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  • Published on: 2018-12-15
  • I really believe Chef Ramsay gonna gonna like the food I think that 97% of my food will be great the food is not the problem here it's either the atmosphere the ambience for the service it's possibly made first name is Catalina that's me I'm one of the owners latch okay I have a partner Marcelo is a man what we used to be married we've been separated for two years you used to be married to my partner oh Jesus it's like water and oil we just don't mix it's just like all the time well it's all about the food I'll look through the menu nice to meet you Oh real interesting they cool yeah this is like a song how are you sir yeah how are you yeah Brandi thank you let's start off with chicken classic soup let's go for the pescado marinara or the Italia yeah absolutely I really believe chav rice you're gonna gonna like the food I think that 97% of my food will be great thank you very much and that's very fast very fast indeed let's hope it's good I will be a pain in the ass because either superficial is co hot it's cold let me get that for you okay she's absolutely he would like a hot soup now call will say that Ramsey said what happened with the school I have a thermometer here boiling hot you wanna check with me he wasn't boiling up and now it's boiling hot this varies but when where it was before you you guys send something up please check double check triple check yes yes listen go to your bar I'm sorry about that my just when I went to taste these these are salty I mean you'd need six mojitos before you start eating soup spoons of that mate they're disgusting excuse me let me take this back shame the basics I'll try that means god there's definitely definitely a lack of harmony in the kitchen one this one right now oh my god there's gonna be a complete disaster how you doing yeah fine Angie I find can I get you anything else while you wait no no wait for the clap yeah okay thank you all right thank you very much Wow I know I can't believe it it beats the basic of us I hope you enjoy cuz it's actually my favorite dish thank you delicious Wow love it yeah the fish is not cooked oh it's really not that is a shame I'm gonna bring it back that's a very big mistake on behalf of the kitchen okay possible not cooked raw fish with you guys is wrong not cook I bought the tester that they open this is I take a big deep breath I'd love to meet that alright I'll go get him what's that smell okay smell something how are you good to see same here so hello and you are Louis Louis the manager you're the manager yes yeah good to see Dad yes real dad friends you would like to meet you meet why I don't know doesn't make any sense why would you wanna meet you Oh me I am quite nervous about Chef Ramsay's visit and help my dad's self-esteem we'll take it because he has some more time taking criticism this is my father Mike Mike I'm Mike pleasure but the fact is we need the help and somebody's willing to give it to us we need to take it I really hope that we can help that family we have 15 years 15 years yeah woman's lost time you change something in the diner never Wow everything's pretty much as I bought it yeah 15 years ago and how would you rate your foods one to ten I was right my food in the upper nine Wow great I love that I can't wait to taste it the food is not the problem here it's either the atmosphere the ambience or the service here is your regular menu I hear discussions men you say so will ppl a menu I don't know that's not your name I don't think so I'm pretty sure it's really coffee okay great thank you you need anything I'm at the front I could see you smell you smell something yes very applying bodies I'm going to kill ya it's most definitely the carpet those bangs the restaurant is filthy disgusting it's full of mold it's worse over there seriously you're in the good part thank you very much taking seafood and we have Italian food Janine what is it fine-dining restaurant where Italian what are we I don't know there is no identity okay I'll start with greenery shrimp sauce and let's get the chicken Murphy and then the special menu the steak Nellie how'd you like that cooked mid-rare okay please thank you very much I want to see what I've known are tens here we go Chef Ramsay will like the food here anything that I make him he's gonna like guarantee it look at this place Louie chef want that member Saturday on the wall I don't know six bugging me how are you nice to see it's driving me crazy outside comes over he goes up anyway sorry let's first chef make it nice I made money okay chef thank you you're welcome let's trim Scott three meters cream sauce good dear Wow yes bland sauces yeah these watery and shrimp stuff my brother horrible nowhere near nine alright would you like me to remove that yes three things the sad part is this isn't even the worst of it this is bland watery the shrimp tastes like rubber I don't know what he's talking about I am a perfectionist I will never put out food unless it's fight yeah chicken Murphy ticket Murphy Wow I was afraid to serve him the chicken Murphy doesn't look very nice today it's embarrassing it looks like a stew gone bad that looks okay where's the manager Louis is that the normal style of presentation of chicken Murphy Sam Lexy girls and visually impact does that look appetizing to you could definitely use an appearance