Gordon Astonished By Head Chef Who Can't Cook Meatballs | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-10
  • [Music] Marie [Music] slowly why focus on one ticket at a time I think the customers want to pay the chef's I want to work slowly by to say something casimiro about ticket times he will just ignore me okay what trick is he working on now he's working on are you kidding me [Music] with chasm arrow working at his own pace looking hotter uphill the dining rooms patients so hungry it's being tested as food finally makes its way into the dining room customers find out it was definitely not worth the wait spinach ravioli Moscow Sedo what is done what the fuck have you done listen fucking donkey Daniels come in stop what are you doing [Music] [Music] put that down I'm fucking figured no this a fair way come on sweetheart I showed him how to cook one off my back turn to two minutes and that's why I've got burn shit stuck to Patterson he turned on to Danielle hold on I said to Danielle I've got I'm busy I can't watch my meatballs that's what I'm gonna work for what y'all can play on the meatballs you said it was like toasted on one side but not done yet ready how about telling you fucking chef now he's gonna set with me because I've caught him out when a guy can't make a meatball or even season one I'm sorry I'm really sorry and then when I watch a chef that cooks and sticks food up there holds it and we won't be talking homemade food we're talking bought in store bores my god it hurts okay you cookie stinking aptitude look at that a disgusting aptitude asked him to put his house in the fucking mix if his house was on the line it would be cooking like a fucking idiot now things it's funny you think it's funny yeah it's a joke what is what a day he's gonna cook get your head out of your ass do we have any more - spaghetti and meatballs do we have any more any more spaghetti meatballs or bullshit I feel like I don't know what I'm doing here maybe I have no idea how to run a restaurant maybe I don't [Music] Tatiana you're not just responsible for the dining mantener euros with a whole thing come outside [Music] what are you doing I've never seen anything so ridiculous understand there were these arms folded and give me shit on the back of screwing up something that I went out and bought half an hour before we open to trying to install a little bit of time be Cooke's one dash at a time a six top another dish you just sit there and you're scared of that better fuck do we go I've been this friend for 10 years I know I'm sorry okay right your kids so does your sister it's your fucking business honestly Italian cafe Wow you
  • Runtime: 05:03
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