Disgusting Food Makes Gordon Go To Another Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2019-01-12
  • can I get by - Joe is beginning to show his true colors I don't personally want them sorry these things up but they'd like to drop a bullet it's so found and look at this pastries brawl that is a common complaint gooey slimy Christ let me take this right out of me way show that to him sure well yeah you're welcome Wow I'm crude my ass firm chewy rubber bullets disgusting apparently there's nothing that he likes we said would talk about it okay puff pastry is about as flaky as you can fucking get right here well it still looks a little doughy to me why the elk quesadilla all right is that me yeah the queso cheese yeah yeah yeah yeah are you you're welcome enjoy thank you my god chewie tough and if there's one thing that should never go in a quesadilla it's out I got one thing to say to this case a deer adios Wow the vegetarian ravioli oh geez I'd spotted some other oil again oh geez there's the dish my least like serving Wow thanks Donny you're welcome look at this gross Wow we got has the cherries nice : let's get one thing right farm-to-table islam farm two garbage cans disgusting Amy will you show him that it's nice Cole I certainly know thank something so these are ice cold they were hot or anyone else it took me 10 seconds to get from here so they're I guess we could cook them so they're totally - I think they should be whole yeah that's how we do it right on wow that's of the day catch of the day oh jeez you have the sea bass mm-hmm one thing I did need to ask you temperature preference for your elk medallions I do mid-rare please all right welcome the fish is dry almost like his beans freezer burn that one there grease your fork in there just full of grease Amy rescue me it's rubbery and this one here heard you guys full of grease I don't know why you do a trio all the same on the same break don't agree but the biggest disappointment nothing tastes fresh a catch of the day means fresh but to me they can't taste frozen okay thanks something okay Tom it all tastes frozen does not taste fresh at all Amy this set that down right now take this out okay this foods got to get out right what's wrong he said it all tastes frozen and it should have been done in different breadcrumbs look how they fucking do it in any other way they wouldn't eat it in Ohio Wow please occlude aliens on a grilled portobello mushroom Wow oh please I'm not freezing thank you you're welcome as tough as old boots this is incredible would you put would you mind I would yeah please that is dreadful I'm sure it's so sorry that's not edible she like to know how much we charge for that this one $35 $35 Wow were you asked him to taste that okay okay thank you Wow he would like you to taste the elf very tough chewy the main item in the dish he's dead wrong that's aid self-help is going to have a bite it's going to have a chew its characteristic of it it's never going to change that is a tender piece of elephant Chef Ramsay does not know the bite of an elk and I would like to go to his restaurant where he has elk my fucking mouth is tender it's delicious what I'm trying to accomplish is from farm to fork this is how these items eat now surprised that he didn't get that on my challenge and I'm gonna say you know what my expense I'm gonna go to your fucking restaurant you make me else can you show me how to make it Joe said you are dead wrong wrong general he had two pieces he said and I quote that is a tender piece of Elvis Wow a tendency for that was tender they can eat my running shoes you know thanks for your insight okay Teddy want to get ready for dinner okay thank you very much thank you I don't talk to Joe awfully yeah okay I'm gonna have some fresh air okay I'm going out there's a local cafe nearby all ah berries uppers yep that's what the dinky Alberta berries that's what our main street Thank You doc errect Wow Chef Ramsay said he is going to get something to eat get some air and he will be back for dinner I wonder where he's gonna go get something to eat that's over eight I'm gonna go to a restaurant who gets to kill you motherfucker he's gonna leave and go get something to eat good luck go find something better you
  • Runtime: 06:41
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