"It Looks Like Something Out Of Harry Potter" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-01
  • how are you good to see Maria Maria huge how does he manage away I don't know how he does it but he's here 24/7 how many days a week is she here 3 3 right which lasts $19 this girl's take $23 so the crews got cheap is it no no and would you recommend oh I don't know I just never have it everybody you don't order your own food it's crazy I usually don't eat it tsoukalos because the prices are not affordable at all okay let's start off with the queso fundido yeah okay let's get one of those and the cochinita the chili runner and then look ahead take okay yep I think we're done thank you very much I guess please thank you this is for charity yes it's not a three-michelin-star restaurant I know that reasonable indeed oh but I'm hoping that Chef Ramsay taste our food and says it's not a lost cause you know that's all I can hope for it 125 in Mary Lou who does the prices directly yeah yeah $23 from Chinaman that's not shake here's the queso fundido and flour tortillas that you can wrap it up with greasy mess so full of one fill my heart was just squeezing Mary is that microwaves on that I don't know I'm done thank you no property let afford a heart attack okay thank you Terrence even no feel happy well it's not good now you put the cheese on the microwave yes here is the trillion budget ooh that is a braid weird-looking greener salty which is what is that so rubbery Jesus dreadful usually the cheese is melted inside but it's spongy and rubbery honestly ask dreadful Esther we show that to Mary as well please stop it special free air okay for whack prayer hey what if gets abrir it's similar to the queso fresco and it wasn't available so I couldn't get it I drink keep doing whatever he wants that's no Mexican you don't want to do it the same don't do it okay he favored chief every year three year they said it was watching three year agreement four year career something that that's a no mixing no that was dreadful this is the cookie meter the corn tortillas come to tears thank you why will you look what you need it's no seasoning because no it's all very yeah what is that's what we blend [Music] I think it is too dry it's very dry why so dry before I make the cochinita really good no I know that's what you made them yeah no never guys make them in our schedule yeah I think you need to go back in the kitchen unlike the kitchen in the way that's all this is she leave the floor is no for work I don't like the kitchen weaknesses to tiny kitchen and it's too hot do you see the kitchen too hot let me go and checking how you make a heavy exercise come on that's really dry that's it serious when you give to drive I do it exactly how she says every time I do it so if it's not working well then you come back here and do it that's no good what do you give it to Kim no don't check on your staff no don't check on your floor staff Mantha smoked out things coming up this much the least bluest stop this let's say you're a bat zero so far here we go Jesus Harry Potter no facial steam okay that's the Texas cheese Evie geez this only will taste the cactus well shall we there's your bit it's like eating the inside of a golf ball needs to be more code these be seasoned bland bitter they cook cactus like that in Mexico yeah the Mexican they shoot you for that it's like caca I feel a little angry and bias fresh trade hoping that Chef Ramsay tastes our food and says my name's needle
  • Runtime: 05:54
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  • Zegop Mcer

    Out of context Gordon told an immigrant to get back in the kitchen :/

  • freddy and foxy

    I will take that but if it great I will probably I will not take it because it expensive

  • Symbol Guy

    Molcajete is a mortar and pestle made of stone. It’s Mexican.

  • TheChosenOne

    How r they married with language barrier ? Im seeing someone with language barrier and its hard to communicate

  • marmite

    "I think you need to get back in the kitchen" ahhhhhh I see cause she's a woman 😂

  • Eric Rivera

    Well she's a mental genious. The kitchen is too hot?...duh.

  • Sherri H

    When they pause and then say “I don’t know...” They know.

  • Elizabeth Herrera

    If you open a Mexican Restaurant food, Hire Mexican cookers. We know what flavor must to be. And the way they served "molcajete" still boiling is the way to serve cause soup must be always hot before finish to eat.

  • Ash Archer

    Head in my hands when I saw the microwave... Also that wife has no clue and isn’t supportive at all

  • Jesus Ramirez

    Should of known that place was 💩 when y’all saw the white man as the chef, they dont even season they chicken. What makes y’all think they know anything about Mexican food 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kid Perfect

    How does he know what an Inside of a golf ball tastes like