• Published on: 2018-12-22
  • where'd say if they had this whole video Ethan alright you're wearing the very important that Yoshi all right easy enough I guess first of all read it I'm the VI e in here that's not a very good flex Grayson what's up guys we're back and what about the mukbang all of this Christmas delish did you just yes right but as you can tell there's a huge empty space right Brooks it's a huge empty space I'm down it's empty there's a big gap right in front of us and that is why we're making a Rice Krispies tree get it like tree but it strains you guys you guys find out rice krispies treats aren't like Rice Krispies but they're like marshmallow like they like hardened it really taste they taste really good your Hardy taste what they are rice krispies with marshmallow and they're delicious so we're basically going to make a giant Christmas tree out of them for our mukbang it's gonna be a beautiful Christmas tree then we're gonna eat it from the top to the bottom like that it's gonna really get a replay on that and show how we're gonna eat that top to the bottom it's exactly how we're gonna do it it's gonna be so global replay actually awesome also I got cut by a candy cane didn't know that was possible we're doing well yeah I say we get started with this Christmas tree so we need one tablespoon of butter I need directions yeah it's just four tablespoons of butter we can't use regular butter because Ethan is dairy-free guys I'm dairy-free that's fun come on we're double the recipe so we got there's one two three four one two three four this is this is two this is eight tablespoons of butter this is perfect and we need two paths and we need 12 cups of rice krispies you know what's the most annoying voice you know we can't ever do in the world what just flip something up say something then grab in the air hey let's get cooking let's make this rice krispies you can't believe let's make this Rice Krispies oh come on get a cup we need a measuring cup for this what do you need a measuring cup for then watch Krispies sprout just dump it wait I forgot to do something the more the bigger the TV is more Rice Krispies a big on food I don't want to get it on me you don't get the knockers for this Adrienne good oh we need the we need a measuring cup we don't have a cup wrap just give me this give me this thing honestly what dump four cups into this one cup see where it feels up to it that's one cup like that area she's my hand it's clean now you're touching the bar seguir and you can wash her hair I don't told you I washed them they look relatively clean dude I think I think it's fine yeah it is fuck we had a wooden spoon there's no what I use this on my hand probably what did is he burning me until I leaked it off there's good spoons oh no sup yeah you know great something to say your health anymore [Music] 18 cups yeah yeah that's - we need food colors oh yeah we do okay put it in not too much right oh that's so nice eight cups don't slow down slow down slow down trust me trust me slow down you ruin it I said slow down it's fine speed up no this is all like tensed up don't crunch them my guys subscribe for Grayson's wrist it's all crunched up it's not crunched up that's intense stuff that I said cups and you said crunch does Gracie's got a crunched up wrist you'd get a little wrist action get with that Mouse and subscribe or your phone or or your finger cuz it's your phone take four seconds right now to subscribe alright thank you for subscribing appreciate it this is so sad we should go anyway we should get this in slow-mo ready like a real sexy slow-mo go wait we're just moving in slow mo we're not actually putting in some what are we doing like butter like butter we can spray it on our hands alright you do that part now give me your hands no no no you got it no give me your hands mmm dude I got a Kong it'll bleed in it oh yeah that's disgusting the calendar yeah is it sticky enough I think it gets as it gets harder gets stickier Italy makes sticky when it's hard that's disgusting see octrees why would you touch the bottom of the pan I dunno what's coming up yet third degree burns for Christmas is here and you're cleaning the floor oh you're doing that you're the elf no you're gonna be out the code yourself yellow elves make toys it'll clean the floor do you say nothing gets done around here the and the pores are clean so I don't know that's being done dude this is so hot what did you do he was but how did you break the spoons fine dude it's fine we don't need the spoon I need the pan did you eat it you know spit no nothing not saliva loves to talk about the food oh yeah oh yeah okay so right now we're gonna let our tree sit out when it cools down it's gonna solidify and the tree will will stay just like this it'll hold its warm and then we're to plant it why are you probably honest at what we're talking I'm going to plant it on its stem and then we're gonna like mukbang it pretty much you go gay bro I let me put in the fridge Christmas tree all rice krispies tree alright so basically we haven't eaten all day in preparation for this mukbang that we're about to do we got some red velvet cupcakes we got some cookies we got some we got a huge what is called soon we had a huge cinnamon roll with a bunch of little cute cinnamon rolls around it we got all rice krispies treat with some coconut cookies around them and then we got this little cookie assortment tray this cookie assortment tray this candy cane on cuff we have a bunch of treats here and all of which I can't eat besides like - because I'm dairy-free we got gingerbread men all right I'm sorry let's get some milk in breath or as you get to banging who knows let's just do it either one you shouldn't say it can you pour me some sir yes yes I can this in fact is almond milk so I can have it thank you what are we gonna talk about uh we can talk about you know quite a few things should we show that answers all my questions alright you know sweetie your cinnamon buns yeah I don't know where to put my freaking bug just hold it put this on the ground Oh okay we choosing cinnamon buns that was I can't