You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • [Music] doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Alex you can do this you can't do this hi Molly hi I'm Alex from math class I know who you are you're the kid who has a crush on Miss Piggy what no I don't she started it kind of weird do you have a long time no I don't why do you ask okay bye girls are confusing I didn't take care of all your girl problems for a price how much $1.00 [Music] what can I help you with how do I get my crush to be my Valentine you just have to show her you like her bro yeah but how tell you tell you how your tell her how you feel are you sure trust me I'm a ladies man [Music] hi hey Molly I liked you for a long time right thank you really pretty.i [Music] I'm hungry I think I scared her that means he likes you didn't seem like it I have another idea I'm listening another down [Music] pull her hair give me my dollar back give me my dollar back right now no for reals girls love that nice you soon she'll be mine hi I don't have any food if that's what you want what no I I don't know you're just so pretty and didn't work booger brain I have one more super secret tip oh yeah [Music] thank you now it's easy get her gift that's your idea I could I'll come up with that on my own indeed but you did just better work or I want my three dollars back I got my Valentine my present what do you think it's nice but you shouldn't have to get a girl a present if she was if you want her to be your Valentine but she's so bootiful otherwise opposed to do you just go up to her and say will you be my Valentine we read my Valentine yes just like that would you be my Valentine yes but don't ask me active Allen time I just did wait what are you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
  • Runtime: 04:56
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  • Merci

    This is officially my favorite one

  • Morgan N

    me when I saw the thumbnail: Oh cool, Molly! Me when she kissed him: YASSSSS SHIPPPPPPPPPPPPS

  • Elisha_playz :3

    Her: kiss @lex: AHHHHHHH CUTTIES(idk) Alex:faint Her:NOPE I IS OUT BRUH I KILLED HIM

  • Squirly Squad

    I’m Aaron I always give my friends advise about everything and they have to pay me all the time I love Aaron so much❤️

  • dragon girl /karaoke singer

    Kindergarten life When my crush comes to me and says hi Me: uhh...... hello pretty My mind:NUU NOW IM CRINGY Her:aww :3 ur so cringyly funny ! *KISSES MY CHEEK* EEEEK *DROPS ONTO FLOOR PARALYSED*

  • Mystical Via


  • Celine Celine

    You said you wanted back your $3 but you put up four fingers