update mush mush yep after Nellie died the food's been kind of going downhill it's kind of at the point where it's necessary for someone to say something that's gross overcooked just wet soggy and just tasteless I call it a hot mess I call it our hot joke I'm done thanks Tammy yes you're very thank you I can't afford to be up all night with a shitty excuse me thank God you now the chicken Murphy bloody hell Pike it's just a hot mess so tough son-of-a-bitch Chef Ramsay is a ballbuster but if you have a impossible math problem if Einstein was still alive you talk to him so we have a restaurant problem we talked to the master a little better you can tell them Chef Ramsay being so critical of the food it kind of hurt my dad a little bit but my dad needs help and if this is what it takes then this is what it takes for the finale it's gonna be the steak Nellie I don't need to give many more things to hate and I grew up cooking steaks and a master of the grill I'll tell ya I'm good at this I'm very good at this Wow this is the stick Nellie steak Nellie staple charcoal Oh chef that's a piece of steak well God Wow that just takes a burn charcoal Phil I got barbecue in my mouth got a taste bet how's that taste for you would you give that a nine like you said it is charcoal nice chocolate Mike but he said this tastes like his charcoal he like I tried it at all like you said there's a little bit of charcoal there ain't no way in hell I overcooked on stage that's something that I make that everybody loves and I never have a complaint you are the owner so you're supposed to check on things I hope my dad will be willing to listen to Chef Ramsay and take the criticism acknowledge that everything isn't perfect sit down instead of just being mad Mike I'm Jana Barrett we've got some fucking big issues if I thought the food was gated I don't know how you control the menu that psychic I'm instantly things were an edit for the food that was watery bland soggy I know how to cope hopefully just looked an absolute fucking this I mean that last date right very hard you push like that together well the steak itself is a five-state so I might was overcooked so I had no plan you rated the food nine out of ten I wouldn't pass it above two that's not good enough to come back no one here I mean I'm just gonna tell you man a man it's not good either you're in denial we don't care Chef Ramsay said buy food without dated and yeah I respect him but I believe is wrong in this situation I know what my cousin's like and I have what I like I knew the many shoes right the menu is huge the last I counted there was 126 things on there okay great right let's start off with oh five brotherly love okay what about something we need okay what is the catch of the day I saw mahi-mahi let's do them absolutely perfect thank you so much thank you that calls hideous is stuck and the time of it takes me back to 1981 okay I have a fried ravioli for Chef Ramsay my food is the best food that's possibly made but the problem with the restaurant please Almighty so much I reveal what's inside about ready please uh it's at five cheese stuffed ravioli then the five cheese's are I'm not sure well it's a premade ravioli so amazed those are not on me if we don't even make them here be nice to know what's inside them I'll find out enough thank you I need to find out what cheeses are in the ravioli or cheese yeah what kind of cheese in the bread read the box it's a retired cheese it's a retard cheese I'm like oh yeah horrible or something deep fried frozen that's leaving taste like cheese you got a whole way and you got American guarana and skim cheese yeah okay thank you yes yeah not good transy I checked on the cheese's for you mascarpone mascarpone ricotta ricotta also American gharana something called our cheese way in the hole true blend where the fuck is that from in Italy I'd I have no idea where that's from oh and a skim cheese skimmed cheese in a fried ravioli what does that mean it's fat-free cheese dipped in fact it's in fact yeah okay thank you okay skim cheese in a fighh ravioli yeah yeah my way now ship this is some fish special to my mind thank you will hand greasy no seasoning this is dreadful this is a special fish yes that is special fashion nono tastefully it's nice like mush looks like it's sort of old the food just isn't the way it used to be what's all the fighting going on the standards and the quality everything that tanked that's special holy crap okay you said that this one right here where the fish was just dreadful I absolutely think he's wrong about the mahi-mahi and I thought it was perfectly fine it was just too aged supposed to be that's from the mouth of my shaft it knows okay guys up here Chef Ramsay is here to help us and my brother takes this attitude that it's all bullshit complaints it's not you gotta listen to those complaints and keep your mouth shut so everything is atrocious chef are you tasting the food yeah you are properly it was a fresh yeah as much this excellent to me okay let me finish this thank you I don't need a guy to tell me that my food sucks you don't like the food they get the fuck out feeling we need Pescatore yeah what the hell is that Oh jump the calamari done to these bits all tentacles here then there are sea world that tastes as bad as it looks mussels the clams were Iranian calamari had a weird texture turf chef how are you doing with the ax