Top 5 McLaren 720S Features! [Auto Focus Ep. 4]

  • Published on: 2018-12-11
  • sup guys I'm QB HD here on an absolutely frigid day in the Northeast it's December but that won't stop autofocus episode 4 this is a McLaren 720's you may have heard of it so McLaren McLaren pretty much exclusively makes high-end sports cars they have their their 540 their 570 GT then they have their Super Series which includes the 720 s and then they have their million-dollar hyper cars the p1 and the Senna so as you may have seen from my Twitter or Instagram I've had a couple days with the 720s it's been ridiculous here are my five favorite features number one is performance everything about this car is fast now by the numbers you would expect that 700-plus horsepower weighing around 3,000 pounds it's super nimble it's rated 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds it puts down big torque numbers this is clearly one of the fastest rear-wheel drive cars period but here's my favorite part McLaren is very very conservative with their estimates for what the seven 20s is rated for it's rated to do 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds but there are videos all over YouTube of it doing 2.6 2.5 2.4 it's it's faster than that off the line there are owners putting it on dinos and getting bigger horsepower numbers than McLaren is claiming the theory is McLaren doesn't want to make their million-dollar p1 and Senna customers too angry because the 720 s is actually just as fast as those cars this $300,000 car is apparently just as fast sometimes faster around a track than the million-dollar p1 unreal so you probably never feel the full extent of that awesome acceleration in that 200 mile an hour plus top speed especially not me because I'm driving a $300,000 car that isn't mine on the streets of New Jersey in the winter but what I do feel and notice really is how fast the shifting is with the paddle shifters it's instant so want to accelerate while you're cruising in six or seventh gear you can drop down to gears real quick as you get on the gas and it's all super responsive also for a gas car and for a rear-wheel drive car it's quick off the line yes but something you really notice and this is coming from someone who regularly drives a P 100 D is the 60 to 100 speed that speed after 60 miles an hour is really fast so yeah it's a fast car again New Jersey potholes cold weather it's so hard to demo but trust me this is fast so number two is the arrow now generally a supercar shape is designed to cut through the air as efficiently as possible at high speed and they all sort of do that but this one takes it to another level you can have crazy numbers on paper really big horsepower and torque etc anyone can have big specs but there are so many little things that you have to do with aerodynamics that make it just a little bit faster it starts on this car with those headlights you saw in the intro the actual headlights themselves are just the slits in the middle and the top and the rest of that area is actually a carbon-fiber lined opening for air to pass through the front of the car to cool the brakes so the air goes through the front past the wheels through the holes in the door so these are some of the most incredible doors to a car I've ever seen as there's massive slots for air to pass through them and then when the air finishes over the back wheels some also goes up past the engine and out the back over the rear wing this this whole car is a teardrop shape around the mid-engine and you're basically in a cockpit cutting through the air it's kind of amazing visibility is also surprisingly good too when the wing is down but I do have to say when the wing is up it cuts into your rear visibility a bit luckily there's a button to put the wing up or down at any time it's down by default at lower speeds but having it up is better for downforce and it can flip up to vertical to be used as an air brake from really high speeds that's actually a perfect segue into why I had the car in the first place McLaren partnered with oneplus to make him a clarin Edition phone the oneplus 60 so their theory is the same way things like aerodynamics can make an already fast car faster they've also done some things for this phone to make an already fast faster than it already was so there is a new design with little hints of carbon fiber in the top and it's got that McLaren Orange but this phone also now has what they're calling warp charge so an even faster fast charging and it also now has 10 gigs of RAM so thanks to oneplus we're sponsoring this video and getting me in touch with McLaren for this all right now back to the car so number three is the modes now pretty much any sports car at all nowadays has some sort of like a comfort mode and a sport mode maybe a sport plus mode or something like that but this is a sort of next level of modular adjustment that I can appreciate it actually splits the modes into two mode dials one for handling with the H up top and one for performance the P and each of them has their own comfort sport or track so C S or T so you can independently decide you want your handling stuff which is steering weight suspension traction control that type of thing to feel more comfortable while you want the performance or how much power the engine is putting down to be more sporty or vice versa whatever you want and then anytime you put any one of these in track mode the card dramatically takes your entire dashboard and flips it down to hide all the unnecessary information and just gives you a new narrow screen at the top that shows your gear your rpms and your speed that's it super badass and there's also a mode called variable drift control which lets you literally in the cars display dial in an angle you want to drift at but again New Jersey winter potholes didn't really get to try that but number four is the design this car turns so many heads not only is a red and a McLaren and loud but there's just so many cool unusual bits of design on this car that looked like nothing else the exhausts lifted way above the road level where it's more visible and louder the doors that not only flip up but also have windows in the top of them so you kind of have this little sunroof and a little extra Headroom when you're sitting in the cockpit and this is my favorite steering wheel of all time in any car I've ever driven which is pretty important it's like having a favorite display of a phone it's the main way you interact with it all the time so it's important that you like it the headlights are pretty mean-looking the whole front end is solo with that front splitter and also the rear end whether the wing is up or down is always a looker so even more in the NSX or any other car I've driven people are taking pictures from the sidewalk from next to you on the road so much snapchat happening I really get asked if I play basketball like a lot but I've never been asked more if I play in the NBA than when getting out of this car and then once you park this thing I'd say half the times I came back to it in a parking lot someone was either waiting at the car or taking pictures with it or just wanting to talk to somebody about it it's kind of hilarious I wish I'd mic myself up for these conversations because half the time they were amazing like conversation starters with people who used to work with car companies or they'd test drive cars or they'd have a friend with a sports car all kinds of crazy stuff and then last but not least number five it's all the little things the details the amazingly geeky well-considered details I mean I guess for $300,000 you should consider all the details but yeah they do I'm talking about the sound of the engine and the turbochargers every time you accelerate the startup sound and just how badass this car constantly sounds there is a front trunk that's actually pretty big bigger than my Tesla and I didn't get a clip of it but the backup camera shows up on the huge screen behind the steering wheel which is pretty smart and the relatively minimal looking interior despite being surrounded by tech and even a lot of speakers actually impossible distractions everywhere and the fact that when you put the wing up since it blocks the tail light there's another light on the wing that replaces it so you're always visible and just the amount of carbon fiber in this car from the front splitter to the headlights to the engine bay to the rear diffuser right through the interior on the steering wheel and everything driving us car to me feels like Tesla Roadster training wheels which is probably weird to say because I think most people would probably take this over a Tesla but you can't get over the fact that it's rear-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive car to me always feels more planted and stable and under control especially when you're really driving it but bottom line this car is just insane in so many ways it's like it has too much power for its own good I only got to drive it for a couple of days but honestly you learn a lot messing with a car like this and I hope to do it again someday until then thanks for watching catch you guys in the next one pace
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