Nino's Gets A Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2019-01-05
  • good morning good morning Ramsey are you excited yes Elad right take off your blindfolds unbelievable are we Andy knows I know there's a sign that says he knows welcome to the Uni nose I love the light I love it maked we got rid of the drab round color and we lighted the walls up yeah thank God yes sir yeah John are the fiancée bottles cluttering the ceiling and gathering dust now we have brand new light fixtures made from old Apple baskets I'm speechless seeing all of this it's very crisp and clean looking welcome my god I love this first of all we have be cluttered this room painted it fresh and these beauties here are hand made family tables finger would you think this is the greatest thing because this reminds me of Germany the people they all sit on tables together and they have a wonderful time I think it looks great we had old Nino's for 54 years it was time to freshen it up I think mr. change we can be here for many more years oh you kept our old picture of course I did you like it darling I do know don't get upset come on so grateful I'm happy yep so happy I'm so thankful to you please this is like a dream come true I don't know how to thank you full back in love this amazing restaurants definitely I'm speechless I'm really really great thank you thank you Gert to match the new contemporary design of the restaurant take one menu impossible openings Chef Ramsay has created a rustic menu to complement it it looks delicious it looks like it should be in a painting very now enjoy the food its relaunch night and Chef Ramsay has a new important job for Nino running the kitchen you ready yes sir you gonna be expediting absolutely and stay on top of it we are not gonna argue in front of the team yes yes this is it hi welcome on a rainy summer night yeah I love it 15 at this point it's time to step up and finally convince Chef Ramsay that I can do this job that I can expedite okay deals up chef with me know managing the kitchen here we go BAM masa food is coming out at a steady pace we have a bo but as more orders come in they're gonna okay we need to slow it up back out there Nino is starting to get overwhelmed is that another one yeah we know is that right somebody having a minestrone for an entree yes it is you sure yes but how can it be five entrees all I want to do is make sure we check in what are we don't screw the kitchen well I can I can check back he's at Table twelve he'll be right back let's go he knows started getting backed up and overwhelmed so I would do everything I could to stop it that just disappeared oh they want all this at the same time okay actually Mike I got this under control I need a margarita pizza Valentino and a cheese tortellini hold on looks like it Mike just kind of asserted himself into the line and and I can see that's gonna be very combative I feel like this you know a war brewing at the pickup window we're really falling behind excuse me I can't see your stomach what cables this lasagna you know please don't sleep on the counters stand up like this I can't see the checks you know please just stop being anger yeah yeah right I need a calamari appetizer he's gonna Beall we got to give me table numbers man sorry really do we got out now you're flailing on table 12 okay take this bigger Table five cavatelli spaghetti meatballs I need a calamari pick up appetizer and a minister named don't talk to me like that or we'll come back there and have a nice talk you got it you talking like a good he's won out the door you
  • Runtime: 05:22
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