iPad Pro Review: The Best Ever... Still an iPad!

  • Published on: 2018-11-14
  • so this is the new iPad pro it is an incredible tablet still AM iPad though [Music] hey what is up guys I'm poppy HD here and let me just spoil this whole thing for you right off the top the new ipad pro's hardware is actually incredible like it's the most beautiful most powerful most impressive ipad yet but thanks to iOS 12 it's just that it's just an iPad it's not any closer to replacing my laptop use it's not any more likely to be my main computer but it's easily the best iPad ever okay let me show you to me so this iPad pro looks like one of those renders of what people in the past imagined a tablet would look like before the iPad existed is crazy thin it's 5.9 millimeters completely flat it has an incredible nearly bezel as display somehow has huge really impressive speakers and super powerful solid-state insides so right off the bat there's an 11 inch or a 12-point nine inch version and there's a space grey or silver I will say the smaller one is much more reasonable and I think it's one most people will get but I'm a big screen person so here I am with the crazy big 12 point 9 inch iPad pro and I prefer Space Gray but that's up to you and it's just a marvel to hold like there are pretty sharp edges all the way around but I love that it's boxy like the iPhone 5s was it stands up on its own and it's so light the weight distribution is so even throughout the whole slab that you can hold it with a single finger in the middle of the Apple logo all of this means it's really easy to hold the edges are kind of sharp like I said and they can maybe dig into your hands a bit if you're holding it for a long time with the heavier iPad but even that is rare battery I thought would suffer from being so thin nope this tablet has a plus battery life again and the speakers on either side they have precision milled holes that I just think look really good and yet again the drivers are loud they're far enough apart for stereo effect they just somehow keep getting better the camera on the back is the same as the iPhone 10 s and 10 are and the bump is pretty big because the iPad is so thin but it's way over in the corner so my hands never really accidentally touch it or anything and the tablet is so big and so flat that it actually doesn't really affect the whole lying down flat on a table thing it still doesn't rock back and forth I guess if I had to pick something that I don't like about the design it would be actually the extra and 10 on the cellular version which I picked they're just not symmetrical they don't look very even just just a little little off looking little extra the Wi-Fi version has antenna lines too but there's not as many but I'm never looking at the back of the iPad anyway so it doesn't really bother me oh and no headphone jack of course but you already know how I feel about that this is Apple we're talking about here and I'm kind of already on that wireless life anyway anyway I have like little little hopes now of a new iPhone next year kind of looking like this like being really squared off and boxy but then pushing the display to the edge yeah I don't know it probably won't happen if they want to keep wireless charging of course but I still would love that so clearly I like the outside the aesthetics the feel in the hand is awesome hardware and on the inside it gets even more impressive first of all there's no finger Parader no home button since the bezels are so thin but there is the whole suite of face ID sensors in the iPad pro and they work now in any orientation so you can be portrait landscape upside down no matter what it works which is helpful because the fact that the front of the iPad is so uniform makes it easy to forget which way is the top sometimes you grab it and you try to unlock it in your hand is covering the sensor since the bezels so thin but it just points a little arrow and tells you you're covering the sensor so you can unblock it and then you're in and the display is again easily not just one of the best in any tablet but one of the best screens I've ever used it's the 120 Hertz IPS LCD super accurate colors great viewing angles ultra responsive and smooth and very bright when you need it true tone there also if you want it and the anti-reflective coating is great so face ID is good the display is about as good as it gets and then the specs now you've probably heard me say before about Apple products the numbers don't really matter as much and that's still true here but let me give you this a 12 X Bionic is absolutely incredible it is the fastest chip I've ever seen in a mobile device if you've seen Geekbench scores that's been pretty popular lately as benchmarking faster than many laptops rivaling the 15-inch MacBook Pro it has four gigs of RAM and for some reason the one terabyte iPad has six gigs of RAM but generally performance is just really good from multitasking the flying through apps productivity photo-editing it's all fast and fluid it's a plus performance just like the previous iPad pro but now you have Headroom for days like it's more about being future-proof and you're very future proof here and then even the accessory ecosystem is all upgraded the new Apple pencil way better obviously you can't get much more awkward than this was it's not a high bar to clear but it is now great it snaps on to the side of the iPad with magnets and pears and wirelessly charges there there's a little cutout on the side of this all-metal iPad that lets the wireless charging work through here and it lines everything up I just think I missed out on an opportunity to call the second-generation Apple pencil a number two pencil maybe maybe that's just me anyway there's also now a new thinner folio case and a new keyboard case as well these aren't things I use very much I do sometimes have the folio on and they now connect via