Going Undercover As Our Own HATERS!

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • alright starting with my hand in front of acres of a new video let's go gotta know Grayson what the hell use this spit oh no its water okay alright we're back it's something that you know we've been feeling kind of down lately you accidentally read some hate comments you know as youtubers and you know Dolan twins we we actually can't come and still get to us that's not the truth I just can't believe this there's people like that out in the world that would leave those hateful comments alright then what satisfaction does someone get out of making someone feel like I don't know man well why don't we find out in this week's video where we go undercover as don't win haters you know we've gone undercover before and we talked to our followers and that was that was pretty funny you just burp I know excuse yourself excuse me but we're wondering what would happen if we went undercover and talked to our haters and they didn't know it was us would they still hate the person that they were talking to we're pretty much gonna jump inside the mind of our haters basically we have to get really pissed off at one another and start picking apart little things that we hate about each other and ourselves well this is gonna be a really mentally healthy video I'm Wade you know it's gonna be really funny well seeing if people get like really defensive over us and what they say to us like our like our fans are gonna who usually usually protect us when we get hated so thank you guys for that love you are going to attack us our goal is to befriend a hater and have them like us and then get our fans to hate us where we just start by making two big accounts one on Instagram as as a don't maintainer and one on Twitter and then from there ruin a post really mean things about ourselves and then find other hate accounts and people who hate on us and post really mean things about us and agree with what they're posting and support them for the hate that they give us and then slide into their DMS and be like yo we get hate those wins what's good so right now it's night time we're going to set up the accounts post bunch of heat that on them then we're gonna sleep on it we're gonna wake up and see if we got some hater bytes okay so we are about to set up our Twitter hate account I think that we should name it something something trendy that most haters do and they like they cancel people yeah cancel or exposed we should do Dolan's or can't zones are canceled Dolan's or cancelled I've seen haters try to cancel us before and you know don't appreciate it but now I'm gonna try to cancel us by Oh like his Dolan's are canceled that could be like a phantom people can be Oh as a fan account abaya you have to know that you hate the Dolan twins I hate Dolan that's okay that works you know what for like YouTube like thumbnails you know what people like expose someone or like making YouTube videos exposing or it is over part anything it's only like that person will take a distorted face yeah yet some horrid old twins Instagram you have that one in distorter faces okay I'm gonna pee while you do this real quick okay thanks I'm here on base tune and I'm going to distort our faces right like that do you mind no no here we go [Music] all right let's get enough all right here's the profile picture for Dolan twins are canceled we started off with some with some mean tweets those twins these twins are so boring I don't know how many was so boring I don't know anyone since IDK why they even have one subscriber if you guys want to subscribe right now the the subscribe button is down below if you subscribe and help us out a lot don't be like don't be a don't be like Dolan's or cancel just subscribe to please please it really helps us out and it really helps us not notice the people like this here person tweet need to be telling me now right there videos suck TBH I'm so boring and long do people even watch them perfect good okay I'm gonna call us out right now now ready to reply to some tweets of ours Grayson said do you guys think I should keep my mustache after no-shave November I'm gonna say no shave your whole face whole face right now someone said damn one more month of being a teen to F yeah seems more like one that I don't ask I'm being for you imbecile more than before temporary limited your account features your account will be restored we literally just got our account canceled because we're probably hating okay I'm just gonna make no bio cuz I've got time for that I'm a hater I have a time for anything I'm so busy right now okay wait I'm gonna go through and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna start thing I'm gonna start with a bunch of fans right now okay in the meantime I'm gonna create the hater Instagram account we need a profile picture for this account we do oh my gosh what if we did a picture of us like this yeah good old little pigs after we just reunited except put X's over faces exposing exposing yes just the X Dolan's with a Z yes exposing Dolan what about this revival unoriginal bicycle seat face s head ass balls I think that's perfect okay I think that's great too I think we need to post some troll photos of us on this account yeah but but they want to know there needs to be like some subset maybe I'll scream Johnny like a YouTube video and then you should write text underneath in right like the real truth behind the Dolan twins is that they only care about money money yes money yes yes this is perfect doing red so it's more noticeable yeah the real truth the Dolans ones only care about money do that's good it's true I don't know I don't know how some of you delusional people don't see there-there fakeness post I'm gonna tag us if anyone's going to our tags they can see yes that's good yeah oh yeah I'm gonna leave some nasty comments under my photos and then you should go to Fanta constantly how do you even like them and stuff like that true I'll just comment on my last photo these guys are mad ugly and boring and boring yeah that's good now let's go to some fan accounts alright this was posted four hours ago hey guys so I made this account my first post welcome to this account okay let's just comment on someone's first day as a fan account I kind of feel bad believeth hate comment why did you make this account to support such idiots yes don't you know their truth about them that they are relevant they are irrelevant yes oh gosh damn it's kind of sad this