• Published on: 2018-08-28
  • ready kitty roll yes what's up guys we're back yes sir there's our challenge let's let's not let's get the yeah don't be with James and Emma obviously that probably over cut me off here I'm the most nervous I've ever been to film a video ever I know but we're all really nervous you please just be nervous for like the video so so like shaking vibrating we are getting none of us have ever been hypnotized I have no idea what it's like I have no idea what I'm gonna say I don't want to be like an ass maybe that's a boy I don't know if it works I think I don't know until I know for myself I've never done anything to myself that makes me kind of actively besides once with the wisdom tea stuff and I went crazy I down for this I think there's gonna be so much but I am NOT nervous at all I don't know what this is going to be like in kind of like Ethan's that I don't know if this is going it to actually work I'm open-minded I'm very very open-minded I like down to do my absolute best to try to let this hop in I'm like not like that like I literally I can't meditate I can't sit still like I don't think that it'll work so obviously none of us know anything about hypnotized ation or I don't even know if that's the word hit my monitors okay so obviously none of us know anything about hypnosis and we're not hypnotized errs okay guys we've been talking about stage hypnotist Street hypnotist and I guess now I am the YouTube so we are gonna be having some fun with these guys today we're gonna talk about hypnosis a little bit demystify it what do you guys have what kind of questions do you guys have once I like snap out of it am I not gonna recollect anything that I did or say it's a good question what everybody's different some people get full amnesia and they don't remember anything remember everything like it was a dream so it's really individual for everybody tell you what hypnosis is and what it isn't okay it's it's a focused state of awareness okay you've sat down in the computer to work for 10 minutes and two hours go by where did that time though well you are awake right you were focused but time disappeared that is hypnosis even hypnotized everyday you just don't even know it driving home how did I get here you were if something happened on the road you would have reacted you were aware you wouldn't have gotten two acts even though you weren't there yeah you mind gonna handle it yes and that's all it is it's not some big myth you're gonna hear everything I have to say okay you're gonna know what I'm telling you to do the truth is if you wanted to stop the process you could open up your eyes get out of the chair and stop you're not gonna want to because what you're going to experience is so relaxing and so comforting you're just gonna want to go with it it's a really enjoyable experience it's not the coolest thing is I know if you watch the videos like this one there's a lot of entertainment there's a lot of silliness but the truth is hypnosis is the most rapid and intense way to make a change in your life and before the show ends I'm gonna give each and every one of you a chance to make a serious change that you want for yourself and nobody nobody has to know what it is you can share it if you want to afterwards but I don't need to know what it is to make that change real for you yeah it's gonna be great you guys really just have to not worry about a thing enjoy the experience you're in the best hands possible you'll have a great time ok let's do it let's do it [Music] now with your eyes closed you'll notice that you hear the sound of my voice only the sound of us what we're gonna do right now just notice direct your attention to the chair you're in complete control of everything you're gonna feel I want to direct your attention to your highness just relax those eyes down to the point where they will not work one two in this state nothing can bother you nothing to disturb you should I touch you or move you it won't disturb you you'll only help you relax and the moments I'm going to say the word eyes open when I do you open your eyes and I'm gonna snap my fingers and say do you sleep and what I do eyes will close your head will drop you'll go right back to the state of hypnosis feeling absolutely wonderful let's give it a try eyes open looking at me only in me [Music] no we're gonna go on a little journey right now does everybody sit up in your chair straight close your eyes down right now we're walking through hot desert imagine you're walking through the hot desert the first thing you noticed is a Sun you feel the Sun on your back you notice you're starting to sweat a little bit you start to fan in front of your face because you're getting a little bit hotter that Sun is coming up as you're walking through the desert and it's getting a little bit hotter you start to adjust your clothes a little bit because it's getting hotter it's getting hotter and hotter even hotter under that Sun and then now you just sleep and close your eyes and go back down deeper now the Sun is gone now it's nighttime and the desert starts to get really really cold cold and shivery and you feel the first breeze come over you and it's a little chill over your arms and you start rubbing your arms because it's getting colder out you start rubbing your hands together it's getting colder and colder and colder and you just rub your arms and you hug yourself and actually cuddle up together because you're gonna survive this evening and the cold desert storm it's colder and colder blow on your hands rub your hands together