have cinnamon buns brother not dairy-free I'll do one of these all right let you know these are these are coconut guys let's smash buns I hate you chewing in my ear why did I decide to do why did I agree to do this video shot Megan alright topic number one should we dive right into the Christmas stuff alright so I had my mom send us our old Christmas lists the list that we wrote to Santa with all the things that we wanted she texted me pictures of our lists from when we were like five and older as you get tip off the tree just right guys it's tree tasting time hi guys please review it trees good 114 trees 116 trees that's really just a lot of trees bro this is literally your first Christmas list and you probably wrote it in school and it was probably typed up by teachers I want to ask early on in the video so you guys know and we're held to it do it build some like not suppose some tea but be really truthful better a lot of like things that we've never talked about before in this video let's do that okay this is awesome first grade and this is Ethan's Christmas list you want to read it dear Santa Claus may I have a motorized scooter and can I have a remote-control airplane a remote-controlled dog that barks and walks a hippity hop I cross that out whatever the that is a new video game laser tag that's pretty lit Christmas list I really want to know what a hippie op is though this is another thing you ruined first fig you wanna read it it's about Christmas all right here we go here's a webkinz dude the oh geez we'll know hey webkinz a drum set that is dark yellow dude I love it you have that no that's so weird but I just got a yellow drum set this year wondering I wouldn't really well we got anything subconsciously knowing that we want a little maybe that's what happened a tweet if I don't get a motorized scooter can I have a motorized scooter what they have fight we have that net we had that now I'm gonna have that also a GI Joe a video game and a video gamer Mookie Oh a video camera goes into making videos cuz we started making videos when were like seven I look camera got the video camera for Christmas - maybe it was ours too cheesy usually because we were too dumb to use it a cell phone what how do a cell phone was 2005 why don't the ideas for the SD l LFO any and it's a Magic Cora I think cards okay so now I'm finding my first Christmas list dear Santa this is what I want for Christmas grayson dolan at the top in cursive don't get it twisted won a big Bakugan oh my god comment down below cuz dude i don't care who you are dad take over our lives that it's a little kooky mumbled and not pokemons they're not cooking in the back of your honor Bakugan and they would pop open and doing magnet you put him on a magnet they pop open but they're little balls those were sick all right a big Bakugan a purple Bakugan okay a bigger Nutcracker then last year if you didn't know I collect nutcrackers I love them I don't know why - the one thing I decided to click alright I can't find the list I don't know where it is but all I know is one year I remember I asked for a hairless and spitless dog how sad is that spitless because I'm allergic to dog hair dog saliva but no effects just no effects I love dogs but you should imagine what a hairless in spitless dog would look like would you really want that alright what's next we talked about some of our hobbies there naturally as we read those lists which was fun yeah let's get wheel alright so we're having a conversation with a friend the other day about what pisses us off the most about like social media and everything why we're just gonna jump into this because Browns muffin you get real all right cool all right we're getting real that way we're gonna get a get real like to get really graphic I hate when people just copy other people so blatantly and don't credit you don't admit that's bad but that's their copy people like dude like it's so bad I don't know I've just been seen a lot of it lately and it's just like really really getting on my nerves if you admire someone's work and what they do and their creativity and everything you think people are talented I think you should like let them know publicly don't have an ego and like just copy them and not say anything about it it's basically plagiarism and I get you do is huge there's billions of users on here probably the same gets made and that's fine go like I'm talking about like if someone makes a joke about their personal life and someone copies that and like they're like it's weird yeah it's weird but it's not us I see other people getting copy we don't really get copied on to the next thing this leads me to is like something that not a lot of people know like it's kind of just in the Hollywood LA area that happens a lot is that everyone out here pretty much knows each other everyone is like kind of seeing dudes if you have if your job is to do social media make you do videos or Instagram pictures or whatever it is you're on there all day we know that everyone kind of is and you see if you're not you're not really doing your job exactly so you do see a lot of people it's so weird to me when people meet and it's become when I first moved here I would go up to people and I'd be like yo what's up like I really love your videos and all that air in my mouth sorry sorry but like you'll meet someone and like two youtubers sending me they clearly know each other because they're doing the same thing every single day of their life they seen each other around and then they'll act like they don't know who you are or they won't know like who they are in real life I've like been followed and the end and something that my people and then I meet them real life and they like at that point it's like oh what's up how are you it's not like oh like what's your like what's your name that's weird 20:19 my Christmas wish would you speak for everyone realize that they're human and like stop acting like having followers makes you better than somebody else because it doesn't and I feel like we talked about this in the last month but I'm gonna say it again retweet yeah having our old friendships