Owner Tells Gordon Ramsay To GET OUT OF HIS KITCHEN | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-10-24
  • this is Diego dia what sure roll are pretty much as great a line cook like oh yeah good and what your training won't be done what be cooking in afternoon various different restaurants okay teen on 32 Wow so 14 years experience on the line Wow [Music] become his lords over in a second order so you got green beans microwave food chef Mike 12 gasps ringing burners there and that one of the chefs is using them they're all in the microwave if I we've forgotten there is a kitchen hair look like someone's salad and football but it's a moussaka for mazurka chef Mike you'll be fucked without the microwave wouldn't it unbelievable there you go I would love nothing more than I see both of these wounded no sir it's really humiliating I feel like a little kid heating stuff up in a microwave it kind of messes with my passion for cooking like I don't feel like a cook the way we're doing things with the microwave as Chef Ramsay watches plate after plate after plate being zapped in the microwave it becomes clear the Jake doesn't really care about his food like we got Q&A this is incredible the minute you walk into a restaurant with an open kitchen and all the chefs are facing out as opposed to standing in front of the stove get out that's what's happening here unbelievable that's then just normal it had nothing to say that's just how we do it I've seen a diaper look more appetizing than our agreement three restaurants like a Greek tragedy pisses me off what I think about my food is its healthy it's fresh it's it's good it's damn good yeah preheated microwave food it's not microwave food I mean how else am I gonna reheat it don't break my balls about getting everything reheating it in white boy he's been cooking 14 years as a whole stove they're not even being used and this guy's like this Jake me I don't use the word microwave I'm not cooking it in the microwave I'm reheating it in a microwave big difference there's a big difference I don't think it compromises the food reheating it that way but I mean say that I can you don't think it compromises the food I don't think so oh my gosh oh they're gonna have a big pie it doesn't compromise the standard of food No Wow you buck off how's that there we go go get out of my line take ya head out your ass you just start acting like a man and start taking responsibility for something with a big girl and you think it's smart totally so how about showing a little bit respect what you're doing oh my mind let me do my job daddy here okay Jake I'll go with pleasure [Music] you
  • Runtime: 03:33
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