Pescatore I'm struggling strength struggling yeah I mean I certainly don't get that taste of Italy let me tell you that but the sauce is so weak and it tastes disgusting we done yes yeah make everyone happy and like that's what we need take me into the kitchen I haven't had anyone come into my restaurant and say Luigi you don't know what the hell you doing not even Chef Ramsay gets to do that I'm frustrated I wish I could say that was enjoyable lunch the deep-fried ravioli with skinny cheese why did you put that shit on the menu to give it to the Americans come on come on I'm not laughing now the fish pursuit that was overcooked and it was planned that was that was a perfect day it was like cat food linguini Chris Couture Alain there is the best dish in the menu it was my signature dish when I opened the restaurant hosted by my food I'm just thinking for over 30 years I have no problem that's the problem there you've been doing the exact same food for 30 years 30 years no one's ever challenged me you're the first one listen you've lost your sparkle I don't believe this is the same man that was the young maestro that was written about 30 years ago come on there's something missing I don't know what it is on the back of the fragmented relationship you've got with your brother but the hearts gone there's got to be some magic somewhere inside that was once there but I need it back you can't tell me that I don't know what the hell I'm doing in my kitchen I've been doing it for 30 years I'll take one of everything one of everything why not great well what are you getting to see each and every dish under sterling flavors and getting a touch about authentic Italian cuisine everything on the menu yes please okay the animations over menu is ginormous you must be insane we're gonna be here all day he wants one of everything heaven said he wants one of everything Sam let me understand you want one thing on the PC wants to clarify that you'd really want one of everything cuz I hope he hasn't eaten in a week you see you hope you haven't eaten in a week it's a big menu have you seen it I haven't see the man you have a great look yes it's quite large that's just - oh my gosh it's that big how many dishes are on there oh why then you have look at it that was a joke by the way I hadn't even looked at the menu I figured that there must be hundreds of dishes on there okay so I'm ready to oughta thank you so I'd like to start off with salmon Davina thank you and then show in the snapper owner for a total Nona yeah thank you Wow Sam and Davina honey Davina salad well this looks like a fucked-up version of a science lab thank you Wow salmon is dry and overcooked - get that thing they pasted that together in the morning and stick it together so I said just now how does this salmon fresher was that frozen I couldn't tell you to be honest would you ask her cuz it tastes fuzzy yes thank you who knows your Salmons fresh or frozen gentleman's fresh but it is frozen she said the salmon comes in fresh and then they freeze it it's like eating a piece of trouble death that has to be Florida's worst dish ever he said the salmon divino he said what tastes like cardboard he's supposed to be here to help me he's not supposed to be telling me that nothing's good give me the snapper and if he complains about this I'm really gonna fucking kick the snapper honor mm-hmm I just have it just where is the snapper under all that under all that this one looks like a dog's dinner how well this is gonna work all right god I just tasted mush there's Michael nearby I'm just taste that for me would you Anna soggy should be baked a little longer ah it's fucking disgusting yes sir thank you would you do me a favor we make sure that Cece tastes that yeah I think it's really important all right thank you what do you think for you to taste taste what you said is soggy I'm like TT touchdown when I put my mouth on that the snapper was shocked what the hell you want it to be to show show but I said there's starving people in the world and if I have to keep making food to go on the garbage I don't want to make any more right now when I bring a minute yo right now why should I make him anything else I know Estabrook him that there's starving people and we just talked about to say she wasn't to tell me she's coming tell me herself I don't think it's fair that you have to do her dirty work so tell CC when she's finished cooking she can tell me everything she was until then I'm here to eat and to taste the food I appreciate that okay thank you so much I didn't want to associate the truth at all about anything he said she's gonna probably kill me it's gonna kill the messenger before she even kills Gordon Ramsay you Sam this later you can tell him yourself but right now he wants to try and Chef Ramsay the president connects to you which one is the favorite Alana pieces Norma love it thank you kiss my stars I'm so pissed off right now soggy in the middle I'm crispy on the outside it's dreadful Shannon it's a bit plain fully blend thank you yes take your knife not gonna go say shit what's up though I tried throw it in the garbage before she saw me because I knew she was gonna flip that was brilliant oh my god yes I don't even more flavor suited I was so mad at him I wanted to represent on these Britta should another fuck you know anything about the pizza you
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