• Published on: 2018-09-18
  • can we do one of my intro ideas I've been like thinking about it for a really long time now EMF yeah of course taste so I was thinking what if we do like this slow like crop and then we just say back all right so let's give it a try yeah get ready here we go ready back oh yeah no no you have to see it at the same times me yeah well let me just say we're bad cuz it's better this way that is makes it makes everything back that is what back of what your back my back are we just not gonna film things we're not funny dude what are you talking about freaking hilarious right now haven't we do a different engine for the first time that is a good idea that's what I'm saying that's what we're just gonna say back with something a little bit more creative they just cut your intro in half I know here we already okay the crop thing ready bad dude it did it we did it we got it we did what's up guys you're watching all right let's do great idea what's up guys I'm Gracie I'm even one of the Dillon twins and you're watching all these guys we're making a video right now it's called doing things what are we calling it we're doing things for the first segment I'm a little bit this is a little bit nervous for me so we filmed the video called the same thing that this is called it was my first time basically it was notice called our first time just like this one alright whatever it was go off first time and we were just talking about the first time we did a bunch of like like having a kiss with someone having a kiss making kiss with some we are making a better V we are making out for the first no not I mean you what do not mean here you look nervous now you can be a little bit nervous you have nervous now whatever alright we're doing stuff for the first time we're actually gonna do it yeah we're gonna have sex for the first time be quick because yep just say it like that because we don't look like Han a little that's awful because we don't live the lifestyle in which we would be doing these things we haven't done yeah the first thing that we're doing is becoming dog owners and I'm really excited about this because egg racing is I'm really excited and then we put a wolf there okay so I'm really excited about this because a I've never even touched a dog really before because I'm gently allergic you have touched a dog okay but then I almost died after yeah I don't know why I'm excited because I'm really allergic to dogs I get I get asthma you guys get really itchy puffy and they get hives sometimes get hives on my eyes and any nose you tell stuff so I can't breathe out of my mouth my nose and then he does that see let me talk that keep sneezing like a lot and then he does that wheeze very very good you know that one we're not actually gonna hold a dog were borrowing our friend's dog and his name is Dylan Dylan apparently is just a puppy he's only a couple months old and he's not potty-trained and a friend told us he was an ass but he's cute so doesn't matter we're gonna go own him for the time being for them okay so ready go be dog owners for the first time Grayson might die so let's bring the let's bring the epinephrine was it we might be pay okay so we're on the way to get Dylan and we had a borrow a friend's car because we was one of our cars Gracie would never be allowed in it ever again because he'll be dog hair I got only allergic to dog hair I'm allergic to dander and saliva everything that comes off of a dog I can ever kiss or hug a dog it's so sad I'll see some tweets sometimes like that really popular and they're like if you ever think your life is shit remember that there's some people out there will allergic to dogs so yeah it's me I guess you're like really issue they all I want to do is hug a fluffy dog I'm gonna take this allergy pill right now it's that serious alright guys we are at Dylan's right now and he's being given to us hey guys this is doing I think he likes Grayson more than me right yeah I think deal actually likes me hey oh he's a good oh I don't know I don't really know how to do this to be honest he's like a hairball I'm Ethan it's nice to meet you what's up Dell I'm Grayson we got your pee pads and you're ours for the day let's go do some activity let's go on an adventure today we're going to be giving him his first hike we're not gonna give them I agree to take him on a hike I don't know how dogs working I think that's just English bad at this hope it does you'll to be pads all home Phil come on Dylan we're gonna show you the world going can this make juice he doesn't know his name yet but I think is universal for dogs I just pick up on oh I guess so hope I'm holding him right I don't wanna look like an idiot do dogs eat car seats Grayson that's like cute that's a human thing I think we're good no one has a lot of energy I think we need to go expend some energy with Dylan please no no no it's a people I don't know what people is on the pad put them on the pad I don't think yeah Graham getting a little covered in dog here so uh it might not be a great day for you you good ah that's the first one also when I Steve allergies not the regular season it's a good I mean I think that's just you Grayson we've heard you know not gonna lie for a lot of not so great things about Dylan's behavior but he's disproving all of them so far but he's making little good noise dogs just pant that's a good thing they don't dogs have to breathe more because they're smaller Grayson what we don't know about dogs we're here before going on the hike is important to hydrate and I would assume that Dylan's gonna get thirsty too I'll be willing to sacrifice some of my water for you how do you forget he gave a tough one I think you put it in your hand then he drinks out of it right drink the water Dylan no no out of his hand good dog good good boy yeah good he's a job Dylan he's gonna ask some our dog good boy all right we're all hydrated and we're ready to hike uh-oh don't seize other dogs other dogs I don't know did you block his view I don't know wouldn't be for something what would it be I don't know real heart let's go for