YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

  • Published on: 2018-11-27
  • what we're bad I was that that was really weak that was really weak we had to do this all over you okay let's just let's see you do guys not even let's just not even put this in let's just see you do better why why aren't we gonna put it in it's completely fine I just said we're back alright cool let's just keep going there stop why we're back now bring your energy up I thought there wasn't ring it up alone I thought there was enough okay ready here we go get those scoops what's up guys we're back and this one's you guys we're back what was it why was that any better than what I just what's up guys we're back and look at we're wearing this week we go we got a super good fresh ooh murder Shawn oh oh okay so all this all this merch is out on our website it was bits been applicable months now you guys can get it the links in the description are we really just gonna plug the first thing we do in this video that's people are gonna click off all right don't let off you don't have to do it you can do that later all right so but what you got to do now is watch this video yes you have to your stuff you can't go anywhere gotta watch the whole thing now you don't really I mean you don't really have to there's gonna be like this like one stubborn ass person washing his feet like I'm not doing this just because you guys said that yeah probably a lot so we'll just lost a viewer that's great guys we have a confession we we've never had a job before and if you're thinking like you guys are youtubers it isn't that a job yes but also we're basically just being dumb asses on camera like so does that qualify as a job yeah so technically if you have a job that means you're kind of like a professional in that field so be professional dumbasses on I don't really I don't know if that counts we've got on other kinds for jobs YouTube is just something that we started when we were just you know wanted to be dumb on camera and it somehow turned into a job and we're extremely thankful for that we thank all of you for that yes thank you guys literally so much for watching your videos every week it means more than you would ever comprehend to us but we're talking about a real job that you got to go out do it interview and do it interview you can do it interview do an interview and be qualified for that kind of job we're gonna be working with customers wearing aprons working with customers today and we're going to be working with customers working no I say one and then you say what are you saying wearing aprons no you're not they're gonna know what it is they saw it in the thumbnail just say the last thing no I'm st. wearing aprons you're supposed to make it a surprise they make it a surprise they already know we're being barista dude all right we're doing that today all right you guys just say it will do this thing we can do the thing though okay today we're going to be working with customers wearing aprons working a registered weave when we're making coffee yeah just stop just look at the camera see and making coffee and making coffee but before we get into you know being baristas we have to get the job so we reached out to a local Beverly Hills coffee shop and they were uh nice and crazy enough to let us work there today but they asked us if we could do a little job interview before we start working just so they know we will ruin their business completely I just need to make sure that we're not gonna break anything or ruin the show ruin the ruin their business I said the same thing we just need approval basically we're really nervous to do this so so if you can subscribe if you could subscribe for our nerves just be free like there's a subscribe button it's like right down there and it takes 2 seconds and then depress it it'll help us and let's be the less nervous and get this job if we don't get approve that means for Jesus I'm I'm gonna get approval what are you doing what are you where you going I we have to do it what you say bye we do transition I'm going to get ready for this job interview MTV very seriously going to get dressed right now don't worry think stupid Grayson great don't wear anything stupid seriously you really don't need I'm ready yeah I'm ready you don't need to be wearing all that I do Kristin you're not working at Microsoft HQ listen would you rather drink called me from this guy or this guy I think that's pretty apparent I think we have to wear uniforms if we get the job Gracie trust me man I'd rather drink it from this guy all right let's go our crew is in the coffee shop right now and they're setting up the cameras and everything so as soon as we walk in we're getting right to the interview so basically like you get we just walk in yeah and I still can't believe your interview that's looking to be wearing a suit you'll be able to believe it when I land this job Ethan all right with that confidence I think you should go first no I think you should go first that's cool I think you should I think definitely you should go first but you have the super you're older step-down older we have two earrings instead of one but the this is nothing to do anything just go you have a suit on dude you have a necklace you know fine I'll go first if I go in there dressed like this after Grayson walked in there with a suit there the thing I'm not taking it serious exactly no baby you can't think