Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?

  • Published on: 2019-01-03
  • hey what's up guys I'm could be HD here and this is the Xiaomi me mix 3 may have heard of it it's not really like anything else I've seen in a while why you may ask I mean it's really addicting like anyway let's get into it so the me mix you may remember that name from the first me mix video I did two years ago that kind of blew up it was one of the first bezels phones or he may have picked up that this one my runner-up for the best design award in 2018 now I want to be perfectly clear this isn't a review of the whole phone this is just a deeper look in another notch avoidance technique that's become one of my favorite so on this race 2 bezels phones we have the standard notch everyone knows it we have the teardrop notch we have the infamous bathtub we have the selfie pop-up we have the motorized chassis and now we have this the manual slider and I got to be honest this is one of my favorite ways to do it so the slide motion is spring-loaded as you'd expect so it kind of snaps into place and that's what makes it click and that's what makes it this super addicting motion and also every time you do it with the volume on you get this sound effect and a lighting effect along the sides of the display where automatically opens the front-facing camera and then when you close it as you can see it closes the camera and that makes perfect sense because that's really the only thing housed in this particular slider the back facing camera is already around the back available anytime and there's no face unlock on this phone so no IR blaster it has a fingerprint reader on the back already so basically the only thing you need the slider for that you can't fit in this already tiny top bezel is the dual front-facing cameras and yes that is an LED flash for your love light selfies and actually the only thing I can get the second front-facing camera to work with is selfie portrait mode so it's not like a second wide-angle front-facing camera or anything crazy or useful like that but basically just another sensor for better depth detection so like I said this this race for the apparently ideal bezel a smartphone of the future has spawned some of those interesting stuff doing it this way has its own set of and cons the upside of being a manual slider of course instead of a motorized one means no motors so a lesser chance of failure it's just Springs and I'm pretty sure this motion back and forth is guaranteed for hundreds of thousands of repetitions whereas a tiny motor activated by software I can't be quite so sure and I'll also say the satisfaction of this click enos this addicting feel it's not the only phone that slides like this but this is definitely the most 2019 a slider can get the downside though is it still is a moving part most smartphones have zero moving parts so the chance of failure is greater than zero and obviously it will increase with any sort of debris or anything that might get into this mechanism you got to be careful about that although I guess with this one it's not the end of the world because if it fails you're just losing your front-facing cameras and some people might not really take that many selfies anyway so if you're that person maybe it doesn't matter as much to you also another doubts that would be cases for this phone is probably not gonna get that many and not just because it's a slider but more because it's just not as popular of a line of phones but there is one that Xiaomi makes that comes in the box which is cool and it works perfectly the bottom is opened up so the slider mechanism works perfect and it's more grippy than glass so if that's your style then you're in luck and actually that brings up one of the more under echinus things about this phone this is a really slick phone it's really slippery and there are other really slippery phones but that matter is more with this one see there was another slider phone a couple years ago this is called the BlackBerry Prive yes I still have mine and this was also a vertical slider same mechanism with the thin display at the front and then the rest of the components in the back still spring-loaded and of course it had a full on physical keyboard so then what they did with the back of this phone is they made it super grippy it's this tacky rubberized finish like this is literally the grippy astone I own and I made a lot of sense to do because slide the phone open and close need a lot of moving around the phone in your hands so to have a grippy phone to be able to do that just felt more secure that way but this me mix three is basically all mirror glass and it's not as dramatic of a slide as the full physical keyboard but that's a little more dangerous in the hand if you have such a slippery back and then course it's double dangerous because glass breaks so the slippery back is a legit downside it's a con here but maybe other phones that do this in the future will use different materials or different finishes o than that though it's just a fascinating idea that you can buy into right now if you want again it's a moving part and I'm pretty sure a single grain of sand or just enough debris getting in here would eventually become a problem it's hard to show on camera but if you look at the right angle you can actually see light passing through the inside of this phone which is kind of scary oh and also another thing I found interesting about me mix 3 obviously you don't need two ear pieces but it kind of looks like this phone does have that it looks like the bottom one in the thicker part of the phone is the real ear piece and the top part is just this grill that's just a hollow pass through so when you slide it up it passes right through which is clever and it makes sense Xiaomi doesn't use the earpiece as a second speaker anyway so it's not used that much it's also six point four inch OLED display 3200 milliamp-hour battery Snapdragon 845 six SIG's of ram dual front-facing and dual rear facing cameras I mean it's a solid phone again it's not a review but if you do want to buy into this idea now it's not a horrible idea you can do it but what do you think of the whole slider thing should more phones be doing this but with better materials maybe I don't hate it let me know what you think also let me know if you think of these shorter but more like regular topical videos I think they're a lot of fun either way thanks for watching Doxey guys the next one base
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  • Amir Redzuan

    hey apple, heard that you are the best when it comes to privacy, TOO BAD YOU CAN'T HIDE A CAMERA

  • Baris Suvakci

    Searched the WHOLE WIDE WEB and nothing about Mi 9 from you. NO go for me before you do a review :D

  • ?????

    Right now I have 376 pictures and 0 of them are taken with front facing camera so tbh I wouldn't care if it breaks🤣

  • Matt Terriah

    The back isn't glass, it's ceramic. Most scratch resistant back on any phone. Very nice materials

  • Shaggmeister

    How in the fuck does Samsung and Apple think their notch design is a better way of doing full bezeless.

  • Matthew Maifrini

    Apple: $1,500 no headphone jack and big notch and non durable Xiaomi: $550 headphone jack no notch Choose your battles

  • Double Dipper

    *Been using cellphones for more than ten years now and never have I ever wanted to take a selfie.*

  • Peter Kenrick Sy

    I will wait for the Mi MIX 4. I dont like the chin at the bottom but I like the Sliding Screen feature it has

  • Junnan Shimizu

    It's actually not spring loaded, magnets are used for the slider

  • stranger danger

    The cameras on my Mi Mix 2s are amazing I mean going to neck to neck with well know high end phones. The sensor on the 3 must be better. Thinking of getting the the version

  • Nefff

    More slider phones plis! This thing is amazing all around but the android....

  • Cachito Nesher

    thanks for the review, the only thing and most importent one is missing! how are the speakers? if it has strong and loud speakers then its good! i do not use the phone on head only over speaker phone! samsung phones i hate, cause the speakers are low even on the highest volume, so please let me know about the speakers on this phone! thsnk you!

  • Braadkuiken

    Has anybody found a case that intentionally blocks the sliding mechanism?