Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

  • Published on: 2018-11-07
  • and that's "average." [LAUGHTER] that he hooks up with. for the first time ever. perform with them on the field. Go learn the thing. And so please enjoy. [MUSIC PLAYING] He works hard every day. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] And I'm Andy. [LAUGHTER] Good? [MUSIC PLAYING] I have to do all this? Now, everyone, face front, good. You're now getting pumped. Hi, I'm Andy. Andy, I'm John. How do you do? How are you? Please help me. I'm going to help you. [LAUGHS] And 3, 4. 2, hit, 3 and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now, we walk. So here's where we're at. I'm feeling very nervous. movement to be honest with you. No matter what-- I feel like they're more fit. How long's the whole bit? What is this one, a minute-10? Oh, OK. too. OK, good. [LAUGHTER] You got me feeling hella good. So let's just keep on dancing. 3, 4, good, Andy. That was good. [CLAPPING] Lot of clapping. Turn to the front, 5 and 6. [CLAPPING] All right. You know what Ellen never does? What's it? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you think it'll fill up? was pretty much the turnout. [LAUGHS] Erin who came with me today. I begged her. She was waiting. She made no plans the whole day. And I never ended up rehearsing. She knows the entire dance. Yeah. 4, turn around and clap on 8. get your knee, walk around, 1. [MUSIC PLAYING] What? You're gonna go get changed. What, I guess it's all in here. It's all in there. All right. Hi. [LAUGHS] How unflattering is it? [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] I don't either. [LAUGHTER] How do you hide it? [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] in Southern California. [CHEERING] Oh god. [LAUGHS] Help me. Remind me something. Tell me something good. We're behind by 7. We need this. OK, got it. The Rams needs you. They need me. They need you. OK. Be ready. Oh my god, the quarter's over. I know. This is now? It's now Go, go, go, go. Oh god. [LAUGHS] Oh god, help me. Come on, Andy. Yeah, Andy. All right, here we go. [CHEERING] "I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL"] Andy, go. Come on, Andy. I love rock and roll. I love rock and roll. [CHEERING] I love rock and roll. I love rock and roll. [LAUGHS] [CHEERING] Singing I love rock and roll. I love rock and roll. [APPLAUSE] [CHEERING] All right, thank you. Oh my god. What happened? What just happened? Bye! I feel so encouraged. with that. For the LA Rams, 29-27 win. Andy! Andy! Andy! You hear that? Ellen, Ellen? Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy! He's average in every other way. [APPLAUSE] Thanks to Andy. [LAUGHTER] Hi, I'm Andy. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]
  • Runtime: 06:34
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