that with your ruining they can't think they're with me suits have nothing to do with making coffee and you also have no clue how to make yeah but I look like I do all right it's interview time Ethan are you ready yeah good my name's Ethan it's me I punch that laughs thanks moobot Sheva tell me a little bit about yourself I'm 18 years old I've never had a real job before and making YouTube videos for about four years but you want to work in a coffee shop yeah I think I can definitely positive impact on your shop well how do you usually like your coffee I like my coffee black or I'm a big fan of like chai latte how are you with cleaning like bathrooms mopping sweeping none of that really grosses me out or anything I can I can do that why availabilities you have really open and free availability I'm pretty available I can make myself available okay we Saturday Sunday yes that works for me how are you with my opening shift we have to be here by 5:45 I can get up early you said your brother's coming in as well yes and how are you gonna feel if we hire only one of you and not the other is that gonna be a problem to me you'll be better yeah if it's da you know support each other come in yes well I think that it's worth a shot we should bring you in and see how you know I do awesome thank you that's great meeting you looking forward to the job hello Gracie you met your brother Ethan yes so you guys decided to come get a feel for you as an individual okay okay so tell me about yourself well compared do you fit I would say I'm a little bit more professional yeah I think things very seriously really passionate about coffee okay yeah that's awesome how are you like on your feet eight hours straight I'm good my feet are good yes yeah but what are we doing with the earrings that stay on at all times is it too distracting um just want to know if you're open to removing it it's like bah girl it's gonna ask I don't know Phil I mean yeah whatever I like individuality I can cut my hair do whatever I mean I like it a lot but I like it too I do want to make sure it's here if you need to remove it I don't need to but okay yeah sometimes it gets a little crusty and I take it out of washings that's usually dealing how to remove it how are you in a team environment like you could I'm great yeah i depth very well two teams and what about customers customers I would say I'm a people person a lot more outgoing than you thing I like to socialize whereas he likes to sit in this room and not socialize do you think that would be a problem if we hired both of you do you how do you work together no I think I think we work together very well yeah we have like this this twin thing that we've been practicing yeah 17 to 18 years okay and then how are you in cleaning like bathrooms poppin leaving I love to clean I find it therapeutic actually I clean just reformed times it seemed like a go-getter I am I we're gonna bring you guys on subjects we would love to have it like a trial run to see how fast okay great yeah that works perfect for me also knockout thank you very much yeah well I gots the job okay well we both got the job we both passed the interview stage thank God yes ready okay I in the back aprons over the neck and not in the front tie in the back okay so should I lose the Blazer um I would definitely lose every way I can take it for you if you want and I don't have anything here but I could put it in the locker okay like you know or maybe just get rid of it altogether oh please don't this is my favorite blazer all right oh yeah I'll lose the Blazer and the tie it's not normal for someone to wear a blazer to a job interview like this right in your own unique ways and we like people to be authentic to be perfectly honest you both were very authentic spawn the reason we decided to take a chance on you you'll know you're little younger but you both really like oh maybe you're gonna be responsible and bring a lot of joy we definitely will be I'm ready to go maybe roll up the sleeves a little bit so I don't get any coffee beans on my sleeves we are now employees of our on coffee and roasting Co in Beverly Hills California I feel official let's go make some coffee Gracie let's do it barista time so this is anuradha our boss now we're gonna learn how to with the bar right yes you know you look like more boss than me now more boss and I told him he shouldn't be yet t-shirts better I do not have a natural in anyway it's it's a training day we're gonna work it out okay okay so that's why I'm excited I'm excited all right it's all coming in let's go to the bar so we have here like espresso machine this is like the main operational of the vowel this is a grinder that's servicing only this personal mission okay okay meals here like Jerry meals non-dairy milks everything is organized ice machine okay when you going to be interact with customers that come in here yeah you need to have the concept of the customer is right all the time okay the right thing to smile smile so like a good like hey how's it going what can I get started for you yeah that's works oh yeah that's right all right hello welcome to Iran's which it was it's a coffee in roasting coffee and roast think oh well what can i okay today okay one ideal that I train everybody and really express that the most important for me is to care about the customer can it enjoy so if you have that consciousness for them to enjoy that's gonna translate