Big Fish Head Curry Tour - MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

  • Published on: 2019-02-10
  • - Good morning. I hope you're having an amazing day. It's Mark Wiens. I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And one of the tastiest parts or sections of the fish is the fish head Locally, it's known as kepala ikan, and it's very popular to eat in Malaysia. And so today, I'm gonna take you on a fish head tour of Kuala Lumpur. We're gonna eat, I have three places that I wanna check out and share with you. We're gonna eat them one fish head after the next after the next. and I'm gonna share all the fish heads with you in this video. (upbeat music) It's just 9:30 a.m. right now. They're still sort of setting up. The fish heads are ready. They're preparing the fried chicken. as just the Bangsar or fish corner kind of in a little shopping plaza area. But the aroma, you can smell the, for their fried chicken. You can smell the curry leaves. Oh, man. (laughs) Fried fish. - Fried fish. (mumbles) in the front side, sir. - [Mark] Okay, in the front. - Boss, from the front. - Okay. They want to get a photo of all of them, all the staff here at the front. Say welcome to, welcome to-- - Welcome to. - [Mark] Annuar's. - Welcome to Annuar's-- - [Mark] Kepala ikan. - Yeah, yeah, kepala ikan. - Backside, backside, backside. - [Mark] Okay, one, - [Group] Welcome to Annuar's kepala ikan. - Yes. (laughs) Okay, awesome. They're all so friendly. - Boss, you're from what country? - Ah, I live in Thailand. - Yes, Thailand, in Bangkok. - [Man] It's famous for 26 years. (man mumbles) (mumbles) the curry, very nice. - [Mark] Oh, yeah. - [Mark] Hello. (Mr. Annuar speaks in foreign language) Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. - Thank you very much. - [Mark] Are you Mr. Annuar? - Yes, Mr. Annuar. - Ah, very nice to meet you. (upbeat music) Yeah. (chuckles) And you can see it's just, they like literally opened minutes ago. There's already a line forming. It's self serving with the fried chicken. Oh, thank you. - Which part of the chicken you like? You want the drumstick? - [Mark] Yes, please. - You want the wings? - [Mark] Yes, please. - [Mr. Annuar] They're frying the wings. - [Mark] Okay. - You want a thigh? - [Mark] Sounds good. - You want the breast meat? - [Mark] Okay. - [Mr. Annuar] Okay (mumbles). - [Mark] Okay. - Enjoy, eh. - Oh, wow. (Mr. Annuar mumbles) Oh, thank you. (Mr. Annuar mumbles) Uh-huh. - The cabbage, okay, great. - [Mr. Annuar] The other guy. - Ah. (Mr. Annuar mumbles) who is also, we just met him as we arrived. So we've got plates of rice. We've got the fried chicken, and then, yeah, the main event, the dish That sauce is just rich and spicious. Oh, man, I cannot wait. You've got the cheek. You've got the upper head. You've got all sorts I'm gonna start. onto my plate of rice. at the same time. Oh, yeah, there's so much meat on it. I'll add some cabbage to my plate as well. mix it with the rice. Mm-hmm. Oh. You taste the, The blend of spices is incredible. Okay. Actually, maybe the most common thing (chuckles) One more, one more spoon. Okay, I'm tearing into that, tearing into that fried chicken. Nice. - Okay. (Mark chuckles) The fried chicken is amazing. - [Man] So well spiced, wow. - You can see the big tub of chicken which is marinated in a bunch of spices. Then it's deep fried, so it has It's seriously tasty. - [Man] Gorgeous. Oh, man. - Mmm. Oh, the head. The head is one of the best things. And again, I think it is like marinated and then it's just like soft and tender. - [Man] Look at the size of that cheek. The cheek is huge. Whoa, oh my gosh. - [Mark] Look at that. Dude, that's all one cheek. Oh, and I didn't even get it all. There's still more. It like goes all the way to the eye. That is all cheek. - [Man] Dude, that's a massive head. Look at that. Oh my gosh, yeah, to rehydrate my fish cheek. A one biter. Oh, yeah. I got a scale. - Mmm, mmm, mm-hmm. Now starts the exploration. There's bits of skin. Here's eyeballs. Oh, here's the, here's the mouth. Can you see those teeth on there? Red