it let's go it's telling you let me take them afraid of him with other don't come with me you're doing come on Jill you got it block the cactus walk down this way no he's laying down Kristen you're really cruising you bad yeah he's listening to us yeah but at least he likes a rock I feel so good showing him the world right now Jillian put a proud father dog daddy yes yes do that touch the leash Grayson by myself ready you run let's go let's run running you run ready no Dylan rushed we destroy that I run Grayson amazing at this high that's good alright so we're gonna just like sit here and wait until II like pees so that it doesn't pee on us in the car Dillon be doing dude if we teach them how to pee right now oh we need to own it dog training facility yeah we didn't even open clean it up into dog training facility we teach them how to pee right now holy oh you just poop oh yeah that's we kind of kind of worked but we don't we have to pick that up guys I can't we just taught him how to go to the bathroom right now but the thing is we just potty trained in but listen we just potty trained a dog all right but listen to me I think we have to pick this up though yeah you do it's illegal what the fuck do I pick you up with you know to work chopstick why won't you do it you know you use chopsticks Julie this yeah do it or I'll get the small one there you go that worked hey through your nugget off the cliff that's disgusting don't ever say that again oh we did it we did it you didn't you shrimp I he did I think Dylan wants to leave what's that there yeah [Music] fill and sit what did I just tell me sit sit sit we just did you want to sit guys you didn't know how to sit he literally didn't know anything don't sit good good boy give me paw yeah it's not gonna work maybe we'll teach him later I think we need treats for that though chariot Dylan some treats probably what's a pijl twist we'll take a good treat are these treats I'm gonna get on these little treats I'm gonna teach him some tricks got you some muddy bones biscuits carob and roasted peanuts sound appetizing we're gonna head back and teach doing some tricks cuz that's what dog owners do your dog can't do tricks if you want a dog they can't do tricks do you really own a dog now it's time to teach doing some tricks shit fucking ball Oh No don't bite me although it's not Isis Paul me Paul alright this until I get a treat it's a little bit harder than I thought it would be roll those although I'm gonna roll over roll over they're like roll over roll over roll over ah what happened you'd be glitched out all right should I show all dogs yeah I'm gonna do it I'll do it right you sit I sit roll over now you do how you do it roll over roll over just like that I just did it for you down good roll over roll over roll over roll over do it roll over do it do it roll over you learned now how to do it all right Dylan roll over roll over roll over yeah it's not gonna work you only did for me watch it's right don't kick right don't sit done that is fucking idiot oh yes I probably what you give me because doing that I roll over I want to see if you can catch the Treat in your mouth oh yes let's do it all right Dylan Dylan sit still it's it now look at me I got the tree right here I'm gonna throw it up and you're gonna catch it I'm gonna throw it are you gonna catch it okay ready don't sit the one two three can we return them I don't know dude okay be us has to be built yeah she takes some pictures for Instagram likes with them yes yeah see that doing the piss oh my god I think so oh yeah it is hurry up Brett gets a leading it up dude I'm not how do I clean it up what am I here brutalus paper towels it's already seeping in the road do you got some sparkling water to put on after oh now I know what you have bad reviews you got a bad reputation around here Dylan we love you but you're going home okay no yes he is I can't do this and you gotta kind of sad how could we return him right now he's so adorable we have to say goodbye to Dylan Dylan we love you sad to say goodbye Ellen but me and Grayson have to go do some more stuff for the first time by doing alright guys so we just owned the dog not really but we did in the video but not realized yet because we just we filmed this before we feel mad I think this one is the one that I'm most nervous for I don't know why I'm nervous Gracie that I are gonna be wearing makeup in public for the first time and we're gonna be going in public all glammed out and just see do we actually get from people and ourselves I guess it's to it I'm kind of nervous really why are you blogging now yeah well happy for this part of the videos even how are you going I'm really nervous not gonna lie I don't dude I just like they're just gonna be mean graceful fucking makeup on like also I'm freaking blog camera why you don't get it you were born a makeup guru no well I don't know I just like it's not really my lifestyle you know I just never felt uneasy but oh I want to wear makeup I just feel like it's public and convenient anything coming it well Grayson looking kind of we can get a great good prize I also think that people will give those pictures I need to get up you're gonna think there's like it's serious and I'm changing my lifestyle and like wearing makeup all the time Wow look at that damn I agree I'm not gonna film your makeup process any longer I'm gonna wait for a final reveal when you're pissing myself when you're nice and glam and you're done alrighty Europe beat my face is there Carlo a rough with this room that it's kind of fun violating yeah she can be shining shimmering oh that looks so pretty I love myself I'm gonna put a little shine effect on it was a little sound effect you know really they're on it not kind of ugly well this is what we look like now I do not feel like myself James you did a great job I don't feel like me right now dude I'm so nervous I don't know why why am I so nervous I don't know a hard we're seven out of the box because it is our first time I'm sorry let's go get something to eat here we are we're in public we're doing it more eyes around