Owner Gets Caught RED-HANDED Lying To Ramsay | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • I think it may be you know like nothing he's a cop cop oh man I stand by my food on a personal level like you little brother I just feel so sorry for you right now I am certainly not on Chef Ramsay's level but I think that what we have on the menu is good solid quality food let's go through a big way yeah right okay here's the thing the foods below par I don't know where to start the queso fundido that was hideous did you microwave it we do para microwave it I mean it's when you microwave that cheese all the fat comes out twice as fast it becomes like an all thick on top which is a disgusting the culture neater people drive the cactus plant the chili who I know about that the cheese inside there was where was there a kiss of for arrow I certainly wasn't worth the price let me tell you I felt almost like I was being robbed you put your neck in the news when you're charging 23 and a half dollars for that oh absolutely I wouldn't hey I've told her I didn't come up with the prices on ottoman you don't come over the prices you told me Greg does does the places yeah yeah that's not funny Mary I didn't change the prices on this menu sometimes do you say great what is it guess what you want oh I don't know much it is but I don't tell you I did not make a case of fundido 1095 I said why are you raising the prices I think that's ridiculous I do say to me that is too expensive he didn't consult with me on the prices on this price change it did not consult who raised the prices see you yeah I did it you've got a big issue I'm sorry it's just a way of driving more customers away from the business lemme finish stop it you can't okay Vinnie finish you can't chase revenues by increasing the crisis now you think it is my fault lightly come on guys let me finish my name's needle
  • Runtime: 02:41
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