• Published on: 2019-01-01
  • what's up guys what's up guys what's up guys what's up guys what's up guys what's up guys we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back think about it feels used if we look at you all right hope hey sup guys the worst there's something that I want to say I don't blow my hair to something so I found most of the wood that I'm gonna need oops oh you better have anything you wanna come back in here alright so we're gonna run it we're gonna looks dan was really sorry about this no but I think you can stop no oh I'm so sorry all right this sucks just digging I love digging ok so they can poke the tip you can just stick the tip I love sticking the tip and you up stick it in your dip no don't want that let's do it okay we good tape I said they use tape in the first place screaming sobbing idiot it's the blow your nose seven books it is you still feel me yeah don't do that since I love you so much and I'm your brother I'll dedicate you my whole entire ass yet something here you get a little bit stupid on face oh okay thanks I do feel bad for even cuz he does have a predisposition to being stupid he because his brother stupid I think is you the wrong word [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] they stay popular this duck table use a dog in your haunted house by ourselves us and monsters okay you bought a very pointy shoulder bones interesting things you learn when you touch somebody need your phone for it's not there wait let's do drugs going great testing testing testing test test tell me if I'm crazy but I don't think this thing fits the aesthetic he claims to be like an interior designer or something okay here we go let's do it we're back what are we sick we'll worry about how do I even do we're back we're gonna do we're back we're just gonna do something new this time okay so there's no reason to do because we're all right let me let me say it the West was the forest specific reeds unless it was a forest I'm going crazy what do you say we go get something to eat do the bucket around you guys be quiet I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm really fucking hungry right now we got a bank no that's bad oh-ho I just got you guys just don't shut up it was no I'm kidding I'm so hungry guys oh my god first stroke feels good you see differently yeah I shouldn't say like that puck what do three you didn't wrap my pants did you that I did not we didn't have uh I just was too busy actually oh wait don't follow you don't love you know he's running around the house not available in Spanish Pina Pina Pina Pina Pina Pina Pina Pina Pina this dog which is great it's like kind of cozy what do I say just I would just go yeah no don't do that we can't put it you blurted it out where that we gotta burn that out it has also been described as an inversion and eversion as an adverse n' aversion look it like the smooth part of like the part that seeks that you keep going like this it is going on your face that was funky look good and in the funky way wait boys are you guys Jimmy first yeah are you hurt are you okay but now I'm just really hungry well good thing we're going to do mukbang right now uh you guys just hit me are you good what is it doing wait what all right perfect now it'll show James Tague selfies also to show my folio my so we'll have so James has this bad picture and we're gonna pretend that we saw this on the side of the room but it's really just James we're gonna pick him up yeah go James hey hey what's up sister we're actually going we're actually gonna mukbang I hub right now you want to come oh geez let's practice for this job interview hi I'm Ethan you got a sweaty hand Ethan sorry you got earrings you didn't get a boy bed so why do you have a beard so I see you have some tattoos yes I did are you a criminal no okay cool you have chocolate in the side of your mouth oh it's beans hello can i thinka for a nice dinner tonight you should call me leave at home come would work right now you have ready to come your boy all right dude it's intense bro I might've feel just a little bit of you help me or leave me no smile come on [Music] alright we're going to go in there and we're to change together and we're to come out do some books berries so I'll see you guys there [Applause] by space peace peace [Music] you so you guys just saw that animation right it's new it is does it maybe it have something to do with our announcement well you guys made it you made it to the end of not only the boob real but 2018 if you were here with us for entire journey through 2018 you would know that we had some pretty confusing times followed by some pretty amazing times and that is all thanks to you guys you guys made this year is the greatest year of our entire lives now for the moment that we've been with you guys about B announcement and we didn't need to tease you and please don't think that this is gonna be more of a tease it's not let's give it a little drumroll well epic time this was actually our last yearly bloopers but that's because we're doing weekly work posted bloopers pretty much weekly and it's not just like at the end of our videos you're getting two videos a week one on our real Channel and one if you're a channel member but Ethan what does channel member mean if you guys sign up to be a channel member you'll be getting exclusive videos which will be bloopers after every single Tuesday video but that's not all Grayson well then what else is it you'll be getting much discount codes that is merch discount codes so if you guys like shopping on our merch store you will be getting merch discount codes along with these weekly bloopers if you sign up to be a channel but that's not a there's what the pool would talk about there's more we have to do more you have it anymore really yeah we have to uh we've to like you know put out some messages on there yeah if you've seen our community posts the really horribly putty cringe ones you're gonna be getting more of those yes but not only those we're gonna be talking about just kind of anything give you guys life updates what's going on with the channel maybe asking you guys what kind of videos you'd like to see all on members tab so if your child member you also get access to those posts what I thought I thought of something else we would do more no don't you stop there but no no no no I don't want to do all that stuff it's gonna be a lot to manage you do because did you come on what sometimes they're gonna be getting you just spit basically we're gonna be posting behind the scenes photos of a video that is big film or has been filmed so you guys can see what kind of stuff we were up to behind the scenes and get an inside look don't at what we felt if you guys want to sign up to be channel men but they also get their own channel but we're bad news depending on how long they were a channel member now that you say that it reminds me they're also getting their own custom emoji that you guys are you're getting your own custom abode II said that you can use inside of our super chat when we do our Beresford videos which we'll be doing probably once a month just like the one that we did on this video the emojis are gonna be like our face is making all different types of expressions so you could use those at the Super chat and we're gonna be talking chatting with you guys hanging out having fun before and after our videos come out this feature is coming out pretty soon guys very soon it could be it could be days it could be a week but it will most likely be a week in a couple days get ready guys channel members is coming at you again you got weekly bloopers emojis badges merch discount codes pictures texts and all that good stuff so yeah with that being said unfortunately there'll be no blooper reel next year so you might want to get the weekly bloopers if you want yeah so thank you guys for watching this video hope you enjoyed thank you for making our 2018 the best year of our lives and see you next year I know I know it is you fuck you joke sucks anyway I didn't want to use it bye bye peace peace peace okay come on peace
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