Timothée Chalamet Once Locked His Naked Mom Out on a Balcony

  • Published on: 2019-01-11
  • Yes, you have the best gear. Thank you so much. They're very kind to your body. Yes, that's true. --the underwear. It's wonderful. [LAUGHTER] That's right, there are. All right, so the last year-- You are so amazing. nominated for tons of awards. Thank you. You really are. Thank you so much. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Beautiful [INAUDIBLE]. But it's just a surreal thing. Yeah. looking up to you. Seriously. But I love the way you dress. I think you're like-- Who was that? That's the designer who did it. Yeah, no. [LAUGHTER] I thought it was a bib. They told me it was a bib. So that-- (LAUGHING) Maybe that's-- That got a lot of pickup. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I didn't do it for that reason. Yeah. Anyway, you always look so good. And you brought your mom. Brought Mom, yeah. How was that? That was great. Van Dyke. So we're not-- Yeah, exactly. and she was really excited. That's sweet you brought her. And yeah, it was great. Yeah, you are. I was-- yeah, I was a good kid. [LAUGHTER] I mean-- That took too long. and let her back in. after I realized. [LAUGHTER] And we were pulling-- our balcony was on the side of-- Was she naked? She was naked, yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. when you're prepubescent, right? No, no. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] and was weeping, and truly-- and finally got a key card. [LAUGHTER] I was really devastated. Yeah. She saw how devastated I was. Right. Yeah, yeah. OK. [LAUGHTER] So you just shot Little Women. Yeah, I did. With Meryl Streep. And Saoirse. to bring on this show. That was really sweet. but we have more things for you. Oh my Lord! That's so much stuff. Yeah, yeah. Jesus! Thank you. Wow! [CHEERING] All right. [APPLAUSE] We'll be back. Oh, man.
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  • Keira

    I come back every two weeks to rewatch this

  • iann mena

    He's such an inspiration to you actors I hope/know he'll go far!

  • cynthia

    When my friends say "to be hot you gotta be fit" I bring timothee up cause he's litterally the skinniest guy as well as the most attractive human being I know

  • Cyrr Rhus

    he seems like a genuinely nice guy and very talented, I am looking forward to see a lot from him in the future!

  • Rosa quino

    He is so timid and adorable, he reminds me a lot of aiden Gillen, they are both very similar in the ways they interact in interviews. It’s oddly very intriguing.

  • Britt Pomales

    he is going through puberty lolol his voice sounds thicker. he is still very beautiful