One Month Baby Update!

  • Published on: 2019-01-10
  • - Hey everyone, I'm Colleen Ballinger, and I had a baby a month ago- That's crazy! Now obviously I have a lot of home videos, Did Rachel do that when she was a baby? So, today, I want to document everything how cute and tiny and perfect he is! and see what he's like when he was a baby during the first month of his life. So, hi Flynn in the future, I don't know or 10 years old, or 20, or 30, or maybe you never watch this. But hello, I love you, you're perfect, thanks for making my life way better than I could ever imagine. (laughing) I am so sorry that this is the world that you were born into, Flynn. too much so far. and about being a new mom in this video in the first month of his life. Okay, let's get started. So, Flynn was born on December 10th, 2018, (record scratch) 19 inches? I don't know inches. you didn't get my brains. so I think he was like almost 20 inches, I'm pretty positive. since he was born. He is perfect, and I'm obsessed with him, and I cannot imagine my life without him, all he does is poop and cry and sleep, and if you think that, you're correct. (laughs) but there's a few other fun things too. sleep, eat, poop, and cry. The first couple weeks, Flynn never cried. and that was it. which my baby was born three weeks early, But then, he learned how to cry. (Flynn crying) - Flynn is a very good crier. He cries a lot. I mean, same, so, I feel you, Flynn. we try swaddling him up, he loves being in a really really tight swaddle. obviously we tried feeding him, usually that's what he wants. to his chest, and it pushes out his farts, but I knew he was hungry. so I was rolling his little legs and he farted literally like thirty times, It woke Erik up, like his farts, he was like, "Is that you or Flynn?" I was like, "It's Flynn!" and it's usually one of those things. and babies, they just cry. So the things that Flynn likes. Flynn loves white noise. what we hear every night. (loud white noise) Literally, this is how loud it is. he loves music. by playing the ukulele and singing to him, he loves classical music. he stops crying. 16 years old and babysitting a little kid, this is the best feeling in the world, I cannot wait to be a mom. 'cause I can't believe I have a baby, and I just love him so much. that I just got through talking about that without crying, so, way to go. the last time I tried to film this. he's not going to do that anymore. (exhales) Okay. Oh god, I really need sleep. Flynn loves to escape a swaddle. Flynn loves having his hands by his face, his eyeballs, he loves poking in his ears, he's just always this, all the time. So when you swaddle a baby, you wrap them really really really really tight, because that's how they were in the womb, creep up out of the swaddle and be like... He's a good little escape artist. (record scratch) Wait, contrasting? Contrasting... It's contrast, but it's contrasting... Now it just sounds weird. What is it? Is it contrasting or contrasting? (gasps) Oh my god, I don't know what it is. Wait, am I thinking of contraction? I'm a mom now, welcome to motherhood, where you can't speak English, apparently. Anyway, he likes colors that contrast, by black and white things. Things he hates: Flynn hates having his diaper changed. He hates having his clothes changed. Basically, if you disrupt anything the loudest screams you ever heard. in the universe, he hates it. Like literally, immediately shuts up, like he will be screaming bloody murder and He hates tummy time. he's very strong, he's really good at it, he lifts his head all the time, But he hates it, he cries the entire time, he fusses the whole time. When baby is crying, Mommy is not happy, so Daddy is in charge of tummy time, and I usually need to leave the room. he rolled over! four months old or something like that, and he literally rolled over. that he was like, "Bitch, I'm done!" And he rolled himself onto his back, but I'm his mom, so... with most babies is the way he talks. (babbling noises) like coo coo sounds. he grunts, like a pig. Like straight up, my kid is always like, (grunting noises) We love it, we're always laughing at him snorting and grunting like... (grunting noises) extremely frustrated. One thing I'm really fortunate about is he's a really good burper. I feel very fortunate because some babies he's an okay sleeper, knock on wood. (taps on wooden floor) he's gonna do that anytime soon. The longest he's ever slept is four hours, and that was a stretch. Luckily, my incredible mother has been helping me out so much. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I have my mom, I have Kory, My mom has been a saint. in the middle of the night with a bottle, because I am a pumping queen. These boobies are full. Ew, I hate myself. Ew, I just remembered how I said that like my son might watch this in the future, (gasps) I'm so sorry, Flynn. Some of my favorite memories with Flynn but also how he sleeps. and, I mean, he will instantly fall asleep And it makes me so happy. and I hope he never stops. so thanks Flynn for that laughter. So, baby boys just will, pee. to shield it with a diaper, with a rag, we have pee pee teepees that you put on, you try everything to get this pee to not go on you, it still does. and into his crying mouth. is just when he's finished feeding. at night that is my breast milk, and he does a kissy face. He does this every single time he's done breastfeeding, he'll go... (twinkle sound effect) imagine a cute baby doing that, not me. But, just, it's so cute, he's just like, and he lifts his eyebrows up he's like... 'cause it's just the cutest thing ever. about the first month of Flynn's life, I feel like since Flynn came, Erik and I and we laugh constantly. and we just laughed at how much he pooped. "Erik, come here and look at his face," in the whole world, he never complains, in the middle of the night we'll wake up while I'm feeding the baby and be like, he can to be helpful. that's my only complaint with you, because if you weren't so perfect, all I can focus on is you because out of my boobs, so I'm gonna go do that. I might be slow getting videos up make sure to subscribe, like this video, so make sure to follow me on there. (soft ukulele music)
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