magnets throughout the whole back of the iPad and they line up really quickly and snap into place which makes them easy to put on and take off but sturdy while it is connected so here's the fun visual I show this on Twitter this is what you could call magnet paper something like that it has filaments inside that respond to a magnetic charge and when you pass it over something like the iPad it can show you where inside the magnets are so you put it down on the iPad and you can see that there are magnets a lot of them everywhere all around the perimeter and they match up with the same magnet in Apple's accessories and that's what helps them lock into place so quickly and easily that pins always line up it's smart and I'll leave a link below if you want to get some of this magic paper to look and see where magnets are at other things the most Apple and 2018 thing ever though is all the price hikes so every single thing we just talked about the new pencil the new folio case the keyboard case and a tablet itself are all more expensive than last year's versions which again you can't ignore that but you could also argue these all works so well together better than any third-party version that that's why people including myself keep buying these so what's the holdup iOS 12 and it's weird to say because iOS 12 is great it's the best version of iOS yet by a lot and it's my favorite but on this hardware it leaves a lot to be desired like don't get me wrong it's an incredible iPad but every year when you know the new iPad pro comes out we revisit this conversation of chemists replace my laptop can it be my primary computer you know it's it's a better performer now it's benchmarking higher than my old laptop it's got more storage than a laptop it has a better display it's a touchscreen it's 120 Hertz it's more expensive surely this can replace my laptop right well I wish I could replace my computer with an iPad pro because I enjoy using the iPad that much more but there are still things that I need to do on a pretty regular basis that the iPad doesn't that I need to keep a laptop around for the big ones no file ecosystem so if I'm photo editing and I want to bring other files in it's kind of incredibly annoying like this thing needs finder not the current files app I'm a youtuber I want to be able to go to the YouTube for desktop site and then go into the YouTube studio and go through analytics and studio features that way mobile safari will not let me it kicks me out into the YouTube app every single time staying with Google Drive there is a Google Drive app but I want the desktop app with all the desktop features and the desktop UI and I can't do that in the default browser there's no trackpad or Mouse support in iOS at all so the keyboard works great if you have one but you can plug in any Mouse in the world and it won't do anything and then the USB C port you'd think would unlock a world of possibilities of connecting all kinds of accessories and being able to talk to them through the iPad first of all Thunderbolt accessories don't work at all like they would on a laptop only USB type-c does so you can plug in a display for example but this is something you could already do with lightning and still all it will do is mirror the display but now it's up to 5k so the closest I can get to my ideal scenario at least with creative stuff on the iPad pro is photo editing actually so my camera of choice is a Hasselblad x1d it has a USB type-c port so when I plug it in to the iPad pro nothing happens it actually it just starts charging the camera so while that's a letdown I basically will have to take the SD card out and I have a USB see two SD card adapter I plug that in then I get to import the file it goes into photos I can bring that into Lightroom and then I can do all my edits with the raw file and editing on the iPad pro is easily my favorite way of editing photos with the pencil with the awesome hundred twenty display it's great but that's exactly what I could do with the Lightning port before in fact there's virtually nothing really new that I can do with the USBC port on the iPad pro that I couldn't already do with a lightning adapter all I'm doing is getting rid of the dongles and I love that I don't need a $40.00 Lightning dongle anymore but thanks to iOS it doesn't mean as much now as I think it could in the future so basically this iPad pro the hardware like I've said it's crazy it's great it's better than a lot of laptops it's better than Apple's cheapest laptops actually but it's definitely still an iPad it does all the same things that the previous iPad pro did just better and that is like a textbook like great thing to say about a product it's it's all better than what it did last year but like this conversation of or at least what Apple tries to do of comparing it to laptops over and over again puts it in a weird space and I've seen people who's who's creative workflows happen to fit this iPad pro into the puzzle of what they do perfectly I'm so jealous of those people there's people who will sketch for hours on the iPad pro who are DJs on the iPad Pro who are doing video editing on the iPad Pro and if it does meet your needs for that then this is an incredible an incredible iPad this all has me thinking about two things one maybe iOS 13 when that comes out will really turn the iPad into it's its true form its final form it'll unlock the USB C port to do way more things it'll have better file management it'll do all these things to get it closer to a main computer maybe and to when is Apple gonna start putting their incredibly powerful chips in Macs like in the new MacBook Air which is running and slightly underpowered Intel chip maybe that's coming in the future sometime soon maybe but until then this is just the greatest iPad ever thanks for watching talk to you the next one peace
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