and everything you're gonna do over here okay but you want them really wanted really want to do it I want them to have the best cup of coffee they've ever had in their life that's good but what I want even simpler okay the experience to enjoy okay appearance to enjoy cuz he cannot beget the best coffee it's almost impossible to get the best best best yeah then I probably may take that's coffee in the world it's my first day so to practice making it go a specialty drink yeah Ursaring it's even push it in make sure it's closed corrected now this is our espresso shot that we're pulling need to be about one and a half ounce it is a line over there that you see one and a half yes the right yeah I see it yeah there yes would you let me see it don't drink it yet so one ounce its need to be exact I'm going to fill up the milk but the need to think that I need to really prove for the syrup at the coffee dress down at school I always want to do something like that that's ice it seems fairly simple you want to taste it sure it's delicious I think that's the best we know odds I've ever had were like this is a Greek now latte I think that I can make it except - should we uh should we get to work Russian customer is what you guys can do yeah to bring some joy to the customers yes we shall about the joy yeah we could bring the joys alright alright okay Thank You boss alright we appreciate it thanks a lot alright so here we go starting work is everything clean yeah I think you will do all 50 customers I'll do the right here and then dude you I'm Way more social than you physically hello alright what can I get started for you iced americano yes you can I just one more source suggests that the can ice long I know that the customer is always right just make the iced americano I do that grazie okay what size would you like sorry I forgot that Oh large gotcha okay okay here we go I'll do the rest well will you take care of that after these two do that now no I think after what she just takes it and everything how do you clear this it doesn't need to be cleared what are you doing I don't know I know you don't know wait does it has espresso in it that's how okay okay just show this fella okay where did they have a good day okay I don't know he's gonna wake I don't know what goes in America so you're the handsome professional pastry handler Ethan where's the Americana that was thank you sir all right its water it's a water you need water okay okay let's just pull it up almost all the way I'm sorry okay just do it it's slashing the disease you can what are you doing wipe it off okay Oh used to shake it shake it shake it shake shake you enjoy hey we're gonna get for you I think they were you check you out sorry first you could pick tell erotic yes yeah we do we have soy almond coconut yeah we do it we have oh no don't we go oh yeah we do yeah we do you do okay okay oh wait you can't one was that sighs move that one to tell about it Oh milk ice is eight dollars total thank you you have a good one oh yeah did your little little ah here it is and then straws will be over there oh right what's that nut will they make my dude there's no Nutella latte yeah it is it's not on the baby sorry did you tell the machine is down there's uh yeah we know we ran out so we have vanilla we have vanilla how'd you get that no way yep leave that up of ice cup of ice yeah yeah give you a couple of fancier job okay the specialty the vanilla lattes really good I recommend that my favorite drink you know I take which I got a smaller large we're looking doing all right now there's no is there is there is a lot of pressure yes okay good milk first what you can what are you doing stop hovering me I'm trying to be good milk I'm trying to make a milk measurement doing other in me I don't I don't appreciate that the vanilla latte is almost done just a couple of one vanilla latte that's oat milk but middle have a good day yeah how you doing we got regular small and large it's right just regular in small acts regular is great okay he's gonna gonna be pleased Oh milk yeah got it because in the battle on today home okay this is not even I need to shake this yeah any news right he does the worst barista ever Ethan what you're just standing there I put way too much milk on this one I think that's probably better I'm gonna do this I want to be hella obviously okay we have one what do you put them in now it'll I don't remember how this that's hot that's not just take the names of all cars doing it right I need it okay I can think the next book so hot hey piccola latte with cheese shots of espresso and [Music] yeah I mean we can make the other thing whatever you said I think we're trying to get the hang of this right now it's right down there it says almond coconut oh how you doing good I'm good we get free today thanks Mary Carl you kind of look like a vanilla latte kind of guy but yeah iced americano nice no we do ice americano we like the vanilla lattes but iced Americanos are great yeah I mean because you could stick with iced americano I was just saying it's a good compliment oh yeah iced americano though yeah okay I got you is that oh okay great yeah I even ella with almond coconut you got it come again enjoy hey dude sir I'm good and I excit small/small chai tea we're doing pretty good at electioneering speedo it's them well hopefully it's not better with that shape the music business little bit Devils will be