Gordon SHOCKED By How Dry The Chicken Is | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-19
  • right Mike how are you okay chef so orders come in where do the orders go the slips when the orders come they put them on a magnet on that I've been a frigerator chef so you just you just do you just stick them on that that's it yes yeah Wow this is just insane all right custom now this what we gonna do we don't get these orders out of here okay follow my lead okay no we're all doing our own ticket because we get confused when we share the same thing now do you do a ticket I'll do it we can't do the same ticket you know we gotta get to or ins out no carb down or they'd go out I've worked in quite a few restaurants I've never seen a restaurant run like this in my entire life the kitchen staff doesn't know how to run a kitchen and I don't think the Machine fully knows how to run a restaurant so the end result is just complete and utter chaos cap fizzes up Oh Lord somehow this disorganized kitchen has managed to get the food out unfortunately the customers are finding little to cheer about is everything okay possibility for five hours okay thanks he said the pork chops were overdone I mean that's just mine soul food will you sell down fucking death Road Buddha's not coming out right we need the food to get out of here let's go no what bullshit let's go Wow is so depressing damn I said Ju will you need a job on me like I'm broke the assets so cellphone right any reason why not interested well because there was no customers out here yeah she's right top don't give a fuck and they're always on the phone I walk out and you're on your phone oh she's talking about their kids yeah straight to the point okay so why do you think it's necessary to be on your phone in the middle of service I'm working I can see out the window somebody comes I can see them we see somebody you go over there and get up wow I can see out the window chef veggies have a window [Music] yes sir the chef in my hand + technique did you hear it yeah he came out he said uncle in your cell phone he said you just don't give a shit that's yes I do I said there's nobody second time on your phone right now this lady has got the world on her shoulders and the first thing she taught me this morning was the fact that staff are on the phone whilst the dining room is full and you've been on there twice now it's so unfair for you to be back on your phone I'm a volunteer this makes that very clear even if you volunteer you have to follow the rules I mean I'm I can't be up here to see what you guys are doing what are we going to do when I told to run imagine if we worry to help in the dining room I'd be happy to come back there's two people you have to leave the front it's what she wasn't here that is not true and that's bullshit that is bullshit come on home yes bye-bye if somebody need to be rung now yes you can she can do it just do it off I'm done pay me with chicken wings please just a minute let me get somebody reading you out bye this one says chef I can't be everywhere they know that to do that and they do it anyway you don't care they know better they know I tell them that all about can I get you guys some more sweet tape take it back yeah I'll get you guys okay hey guys oh no the chicken was dry oh my gosh chef Mike how old is that is that leftover from lunch yeah that's not tonight that's all sure how does she can get that dry guess what beam under light sir [Music] how about taste it's drop it is are you just fucking yourselves you don't need me to tell you now you're completely upside down you're serving lunch times chicken and it's true I who's paying for this Mike I do you have extra money to do this no I do not know Sarah and then it has to stop it really has to stop you all really have to learn the Polly instruction it's just that simple you gotta have that passion for the food you cannot continue to send food out like this cause it's my ass on the line my ass on the line nobody else the restaurant is falling apart I can't afford it this is my whole life you
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