snapper lips, upper lip. Whoa, it's like, it's like jelly. The curry sauce itself was amazing. Mr. Annuar, they're so nice. They're so friendly. Not only is the food delicious, in Kuala Lumpur has such a loyal following is because it's so welcoming. I mean it's like a neighborhood stall, Thank you very much, Mr. Annuar. And thank you for your hospitality. So that's Mr. Annuar, and then your logo. And they were so nice. They refused to accept our payment. So yeah, thank you very much Man, that was incredibly good. (upbeat music) You gotta get there before the lunch rush, so we're on our way. I know it gets packed, is that it really is a garden city. It's such a green city. but we're kind of on the hill. Hello. - [Man] Hello. - So you get to the top of the staircase and all of a sudden, it opens up. There's a parking lot up here, but you're just surrounded by jungle. It's so green. It's so lush. And then you have, you smell the spices. There's a whole buffet counter. Again, the famous thing to eat here is the kepala ikan, the fish head curry. And I believe that this version is gonna be more of a Malay style. Let's get straight to another fish head. So you choose your fish head. And we met, what is your name again? - I'm Hozi, Hozi. - And he watches our videos. - [Hozi] What size? - The biggest size, biggest size. - Biggest size. - [Mark} Yes, please. - [Hozi] Okay. - [Mark] Oh, nice. Sounds good. - [Hozi] Okay. That's fresh, very fresh. - [Mark] Okay. Yeah. Wow. - [Hozi] Lady's finger and then (mumbles) - [Mark] What is that sauce? - [Woman] Soya. - [Hozi] Ah, yes, mixed, soya. - [Mark] Oh, okay. - [Hozi] Soya sauce, black soya sauce. - [Mark] Black soya sauce. - [Hozi] Sweet and sour. - [Mark} Ah. - Mango. - [Mark] Green mango? - [Hozi] Green mango. - [Mark] Okay. - [Hozi] It's celery. - Wow. (chuckles) To keep it warm. This is fish head number two. This is an absolute beauty. And I like how they serve it. because it's so big. There's so much curry sauce. That's gonna add another twist, dimension to this fish head curry. It's like the fusion of Malaysia with the fish head in your pot. And this is the eye. Look at the size of this. I'm gonna, go for the top of the head there Oh, look at that. that green mango and just kinda mix that. Wow, you gotta really maneuver. That's an awesome touch to it. Oh, wow. Oh, that is stunning. Again, you can taste the curry leaves. from tamarind, almost like a fruity taste. The fish is like firm and fresh. Wow, that sauce is unbelievable. Wow. That curry sauce is good enough to drink. Okay, I'm gonna try that tofu. And you can see that tofu is just like saturated with the curry sauce as well. You can actually squeeze this tofu and curry sauce would come out. Look. (chuckles) What I love about this is that sourness Really, really incredibly good. Look at that, the entire cheek again. It's huge. And again, you can just so easily just drown your rice in the curry. It's just so unbelievably good. Is that a mandible? Okay, this one is the, this one is the cheek right here. That's the cheek bit. It's all good. These are curry leaves. There's beansprouts in here. There's wing bean. And I think it's like a fish sauce. I'll put some of this onto my rice. I know my rice is pretty much doused in the curry sauce already. It's all drowned up, but that's okay. Mmm, oh, that's wonderful. Oh, there's coconut in there. You can really taste the shredded coconut. That is like amazingly refreshing and just a totally different taste. it's a type of shell. Is it a seashell? I believe so, right? I think it's a seashell. the little shell just like, just like plops out into your mouth. Oh, yeah, I got it in one go. Oh, that's wonderful. I will rehydrate it, is the eyeball. So we're gonna, look at the size of that eyeball. Actually, let me, I'm just gonna kinda, Oh! Wow. That just melts in your mouth. There's so many jelly bits. I can't even find the actual eyeball. Usually, it's like a hard little marble. And then just to garnish, There's some cucumbers. Mmm. Here's another move that I saw Dude, you gotta try that. - Oh, okay. Mmm. Which