ready for your ass really thank you sir this is really stressful all right people do this really does not we gotta try babe there's relaxed okay but either we get license I don't know where the chai tea is all right well we'll figure it out I think there's a there's a recipe thing Mercado is almost done what are you doing it's a shy that's not shy it's if it's China it's not China we do you better give this food easily I don't know how I'm giving him something bro oh we keep doing this oh my god I keep doing this okay I'm just gonna give me a big a lot of espresso yes and with hot Sun so it's not a cat eye yeah he's so bish I decided to do just grab the two that loves where would I get gloves from right I don't know this is like let me just beat the brilliance or a second I think he's gonna notice if this Chinese actually called I know you're getting 10:01 chatty coming right up what do you what's going on here just making this iced americano it's not I'm gonna make something to do I'm the guy that that might make something elbow fix that for you right now I'm sorry isomeric honor I blamed it on the guy in the back there's no guy in the back I'm the guy in the back do you find the try3 what am i making right now nothing the Chinese are the only thing right now what do you think wonderful shot okay over here okay you hear times when you dare time we can't take it huh dude you he literally gave the drink back it's my first day I understand all right well no we need to I was gonna do great great great okay we just need to say that I'm not kidding be rather given so many Indians especially I'm not getting I'm not getting us a to add a chai tea what we will get with the specialty we're gonna just get them for free I'll pay for it customer service customers money we can we gonna get with a free vanilla latte sorry about that giant we ran out of the chai is that okay okay you did you like a hot hot hot yoga nice nice nice look at the milk there it's shooting water out navigate even skipped over my judgmental even to touch it he'll it is not a ha to be buddies but he said it's freezing there's me why is it clear this is my school it's on the house by the way sir bacterial activity I can read I can refund you I can reap on you over here you know I don't know how to read I hear I just all right I don't even know the word I don't know but it's it I don't know if the refund work what do you know original work I just know I don't know if those give me cash dude how do you clean my name we're done I think we're done with the teller we're done I'm not getting weirder it's gonna we're gonna mess of the business if we don't I'm not good okay any we're done I mean we serve leggings at 8:00 or 9:00 yeah it was good we did good what did not have put it off put it back where does he cuts clean everything out was clean everything up good okay okay we need to go to the back all right through the back all right let's go stressful this is bad did we just ruin business Conover I think I think we're getting fired that's nothing not even kidding guys I was like that one of the artisans ever done in my entire life guys I just I literally gave a guy who asked for chai tea half a cup of cold brewed coffee so we're fired I'm not even gonna act like that went well at all they thought this was all just for a YouTube video and we don't actually work here because we don't have to do this ever again we don't have to ruin people's days like this ever will be really fun to think okay so another refund one three completely but at least dude like for that guy's refund we okay we're we're gonna tell our on our boss that we good we're good I think you're working I think our work as baristas is uh is going it to retired I think I'm going to retirement isn't pretty stay I think we think we young barista young young in the streets brand new barista but I'm retiring yeah quit while you're the best yeah we did we did been awfully that was so bad yeah that was a mess thank you so much to our on coffee for letting us work at your coffee shop the experience was amazing we loved every second of it I was sweating of a stress but I enjoyed the experience the coffee there is actually amazing they really do make coffee with love see if you guys are ever in Beverly Hills I strongly suggest getting a cup of coffee from there oh yeah I got my suit that God does get a little bit cold being a barista is it's a true profession that's nuts some people do that like easy like some intense shit Wow well there you have it we got a real job and we can sucked at it yep for real thank you guys so much for watching all our videos without you we wouldn't be able to consider ourselves professional dumbasses yummy so thank you for under subscribe if you want to see more stuff like this we make videos every Tuesday you probably already knew that like this video if you guys would like us to serve you a cup of coffee actually now let's like it for something else because then we're gonna get no likes now not like it if you're willing to try our coffee thank you guys for watching thanks trying to get it cool into the aperture Yuletide shot wait and and there you [Music] [Applause] seems to be enjoying himself usually really really determined on even again hear me your gray gaze and his on the juice alright what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's all good merge super
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