was posted one day ago okay he's actually the cutest human being I'm crying he's so ugly what to find the most recent posts about me I'm gonna go to the things that I'm tagged in on my actual Ethan Dolan account and then I'm gonna comment on those that's a good idea photos don't wins X fans it's a bunch of like meeting grief photos why would anyone ever want to meet them they're so boring we go to this this is a new edit that we just got tagged in duh come on think like a hater to one what would with the paper clip stupid necklace is that safety pin yeah maybe your stupid the one with the safety pin stupid necklace probably has coffee breath and wood that's so random what sorry son really that random right now this color is pretty just comic comics hot stupid merch then no one's gonna get our merch but you can on dole's ones calm that's it it's on there that was the stoop that was the worst merch firmly done it's so good March well since we just shat on our merch in this videos we'll have to wait to talk about now so please go get our merch it's so good merch and it's super out ticket merch in the description I'm wearing it right now it's also it's it's top cop notch quality embroidery on the back and the front we're to search certain keywords and see if we could what we got a reply they said have you ever thought that you are cancelled um no so many replies tomorrow this is gonna be hilarious yeah we don't follow us I don't even think they notice I would never be like why do you even support these kids why do you even support these get such filth now it's time to follow a bunch of people who hate us I do like who who even are the Dolan twins so someone who's saying that must hate are the Dolan twins whoever tweets this sentence definitely hates us totally all right this person says why do people care about random celebrities I don't understand who the don't wins are are might as well follow them exposing to them until lately you might have seen good twins been acting weird lately and I have all the tea that doesn't know who you guys think they're they're not even and not even bright you understand what I made I see right through their act give me the oh we better wake up with tea tomorrow don't winds boring boring people whose cause boring when they hit us 40 likes 40 likes enough steel to do the leg ball them alright so now Grayson and I or to continue doing this all night long we're gonna jump into the mind of a real hater and sit in our beds behind a phone screen and say mean things we're gonna keep responding to people with hate and then tomorrow we're gonna try to make friends with the hater we're just going to stir the pot a little bit but stir up this let's serve this pot like something like well let's boil up this kettle of hate tea alright guys it is the second day I continued with the hate calm and everything I actually got disabled from posting comments because I'm pretty sure a lot of people reported my page we're gonna open our accounts for the first time today we slept on it last night you said good sleep at all last night I'm Restless I have literally needed to wake up and film this video so I can fight you figure out whose pages they commented on and going DM them off my personal and tell them how much I love them trying to try not to give it away too much that I'm the hater just a random act of love because I feel really bad someone responded to me when I said their video suck to be honest so boring and long how do people even watch them it's a picture of James with the star the Hollywood's a Hollywood star that he got you know so proud of him for getting that and then they they edited it to say show me where I asked I responded someone saying they said no offense but who we've got all the dumb twins I said I don't even know they are irrelevant so we responded with like a wacky picture of Spongebob decision it's like that mean IDE I don't even though they are irrelevant kind of just mocking me I prove that that's funny that's like you're not being negative you're just making them look stupid that's so funny though they have no idea that that's us I know tico Dolan said you're honestly so irrelevant it's cute do you go Dylan shoutout to you Alexa sister T shut up to you every ever last grey shoutout to you for defending us grace got a response back from from Audrey embarrased Dolan when he said why do you even support such filth but and she said what that's such a good response to a hater did you say what good Dolan twins are filth and disgust okay while we're waiting for Aubree's response we're gonna get on Ethan's Instagram I think you got a little bit more action than my Twitter page so it's let's see what you said let's first check my comments fine so I posted the real truth the dolmens only care about the first comment uses you I find it very funny that you say this but I don't support calling what it's funny that you said it to us but just don't waste your time and other haters and say things like this other people it shows that you're like kind of like pissed off and that's what the other person wants for example like I know so much about this because I try to piss Grayson off a lot on the daily and when I get into the point where he's like you like I know that I want so you but like yes to multi dog says um please stop smiling okay the next comment is actually really good this one comes from the Dolans three so why are you hating on them one follower says why are you hating on them you see that puts me on the spot because normally of haters and stuff like that internationals they don't really have a reason to be doing what they're doing it's because of issues with their self and then when you make them recognize that they're doing that because of issues with themselves maybe they'll back off a little bit you don't have to waste your time with haters but that is a good move you have any DMS let's see no no to request why do you just want attention on hating the donk wins because it's pretty stupid it and that's like you're asking for it because I love attention oh hi why do you eat the dorm quince because their faces are annoying the even one is Crimson Chin some another thing about haters is that they're extremely hypocritical so I commented on this edit of Grayson and I said why did you take the time to make this these guys are awful people why can't you see that oh my god I kind of feel really bad by saying dude but you're an ass I know you have no clue grateful I am for you taking the time to make