Gordon Ramsay Has Enough & FIRES CHEF MIKE | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-10-31
  • but is that what you really wants is that what you do I don't really want that no what the fuck are we doing we didn't do this in the beginning all this argument has brought our restaurant down and brought our relationship to a halt this fight team has got to stop yes this is insane he has to commit to getting in here earlier and you have to stop beating him with a stick I think you wanna make their dog wipe the board clean are you willing to change I am willing to change just not today stop right now I'll stir it all over again like it's the first day [Music] [Music] people to the subpoena if my son can change I think I gotta be the most happiest we've forgotten the importance and the advantage of having a family-run restaurant because when it works brilliantly it's amazing and we have to get back and it's not only getting better unless you change all three of you okay I got my mom and aunt back I really love both of them you know what I'm saying I don't like to argue even with them I love my aunt like she is my mom now that the family has made a commitment to work together as opposed to fighting each other right I just need all of you for two minutes outside please Chef Ramsay has made a commitment of his own that he hopes will have a major impact on the dining experience at El Greco they're gonna run us over a car man it's a firing squad I have fixed the problem in a restaurant I'd ran over everybody chef Mike you've been so busy it's time that you took a little vacation [Music] what's going on I don't know hey guys I've got something to to show you it's time to say goodbye to a very busy chef Mike chef Mike it was good knowing you but we're better off without you chef Mike nice shot has left the building a beginning of a new era yes sir because we are relaunching this restaurant tomorrow and you do not need a microwave to cook in your restaurants you know it's a family business by losing my passion I've heard the restaurant hurt my employees I hurt my customers and I need to get back to the basics and cook food the way it needs to be cooked and that's what I'm gonna do with a microwave no longer the essential piece of equipment in the kitchen Chef Ramsay begins to put his plan into effect cooking fresh Greek food grilled salmon nicely seasoned salt pepper okay extra such a salt on the skin and getting Jake passionate about cooking again nice imam poor way around literally nine seconds on each side yeah i'm not in here to precooked food i'm here to cook it that's why I went to school that's why I'm in here we'll take a spoon of to Zeke just on the plate the salmon sits on there that's beautiful Jake special my fingers coming back for cooking I think they're gonna have my son back now I'm starting this really good wonderful I'm excited for Jake and Athena I feel a huge weight has been lifted here I feel like I can actually be a chef now thank you sir you
  • Runtime: 04:26
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