blowing your hands blow on them and then freeze freeze right where you are what's amazing is how quick the weather changes the Sun is back out again and this time it is unforgiving it is ten times hotter and now you're so sweaty flies are coming knots are coming you feel flies coming down the back of your shirt there's flies going down your pants there are Flyers going down your pants in the back of your shirt get it out get it out there in the air they're all over you and just close your eyes down and sleeve back down where you were now all that work you just did I think you guys deserve a little treat so sit up and hold out your right hand I'm going to give you a cup a magical company is gonna cool you guys off and make you feel so much better but it's a very special juice it is a giggle juice when you take a sip you are gonna go ahead and learn my lesson there before hold it in now take a sleep and go back down and sleep good this juice is gonna change its magical properties it's almost like up a Willy Wonka drink now when you take a sip of that juice it's really really sad just go ahead and take a sip and you're gonna feel the saddest emotion you've ever felt when you take a sip imagine a lost puppy lost kitten on the freeway cars coming take another sip of that juice and when you sip it feeling sadder and sadder and even sadder now take another sip of that sad juice and take a sip of that juice what's going on rub you should feel like they need to cry and it's just it's really really sad well listen it's gonna change again take another sip it's twice as funny as before it's ten times funnier than before the kitten the daughter found you feel great you feel I taught you it's even funnier and notice how much she laughing down and it is the best feeling ever it's great now sleep down right where you are okay now Ethan person I'm touching even notice you're sitting in a really hot share a super hot chair it's ten times hotter 20 times Knut look at me what's going on over there it was warm huh all right now close your eyes sleep friendly you are these are magical glasses when you put these glasses on everybody is going to be naked no clothes on when you take the glasses off their clothes come back on so you can open your eyes close your eyes and sleep Frankie we are ideal you're sitting in a freezing cold chair it is freezing your bottom it's colder and colder it's freezing cold and twice as good all right so check this out your x-ray glasses watch what happens what their clothes came off right isn't that the strangest thing ever try together just try to get you know you want to try illegal it's illegal I think it's very illegal stand here and sleep right where you are Frank try these magic glasses on check it out what do you think about those no it's working you don't think it's working yeah let's see take them off now now when you put these back on we're gonna see right through their clothes it's the weirdest thing ever check it out I still see you still see clothes what was your eyes down everybody's brains hypnosis a little different that's the magic of it genes let's see what your imagination they do for you interesting than anything look at me very interesting experiment with the x-ray glasses we're gonna do something called the hypno truth I'm gonna ask you some questions and the only answer you can give is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so even look at me who's your favorite person at everybody here - Grayson Grayson's your favorite --white this is my brother because he's your brother he's your favorite okay Grayson noise what's the most annoying thing you know you could change one thing about him what would you change okay anything else just stuttering is too stubborn this okay good I'm gonna come back to you sleep close your eyes Emma I don't have one you like them all equally good good answer now who gets under your skin the most James James and why is that cause he's sassy do you could change one thing about James what would that be nothing nothing why I'm impressed cuz I sleep good Grayson open your eyes it's no truth time so who is your favorite of all these even why is that cuz alone eleven wow you guys are right on now I'm sure he annoys you - what's the most annoying thing he does just say okay if you can change one thing about it what would you change his attitude his attitude in what way it's not to be a douchebag if you said you loved them yeah okay he's my brother he's your brother's he loved them but sometimes he is a douchebag a lot of the time so we would make him not me to be back made me to fix that today good look at me look at the hand the hair comes close you sleep down what you will not fall James so what's your favorite Easter you don't have a favorite noisy ghost even even know why she's really stubborn he's stubborn so if you can make it change that evening what would you do okay give you something else so we make him less stubborn how hot this haircut - all right these guys got some haircutting to do that's good now you look at my hand just look at my hand wonderful just like that sometimes in hypnosis we get superpowers right now I'm gonna give one of you the absolute best power this is power to read people's mind Ethan who I'm touching you have the ability in a moment you're gonna get out of this chair you're gonna put your hand on everybody's head and when you do you know exactly what they're thinking and you're gonna sing it out loud and stand up go ahead everybody can sit up and look right at even and go ahead me touch his head and tell us his