you've been hypnotized and you're trying to make all these cheetahs about me and thes over here under doesn't remember anything and she's still saying she would never change anything about you James wasn't hypnotized and so busy just talking study trying to get more than us and then you said we try we just enjoy getting my head cut even soldier resigned [Music] he always says that every second today could have been that you tell me how like nonchalant I look at Elmo she's done out of it any of this [Music] [Laughter] but finished Finch I said yes we did we get fried chicken that we've literally dig up my dad and that was your idea no you said it later on early all I see used to just late our chocolate no bitch I'm not gonna live for the camera you really always justify it chicken - lets get fried chicken okay we did get fried chicken that I said maybe Grayson is a fortune to remind readers oh yeah Miller no mortgage tell her you were your 99019 today I would like one too - something like if I just kept going with it maybe [Music] I do I hate right before this I think I remember being hungry when he said that how could he manipulate you like this wait what is this it's a lemon in a virgin I would never you just bread like that either I don't think you would eat that [Music] what are you doing you guys I will talk about in the last few we mean I hate sharing drinks with people I can't do it No [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you are now in a place to make a real change amazing look at me you guys he sold you nobody can you just tell me to do that that's weird I'm like freaking out enough dude I didn't remember watching you ever do that before so I'm freaked out there because you just did that that's crazy I felt from what the fire you awake about hypnosis feeling wonderful you smile I've ever seen okay that was weird I forget his time-travel I started to remember all that stuff as it was happening really not vividly yeah for the past few weeks of it's your recollection of what happened that night and that's the weirdest feeling it just came back to me that was almost weirder than being hypnotized itself yeah we're working with blood drops is probably like an hour and half two and of course it's like caught down in the final video but there was so much what happened to the pilot remember Wow Wow and the stuff didn't had enough although it didn't work on me was still a really really cool experience England was literally so nice regardless of the actual hypnotize ation the process was really cool and honestly I think I did make that primitive change I've been way less lazy more on top of things that's what I was gonna tell all the links that like the mouse like the glasses like did not work on really any of us I think but like the old the whole might that person of like kind of forcing yourself to believe that you really want to make this change like I think it's a really cool in the future I got no I've always dealt to wake up earlier and I have not done that once my thing wasn't earlier and I've done it you're up at the ass crack of dawn yeah so maybe you just think it was a may be motivated to you I actually been way less lazy and just like on top of things that's so weird it took subconscious that's what like you submit hypnosis is is like going to your subconscious bravery like the one you don't think you can control by telling a high head of like cleaning up and stuff the other day and I was love is love as they have this not stop moving and they keep Emily dude maybe Clinton I normally can maybe come back and give you a little bit more of that yeah yeah I'm good alright well thank you guys for watching if you guys like the video give it a thumbs up I just have things such as youtuber when I said that we are a child sweetie it took deep snow cones alright guys well that was it for this week's video hope you guys liked it it was okay it's all of us again and we all just want to say something from the bottom of our hearts and that is discovered comedy through ceilings of my photos being all painfully someone's like that never happened who's first I think I went in and there was actually them from you actually you could have Danny because I wasn't following [Music] [Applause] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on this subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch super
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