• Published on: 2019-01-05
  • - No! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ Are we gonna guess that food? Are we gonna guess that baby? What in the who now? - (laughing) that's very bad. All right! - I like this. ♪ (interlude music) ♪ - Iconic music right there. Okay, we can do that. - I don't know where this is going. No, I got it. - Uh-huh. ♪ (pensive music) ♪ - I've gotta make something up here. - Oh, what is this? - Oh! Okay. - And now you have no idea? - Oh, wait, what if I'm wrong? I'm gonna be embarrassed if I'm wrong. ♪ (pensive music) ♪ (ding) - Nope, not this. - The bucket-- the bucket list. (buzzer) - I like to think you were close. - I put the name of the painting. - (FBE) Here's your next clip. - (Meg) To what? with these movies as a kid. - (Meg) This is not normal! I am so embarrassed. - (sighing) - (Lao Che chuckling) - (Indy) To what? - (Lao Che) The poison-- - I had Harrison Ford in my brain, but I just couldn't put it anywhere. - You gotta be specific. I would watch the heck out of that! (ding) - (twins) Come play with us, Stewie! Forever and ever and ever-- (firing bazooka) in his onesie." ♪ (creepy music) ♪ - Yeah. ♪ (gong booming) ♪ - Creepy kids. No thank you. - I just watched this on Netflix. - (laughing) - I said "The Shinning." (ding) - (laughing) to do something, don't do it! it's probably the right thing to do! - (Peter) You want to hurt me? - Oh. Oh, my god! What you see is what you get. - I mean, it's so very clearly '80s. that popped in my head. - I'm 90% I've got it. - (Del) You want to hurt me? I know these actors. - This is hard! - (Del) I like-- I like me. - Nope. - One of my all-time favorite movies. - Yep. - I feel bad for not getting this one. (buzzer) That's what I wrote. Do you know why? - That's right. that he did. - Oh. - I will wager my one point. - Wagers. - Uno! - (both laughing) Confidence! Go big or go home, baby! - (Brian) No, Stewie, Stewie-- - Can I retroactively wager? - (Stewie) Not you, man! I didn't know it was gonna be so hard! (sobbing) I went too big. Look at little baby Matt Damon! Look at his silly '90s hair. - I know. - (Sean) It's not your fault. - I've never seen this movie either. - (Sean) It's not your fault. - (Will) Don't [bleep] with me. - (Sean) It's not your fault. - (FBE) What is that in parentheses? - Good Will Hunting! Yay! - I would love to do this game again. and now it has helped me in my career. on the React channel. hit that Like button. - Bye, guys. We couldn't do this without you.
  • Runtime: 10:34
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