thoughts what's he thinking Ethan is lazy he's thinking he's lazy you need Zama lazy he thinks you're lazy oh that's right Ethan is lazy I put your head back on his head what else is he thinking right now nothing you don't hear anything you think another thought think a deep thought pick it up I know you can feel it not getting anything try Emma said see if you get with what she's thinking about you're not getting anything her I remember them - relax try James what's he thinking okay okay come over here and have a seat and I'm gonna give you this ability right now Emma's dinner you something nothing else okay right now are you stressed out is that right yeah what else what else hi James see what you see what you get from James use those powers James is excited it was now you excited about something you feels like there's something like coming and easily anticipating it it's all right lots of good interesting see that you're good you're good all right have a seat now I'm going to transfer that power over Grayson you are now our psychic you're gonna put your hands on their heads psychic ability to read their thoughts stand up and try no you are trying not to aren't you sure you don't think about two things try even what's he thinking fish or something thinking of the fish like a fishbowl taking up a fishbowl maybe his head just feels like that I think it's both James what are you gonna get from him there's gonna be interesting good fried chicken your fried chicken no you're good you're really good at it go ahead and have a seat back in the edge and you did great now all you three just close your eyes and go back down to sleep you're doing wonderful James come here now you're experiencing a little bit later stages hypnosis right so relax again that's why work we did a little bit okay I want you to experience it even more relaxing before click oh it's okay that's good right there all right now I want you to press down on my hand and look at me in the eye completely close your eyes down let it go deeper five sit up on your chairs straight with your eyes closed now the moment you're gonna open your eyes to other people it may just look like an ordinary Mouse but to each and every one of you you are terrified of mice deathly afraid of mice and when you open your eyes you're gonna see the mouse on the floor to your left now I'm not gonna see this mouse I'm gonna walk and hear it and the closer I get to it you are gonna scream watch out for the mouse you're getting too close to it it is gonna be the scariest thing you've ever seen everybody open your eyes take a look on the floor and tell me what you see mouse mouse mouse behind you don't step on it don't step on it what the mouse mouse don't step on it it's gonna believe what if I pick it up no no what if I bring it just so touch it okay no all these guys and you can hold them out close your eyes sleep back down close your eyes good wonderful Ethan and Grayson you guys are really really hungry right now that special treat we have actually a really sweet and delicious hamburger and it's good I just made them especially for you guys and when you take a bite of this it will be the sweetest thing you've ever tasted in your life I want to try this it's so sweet and good see what you think that it's like candy it's not amazing take a bite it's so sweet how sweet is that you don't like it so much it's amazing don't you think it's amazing why don't you think it's amazing Peter your ass you are no longer a picky eater you love trying new foods they taste delicious pickiness is gone it's just happy take a bite it's delicious it's so sweet is it not it's getting sweeter with every bite isn't that crazy tasting better kind of tasting better James let's give it a try because you like really sweet foods they told me you're a fan of sweet foods so try this special burger week they made for you see you think it's delicious if you like as much as they did I think Ethan likes it better you can take another bite how much do you enjoy that they're so good close your eyes and sleep down finished chewing you're all good close your eyes and sleep and finish it yeah it's sweeter than before it is ten times sweeter so good he's really sucking it up for a real one isn't that great and here you know I'll give you a little sweet this is a sweet treat to wash it off with that is the sweetest thing you've ever tried this is sweet it is super sweet right it is the sweetest thing I've ever had alright so good you guys are so good now Ethan I'm just talking to you right now I can sit there with your eyes closed in hypnosis many things can change for you many habits change many feelings change many things you like to share change now you realize from this moment on rank album right here you love sharing dreams with people you love watching people drink out of straws you want to share in fact you only want to drink out of it unless somebody else is already drinking out of it so when you sit up you're gonna want to share this with everybody here's a nice little cup of water for you there why don't you share that with everybody take a sip doesn't it taste better like that it's crazy right see isn't it better sharing yeah it was good now close your eyes and sleep close your eyes and now I want everybody to sit up in their chairs with their eyes closed having fun playing hypnosis experiencing the creative power of your mind you are now in a place better than ever to make a real change in you and we're gonna use your mind your subconscious mind even though your conscious mind is gonna be aware of this