Gordon Ramsay Gets Caught In The Middle Of A MASSIVE ARGUMENT | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-10-27
  • as another day begins Athena and her sister Kiki arrive early to begin the daily ritual of prepping for lunch and dinner but in spite of promising to be there at 10 o'clock Jake is nowhere to be seen the bank mana bio is in mining his brewing not for me Sara Dana thrown on a trapeze [Music] that's why I don't come down here next file this is exactly why I don't come down cuz they yell at me they gang up on me there's nothing left of me in here I'm sick of it Oh [Music] because not anymore a human I don't know how to use after spending the morning doing research around Austin Gordon is ready to put some changes into effect morning mom but the real question is is Jake ready to change his attitude morning morning how are you I'm okay yeah you don't look okay what's going on I just had an argument over my son that's what happens every day if she tells me it's gonna come back at o'clock and she comes to the powerful clock this is crazy what does she say excuse me I don't senpai I do not believe but I hear about a high X this is ridiculous get in here please two minutes yes sir the atmosphere in here is horrific what's going on I don't want to be in here with these two I really don't every time I walk in here they look for something to complain it and then they both getting up on they don't need you to fucking me coming in here and you guys yappin and yappin and yappin I don't want to hear that shit you know whatever they say it'll come down on time no no you're not better though this is the reason no one's to come down early in the morning and listen to people yelling at him I don't know what those are gonna do I'm up to here with that I get the very upset and that's what I gotta put up with every morning I don't think about that about my mom can't be that cold houses yeah sometimes they don't I mean I don't want to deal with it do you mean oh he put up with this shit for two years you're not gonna give a damn about it either you won't they're not your friend is your mom on your own yeah he doesn't give a damn about that no but why should I give a damn when you're swearing at me you're crazy it's a separate garage Mosca c4x para - so did you know I'd be better off with both of you staying home and let me do what I need to fuckin do and do it I will don't fucking come the word is not anymore a human I don't know how it is Nino
  • Runtime: 04:48
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