why we why we don't address like that basically you guys old friendships are old friendships for reasons you don't have to stay friends with everybody who have been friends with a girl entire life sometimes people just have different you know people are in different frames of mind at different times and it just doesn't match do you meet people and you think there's a certain a certain way and then they end up not being that way it's also part of growing people grow apart and get treat when he grows it goes up and then it branches out and go separate ways it feels my therapist right now I just thought of another sentence part was it was pretty cool it just Riverfest we do here yeah really yep no its life just because someone is viewed by millions of people often doesn't mean they don't have a similar life to everybody else in this world in this world everything is relative everyone experiences the same levels of stress in different ways like you right now could be equally as stressed out as like a final or midterm I don't know what what what test it is as I could be about like editing a video and getting it up because I like I want everyone to be happy and something that like ever the stress level is all the same and it's in is relative and that's why I know that I am no greater than anybody else who watches my videos who doesn't watch my videos hates me who loves me like we're all the same and we're all equal and we're all in the same level on that no I'm gonna eat a sprinkle hope they're dairy-free are they are sprinkles Gary - yeah I'll talk about how thankful we are my family and my friends this Christmas season like is the first time that I'm I'm an adult I mean I felt like and everyone feels like they're an adult since they're like 13 legally technically an adult I'm looking at Christmas a little bit differently and like what it means to give back I think that giving is one of the greatest things in the world like as I was gift shopping for my friends and my family this year it like made me realize how much they all meant to me I would literally do anything for them I would spend whatever for them I would give them like any because of like how much I really love them and the same for you guys I hope you know that it was the best Christmas gift you've ever received best Christmas gift I ever received the GameCube something about what your eyeball my eyeball dude I asked for the weirdest as a kid this is not that deep I asked for a human eyeball you know there's things in a science class where it's going higher ball and you like T it's a it's like ceramic and you like you think it apart like see all that differently the cornea and like whatever iris you um yeah smart yes Marty I remember yeah I love that thing I would like to take apart the eyeball we'll get it my favorite gift I've ever gotten I don't even know it's kind of like a podcast isn't it did you see the spring I'm just eating spruce I can't eat anything else I'm full I barely anything but sweets fill you up so they really do yeah by the way we're having a Christmas party and then whatever doesn't get used like Ian we are going to give the people that uh that are in need of a little like food it helps Oh some sweet well some for the holidays we're gonna give back to the community all right don't worry none of this food is going to win my favorite holiday and Christmas gift ever was Keeley's Healy's dude I wouldn't put my Haley's on hold my tackle box and my fishing pole and healy down my hill to the lake and then one time I fell in the lake with my heels on almost drown and I had to save him he almost died my Savior Santa okay last thing we're gonna talk about what is your favorite holiday gift you've ever gotten anyone honestly this year all the gifts that I have our fire I think the best gift I've ever gotten you for a holiday is the gift I'm giving you this year in a couple days on this channel I'm not kidding I'm not kidding little if you don't get me something good get away it's shitty ass brother for everybody to see look you guys haven't gotten even oh he's the one that's on top of it even better is I haven't guys you know I I'm thinking dude it's cuz I'm really putting all of my heart and soul into this gift for you but I got I got a mumbles I got James and dude I got James a great gift it's so good Emma so good and I'm brand for her oh yeah myself say that I'm a great gift and James something really dude we got we got throw we got the gifts this year we're like Santa this year oh yeah I'm Felix Anza dude feels good but I'm just a bit I'm just a be very important all right thanks for mugging and banging with us give back this here like to us subscribe haha now if you want you know if you want to give us a gift you can subscribe you like it too whatever like this video for gift please like you guys uh we love you thanks for listening thanks for being our friends and hopefully we can talk soon thanks for coming through I'll talk to you guys soon what's like a phone call now yep see you guys peace we have a huge announcement it's a New Year's announcement probably knowing about it already but we haven't really said in real life you haven't said it yet but we're gonna we had to wait but only a week or something like that something New Year's and ask me guys it's going to last the entirety of 2019 and hopefully longer and guys here is the hint it is has to do with this channel it has to do with no no here's it it's happening right not here jump behind the screen to where you are tapping right there and all you can participate if you want it's all I'm saying there's the end dude I'm just saying what are you saying but ah alright guys well without what that being said love you so much thanks again for coming bye love you guys thanks for watching let's do whatever this is and yeah [Music] you can't yeah spit it out spit it out spit up we need to reaction over the other cat oh my gosh it ruining this month bang sorry sorry guys I apologize for this video what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bow it's all good merch
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