R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee to Africa

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • The Breakfast Club well our Kelly studio was featured prominently on surviving our Kelly and the cops have paid a visit to the studio they didn't get any type of call or anything but they just I guess felt like they wanted to go pay to visit they said it looked like it was vacant but he did have a birthday party there on Tuesday by the way so our Kelly was celebrating his birthday his 52nd birthday on Tuesday now he's also currently being evicted from that music studio in Chicago on the west side they said he has two weeks to settle up on the money that he owes he owes about $80,000 Wow yeah he pays twenty two thousand month it's a 10-year lease that he has and I guess he's fell behind in some payments he rents it yeah they're trying to sell the building now too how could our Kelly celebrate a birthday at a time like this I don't know you know it seems like he's not all there so clearly something's off how many candles you didn't own his birthday cake I don't know I don't want to know all right sixteen now he's still getting booked for concerts after all of this but right now the only place that's really booking him is in Germany so they said the dates that he has booked there they were sailed in after surviving our Kelly aired now what he's doing there is tickets for one hundred and fifteen dollars and then if you want to do a meet and greet that's gonna cost you 355 in Germany so what's the legal age of consent in Germany I have no idea somebody looked at up producers Google vet all right now are Kelly they're saying may also be planning to flee to Africa according to reports there's some tips now that investigators are getting that that's his plan to flee the country so they want to make sure that they work really hard to are charging him with the crime to keep him here you think you're just gonna pull up to Johannesburg Nigeria and be welcomed with open arms they got they got the internet to they know what's going on I don't wanna go to jail he just probably get out there and get lower man you get his ass whipped now his brothers in Africa do that a would be that absolutely does anybody think that our Kelly is getting too much attention right now oh and fourteen years old is the legal age in Germany that's why he wants to be in Germany okay great now it all makes sense all right all right well future is promoting his album The Wizard and here's what he had to say about our Kelly getting too much attention who's that I thought we had forgot about that we giving it too much attention you know I'm saying what it is when you get things too much attention they blow up that's why he gonna blow it about his music gonna do it who cares what future has to say about our Kelly at a time like this I think people are wondering why his dreams have gone up the way that they have and it is because everyone's talking about him but we kind of have to right now because we want to make sure that a justice is served and more victims are coming forward and they wouldn't have if it wasn't for the documentary and they pulled this music off of radio stations now so yeah I mean here's the thing it's not about art Kelly I mean it is about our Kelly but it's not really about our Kelly this is an entry point to a broader conversation and that conversation should be about the abuse of women the abuse of young black girls that's the larger issue we should be talking about even more so than our Kelly because long after the hyperness dock dies down and people go on about their business even if art Kelly ends up locked up it's all Kelly's in every community so yes we need to speak up about this loudly to set a cultural standard that we won't stand for this is about all Kelly to because he needs to go to jail he needs to pay a lot of there's a lot of victims out there that need some healing and they want revenge he's just the entry point to a broader conversation very cocky about having gotten away with it I absolutely need to lock his ass up and then we need to start catching on everybody who's dating stuff like this is been happening in every community especially in the black community for a long time and we don't talk about it you know your uncle might be our Kelly all right well Michael Jackson there is the leaving and Neverland documentary and that's gonna premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year and in that documentary it reportedly accuses Michael of sexually abusing two young boys no Michael Jackson's estate is saying that those allegations are basically an attempt to exploit Michael when it premiered at Sundance they said this is yet another Larry production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson it's another rehash of dated and discredited allegations according to his estate they said it's baffling why any credible filmmaker would involve himself with this project I don't answer to that is easy I mean you know is this is still business at the end of the day and that our Kelly doc was grateful and you know this might be end up being a new lane and they gonna target people like the Michael Jackson's because they know all the noise that these these documentaries make on social media they're good for ratings I mean this is still the TV business and the film business at the end of the day and I'm not mad if it's as detailed as all Kelly story if it's as detail and they have the proof and they have the evidence with anybody that they do a documentary on that oculi they had people in our Kelly's camp talking about what they did wrong you know I mean if they have it that detail and that much proof then I'm all for it I know how to keep y'all gonna keep destiny manageable Michael Jackson if it's the detailed and he did the same thing yeah why not all right now Wendy Williams we thought she was gonna be back on the air on Monday well she has postponed for a second time when she's gonna return to her show now she says that panel will host in her absence she has to take some more time while Wendy Williams who's gonna host a panel Oh a panel yeah piano so I guess now it's coming back on the 21st so that's the plan right now according to the Jasmine brand okay I'm Angelique Jasmine right yes I mean oh no real quick if I'm not mistaken I think the two people would add that Michael Jackson's documentary is about if I'm not mistaken I could be wrong but I thought that they pled under oath that none of the stuff that they said Michael did was true correct that Wade Robson Wade Robson and James safe to save Chuck yes yeah Michael never did anything inappropriate to wear them and they are they said it's unclear who is the focus of the documentary but that's who the estate believes are the two people who said if it's proof like this all Kelly like it's foolproof evidence and all that then I'm gonna see any documentary but if it's not then I don't want to see yeah but they already plan on the oath that he didn't do anything so can you really take their work seriously not it Oh Plato but I don't wanna see that you know saying like come on man this is just this right this document is a Belize we don't know for sure well if it is to individuals and this is just a clear money grab that's all all right I'm Angela yeah and that's your rumour report [Music]
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