one hits first? Mmm, those chilies are so nice. and then the creaminess of that fish meat. Cool. Okay, time to wash my hands. We got table number, we got table number, is that 189? No, that's right, 189. after eating that fish head. (laughs) - I can't believe it. I mean, easily. - The total price came to 144 ringgit, You can get smaller fish heads for only 45 ringgit or 55 or 65. But definitely, a dish like that, - Yeah. (laughs) Well, Ying had a little bite, But that was so worth it. This is an amazing, an amazing restaurant. That was amazing. - Alright. - That was amazing. Alright. which is a very Chinese area of the city. (Ying speaks in foreign language) (man speaks in foreign language) (Ying speaks in foreign language) - Thank you. - Thank you very much. Oh, awesome. This is restaurant number three, totally different style of fish head. - Together with the body, yeah, yeah. - Oh, and the body also. - Yeah. - Okay. - [Man] Mun Kee, yeah, Mun Kee. - [Mark] Oh, Mun Kee, okay. - Yeah, Mun Kee. Sweet potato leaf or kangkong. - [Mark] Maybe kangkong. - Kangkong (mumbles). - Awesome. - [Man] Okay, thank you, thank you. - Thank you very much. That's six different types of fish heads. the ginger, the sambal and the Nyonya. because that's the (mumbles). That's the Malay-Chinese version. But then he said that that's totally out. They ran out for lunch. So we missed the lunch rush, (upbeat music) Fish head number three has arrived, as what is considered a fish head. the tail, basically. Chinese style steamed fish. Okay, yeah. So be careful of the bones though. Mmm, mmm. It's so, yeah, so clean and light tasting. You taste the soy sauce. You taste the ginger. to give it some heat. It's so juicy because it's steamed. They are definitely stretching the definition of fish head here, And I'm totally okay with that. but I think it's just the half a fish. So you get more meat on the body, but then it's split down the middle, so it's the half a head. Oh, that's perfect. grab some of that head meat. You can see the head has quite, that skin is very thick and like blubbery. And you know what else? You can taste the Chinese wine. - Is it plum? I was gonna ask-- - I think the wine in there. - If you think it's plum or wine. - I think it's maybe rice wine. - Ah-huh. That's gonna give it some extra kick. Oh, I'm going in for that ultimate bite. And I think I'm gonna add one more scoop full flavor overload. Oh, yes. That's delicious. The fish, again, is so fresh. It's, it's so lightly flavorful And this is called kampung ayam, which is like a village running chicken, steamed, with a ginger sauce on the side. Dip it into the ginger sauce. Oh, that looks incredible. Mmm, oh yeah. That is incredibly good. Oh, the chicken has the perfect texture, that running texture, slightly chewy but full of flavor. And you can taste the sesame oil in there and that ginger sauce. The oils have come out. Mmm. Oh, the chicken is incredible. with the ginger sauce. stir fried with sambal. Mmm, mmm. Always one of the best dishes to order, You taste the shrimpiness of it, in that vegetable as well. There's always a massive chunk of meat Look at that. Rehydrate it a little bit. This is a move I just cannot resist doing, the rehydration move. Yes. (chuckles) in front of us, the steamed fish head, That's a lot of meat on there. That was so easy. It went down so easily. It was so like just refreshing, Again, as you can see, This was not a curry. And again, I just cannot emphasize what a joy it is to eat in Malaysia that make up Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. This has been a joyous day of eating fish heads in Kuala Lumpur. This was not a comparison video. I had no intention to tell you and they're all so incredibly good. and to check out some of these, So I will have all of the information or spread them out between days. Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you. And also, click the little bell icon Thanks again for watching. Goodbye from Kuala Lumpur. See you on the next video.
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