change we're gonna go ahead and make something from it but just take a moment let your mind drift until it focuses on that one and only once you have that change in your mind to go ahead and nod your head so I know it's real everybody put your right hand out in front of you and make it fist your bond gets tighter tighter and the reason your arm is getting tighter because it's filling with all of the reasons that you have not made this change in your life right now the excuses that you've given yourself the things you didn't believe the reason you've had this problem it is all in that arm make it stronger rather than all those reasons that you didn't make this change come up the reasons why you couldn't make this change come up in a moment when I touch your arm I'm gonna break your arm releasing it let it go it's gone let it go let it go completely done now that you've removed all resistance take a deep breath in see yourself just making that change what's suggestion when I count from three to one I want you to give yourself a suggestion that will make a comment what if you needed to tell yourself what if you need to make this real for you three to stop being a little bitch it was actually meant to be in your heads but I'm glad you did out loud that makes it even more permanent and as I count from five to one you're gonna go deeper down into that change making it permanent into the very cellular level of who you are five four and as you do feel a smile come over your face right now feeling that successful feeling of how different it's gonna feel and as you do it feels really really good allow that smile to come up even stronger and zero make that change permanent close the door to the subconscious mind one coming back out of the state of hypnosis to back into the room three feeling more wide in the week four five eyes open wide awake one two three four five eyes open wide awake I guess you did great hi you guys did great that was about what 45 minutes we're done what are you started to panic right now are you a sort of allergies forgot about what's that look like what is going on yeah look at me in a moment I'm gonna count from one to five you're gonna come up out of the state of hypnosis feeling completely centered completely safe when I count from one to five you will wake up out of hypnosis feeling wonderful calm and relaxed one two three four five eyes open wide awake feeling wonderful really no like I felt like I was going in and out from it like silly certain parts that I completely forget and then other part I remember I felt in the beginning I felt like I wasn't like in it and then as it went on there was just no reason for me to not do what you're saying it was just chill I was just doing it I knew that was a lemon in there okay that's my cue orange me too I'm leftovers you're really sorry yeah it was a sour lemon I want you guys I swear was so funny and disgust me right that's going to be disgusting there was no sour you try now because I was like I think something like and then I laughed okay we don't know ever again oh cool guys keep coming back and you're still kind of coming out a little bit so you're down to like 45 minutes rip it didn't feel like that that was 45 minutes guys I just swear that was 50 the time goes like this when your honor oh my god I swear you said three things to me and I was and that's it way to remember like one thing yes alright okay guys we're making reaction video to this it's gonna come out so thank you guys for watching this is Glenn he hypnotizes as you guys saw I didn't see but it happened of the tickets word for it the wings his channel will be in the description below so you can go check that out go check him out he's so kind and he controlling this to the rest of our lives but we trust him he can use a good guys he does is just a phobia of sharing food and raises people yeah I hate I can't do that I can't share drinks no sorry don't hate me I had to do it was for your viewers before filming this we all did make a pact to make sure that we were all being completely honest with each other that none of us were going to talk about we wanted to take this as seriously as possible and I think that although we all have different levels of like going under this was a really cool experience today on you but I did it for five guys we made videos on Emma and Jesus channel again the sister Squad is back on my channel we all bye - they're really good and fresh outfits and to see who I might handle we all went to the stop you're the world we all switched and we all had to buy each other I'll stop by to see who could beat other stylist sister stylist mr. Silas we haven't filmed it yet but we're gonna act like we did go watch it and we never know what we're doing for my channel so we'll figure it out the day before alright thank you guys for watching thumbs up for hitmontop hypnosis and 300,000 oh you know what 1 million it's okay fine okay thumbs ups we will drop the reaction video a day early yeah and we won't be completely wrong and I'll expose James in it I don't even really know z4y did nothing yeah that's that's what they think this is not gonna get a million way yeah to prove James anyway we'll see you guys next week thank you for watching thank you [Music] [Applause] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video pop it up pop click on those eight cards you see right there on the subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch link in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch super
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