Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally


  • Rosetta Berto

    7:26 - 7:40 YESSSSSS JAMES!!!!!! (I'm not a coloured skin type but) YEEEEESSSSSSS WE STAN. ✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿

  • Starry Furry artz

    Tbh idc about foundation matching loll you always look good anyway so u jst don’t need to match urself

  • JessNextDoor

    In my opinion, the best were #1 Two faced #2 Dior #3 Fenty

  • JessNextDoor

    James is literally the only youtuber that I can watch for 36 minutes straight

  • Jennifer White

    Hey Sister!! you have pink undertones. I would definitely go with either Too Faced, Dior or Fenty.

  • rae


  • Serenada Sanchez

    Ok. It’s late lmao. But I think he should go with a lighter shade bc you end up putting contour and bronzer on yunno. The milk and Dior would be good for that since it matched his neck but he should try using “light foundations with a full face or at least powders and contours

  • giany96

    I really like how dior match you skin tone 💖

  • Mayeryn Carty

    Is it just me or did the Fenty one look the best and the milk one was playing games like literally 2 colours one on his face and then another on his face.