something you can make edits of us like that's actually like it boggles my mind every single day and I love you guys so much thank you guys so much for the support well actually why do you take the time to comment under my post the twins inspired me okay thank you guys what's fun who is this Bailey ex Dolan's shout out to you if you guys want go follow that person they're awesome why do you take time to do an account for the twins where you say that they only do it for money how do you know that have you ever met them I love you so much all right I'm gonna go to my actual account and the MU right now and tell you how much I love you okay okay clear that up anyone who commented on myself on this account I want you to know that I love you I'm gonna check and see if I got a reply to that diem nope doesn't look like always try to waste your time you know what I think it's time for a greasy nose well I don't think it was time for nose blow time but all right when you get back I'll tell you drinking you know what it's time for what's the time for to get a hater to say that like us let's make it a little bit more every wedding it's time for it to get a hater to say they like us we all Burgess responded I'm sorry you think that but it's not going to change my opinion on them goodbye you win win you want Aubree now back to getting a hater to like us or I said hey do it now hater I'm gonna go find more and say hey to them too come on I gotta get more haters after we get a hater to like say that they like it should we send them a selfie oh my god should we I got a B M no it's just high with two eyes I followed you back thank you I really appreciate it I'm trying to grow my account you know just trying to get all those haters in O'Malley of all up let's go message for message okay okay I know it's so artists because Twitter too deletes followers every day I'm Kira by the way okay I like that name I hate it to be 800 they hate everything even their own name you know what I hate they're not there come on back here ah should he send question marks yeah yeah yeah spill it man ha kinda thought that's out worse cuz the towing twins I said it I said it where did they go they keep everybody playing hard to get now I'm falling for it this is the moment of truth you see that really hate us or if they were just jumping on the bandwagon oh yes I saw your name and Jose I hope they had your icon sent me they look like issa right I do have T on them , lots of it but first , somebody comes such a run-on sentence yeah do you hate them yes what do they even do what do we even do I don't know I guess I have a point there a lot of pointless stuff all right so we found out that this person wine oh no they are like all over James Charles that's how I see them in their 12 year old fans I feel bad for them being in that fandom to be honest why okay what should I say to this what do you hate most about them yeah let's let's find out what they hate most about us do people actually stay on their phones and just talk about this stuff like about Haiti one after the other to a random person another random hater so they think I don't know I don't even like know them but I guess their faces frog for a frog of it so you're saying we look like frogs they're typing again I'm gonna say Crimson Chin oh my god she's she's a red what does that mean is that what we look like cheese pizza bread isn't she's a bread just pizza I think so Crimson Chin I think we should see if they have any tea about us before initially initially mother cry or anything I'm not crying anything you sure that's already good news you good back there yeah your voice with my tea on them do you have any tea on them did you why they're not funny yeah they're not funny I'm not laughing just said so bad so bad anymore t not really see they don't even ghost about us are you sure about that okay so oh I don't know they like only care about money why is this a thing it's had a big like it's bad how do you know I don't I literally could give up less apparently they only wear Gucci lol you know what we're actually we're your dorm twins crewneck do you get a dolmens comm better than gucci it's not Gucci like they throw out shirts after wearing them once it's that bad bad bad let's see if this person really hates mean Ethan so I said I actually kind of know them in real life really how I wish I had more for you I just know that they are fake oh yeah well I have more for you I'm gonna say a lot of tea can you chill out is your nose okay dude it's like sup getting so emotional abuse - it's okay allergies know one thing it is I'm gonna say Oh get them really excited now we'll keep it between us how bad do you want to know because this is the boiling hot haha just tell me oh man okay before I tell you I need to know that it will stay between us so that's so dot that dot are we friends are we friends yes exclamation point look she please okay the final setup do you like me said it all right well I guess alright chill for a sec so far so yes or no so yes let's take this one victory selfie thank you no no not at all warmest 19 bro yeah how can we be immature you can no longer send direct messages to this purse wait what dub that's a dog yeah they blocked this we got them so good okay guys I just wanna make a disclaimer after we film this video don't go out on social media looking for hate or looking for people who are hating on us just completely ignore them that is our that is our one wish just please do not engage with any haters we're here to spread positivity and then hopefully you guys will spread positivity as well and we'd be a great job at that so thank you so much and just continue to do that ignore the negativity it's not worth it we're wiping these accounts right now because we don't want the negativity or anything to be out there remain positive Bri each other up bring everybody else around you and ignore he and stuff like that tell everyone who I wasn't hater and commented shitty stuff about myself on their post I'm sorry about sorry I love all of you guys very sorry thank you guys for being mature and funny about it love all you guys and we'll see you guys next week on Tuesday Wow we pulled that dude we did it that was that I wouldn't have a view like this peace [Music] all right you've stopped crying recent stop crying what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop and click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's sold good merch super
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