Gordon Ramsay Served 'Lasagne With PINK SAUCE' | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-03
  • [Music] thank you very much my name is Genevieve and I'm gonna be your server with anything let's go right I start off with the toasted ravioli the fluted and maja me the lasagna it's not your typical is on it so be pay for something different [Music] which means something different save it save it save it absolutely we're in California so why not Sam chicken good sir and who makes the bread custom you know our head chef yeah thank you [Music] red stressful doble wet soggy horrible dough dad do it I see meadow toasted ravioli on a Chef Ramsay hm I don't like any of the food so I really don't think that he will either Jolyon thank you very much well well well well which pits the toasted bit yeah I've never had recommended the ravioli I mean their rule yeah a lot of people don't like that they're either really raw or they're just like cardboard I mean they have dangerous she Tatiana - she's in addition we are still taste one tomato and their eventual eighty-six them toasted ravioli raining yeah it sounds like the owners are toasted and agree with them in 86 I can't take three back there none of us can take three about there that's not how it's used to go you supposed to go straight to the chef and say this is wrong one of the crew did about it bizarre looking for Damari okay great thank you my dying passive must spy overcooked strands of mantra is that much relevant underfoot that about it and then the pasta it's just mush so it's almost like it's can't taste and the shrimp's this one's a way of Lakota not great strange yeah this is been going on for like a month or two now he's just been sitting out a bad trip and we don't know why geneviève doesn't shut up and you know tell the chef well I can't take complaints to the chef the lasagna is vile it's embarrassing to serve that Chef Ramsay what's in the sauce why is it that color it's pink that pink sauce will loose onions is it his own recipe yes it is the sauce taste Assad and the mouthful I had was and stone cold it's hot once I told the other is that microwaves it might be don't don't answer a question you don't know Oh Wow right is it problem of these microwave it feels like that microwaves on the blink yes it is well when a restaurant can't get food microwave properly my all-time mayor let me answer his questions still there's always hope for the pizza nothing like that all right you can win them over with the [Music] pizza garlic chicken god I hope you like something sorry [Music] so Freddie so doughy and call this raw pastry underneath there he does like the pizza it resembles nothing homemade oh my god we've got a pizza first come out of the oven that feels like something that's being frozen [Music] he hates our pizza that's our pizza Oh is it that bad Chuck yeah it's not funny I don't know what the giggles on the laughing about but the dishes have been dreadful okay trying not to cry but he's gonna come after me I can feel it oh my god [Music] needle you
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