us like literally everyone promised is staring at us thank you they probably are my lips really drying out there getting crusty jewel is just getting crusty to play lick them I don't know I don't have to do I don't either normally we look my lips right now I do that I have to reenact this I just got by far the weirdest look I've ever gotten its entire lightly so this is what just happened I think what I just experienced just then was something that I was afraid of happening to this video and that's why I was nervous about it but now that it happened it like wasn't scary at all and it was kind of just showing that like you know it's kind of a personal problem for that guy I'm having a great time just completely share that still getting stared at and still getting stared at okay also my nose is getting running so I don't know what to do about that what do I have to blow my nose like every five minutes of my life this is how I I made a sort of walking through this tunnel thing and like no joke doesn't move out of our way I guess we're some kind of boss as business grow kind of what I feel like yeah yeah we have makeup on okay yeah did you like you know it was us right away yeah horses good meeting you now like all of social media is gonna see us like this in public we're pulling up at the restaurant and this place is really popping right now Grayson is nervous he doesn't want to go he said there's too many people yeah all right so this place is so packed as you can tell and the make-up lighting is kind of good kind of fresh wait there's a certain way to sip water when you're in full glam I don't know I don't know how to do it don't mess up your lipstick you have the users bitch it's a good dog you gotta use a scoop the one over your tongue using the straw use your tongue they're new this man is staring at us others taking pictures bracing they're taking pictures of us you know luckily they know us look I know they definitely don't know who we are back to my tutorial thank you how do I eat now we figured out how to drink but don't want to lipstick all over my wall do beauty tutorial on how to eat with lipstick on step 1 open otherwise you get set to 6 putting your back please it's time to go someone more public more public if you challenge yourself to express yourself then you will be happy with yourself and that's the t6 this is actually building my confidence no notion yeah no both feet silly this is something that I was really nervous to do but after like sitting back and analyzing like what it really is I feel like I can do anything yeah it's like hey sorry it's really pretty alright nobody's had to talk about being confident and everything but I'm kind of nervous now that I've been like in the car for a while to go back out in public yeah get my confidence gonna wore off a little bit who cares what they think true yeah it just feels surreal look at you what do we care honestly think about it Grayson what do we care the girl over there was like looking at us didn't she notice us and then she was like I looked away she's kind of confused I would be confused too hi guys yeah did you guys notice this with the makeup on we're making a video right now yeah yeah you're in it did you guys notice what's it like to catch you off guard a little bit no really that's that's cool oh I'm getting more love than I ever would have if I wasn't wearing honestly that's true how much they keep forgetting that I look like this me too someone just told me I look pretty me too okay yeah definitely in public my highlights probably popping this like ocean let's see yeah there it is come up come on hurry up thank you hi your mom and we have makeup we have makeup on dude honestly like this is a great experience we've had a great I think our days doing better because we had a megaphone that's honestly true everyone's shown a lot of love pirates so we're headed out so I guess like the last thing we do is just go get makeup wipes might this stuff off so doing these first things I just for the one first time that was like oh wow that's a lot it's a lot yeah oh I smudge it all over my face a little easier right now honestly I think I was a little bit nervous for no reason also though it does take look at my confidence oh wow whether you walk tour guide does attract a lot of attention we have a blog post staring at us a little talking to you wants to take more sweet things now which is awesome what are you dog Wow Oh dogs it's a lot of good shine and makeup is a lot of work it's like an hour and a half every single more like having a child but the things that like you kind of feel accomplished after you know like you accomplished that right want to do it again no no probably not probably either definitely probably not but was it good experience yeah always put yourself out there do some new things fun you'll never know what you might learn you're growing as a human being okay this is behind me way to informational I think that we should just write you an app show okay bye alright that was it for this week's video thank you guys for watching we filmed this way before it film anything so this is the outro but we film this first so bye if you guys leave this week's video please leave a thumbs up this was our first time doing these things and it was very interesting to do wait it was our first time yeah cool it's pretty bad joke for you I think we should just end the video and probably shit alright guys thank you for watching FW it and suppose you know that you might say with all right dude I was testing you I tricked you hide your same feeling really student you think we're being really goofy times young to let you handle this piece sorry what you may be just so awkward it's not why I'm just saying peace I don't know it's feel awkward for the first time for the first time you okay [Music] [Applause] for the first time yeah oh damn Julie awkward for the first time all right what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those head cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's so good merge super
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