Restaurant Has Almost No Working Equipment | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-08
  • you ready right you all ready I'm ready everything set up I absolutely feel hope having Chef Ramsay here obviously there's something that we're doing wrong and we just need an outsider's perspective and there's nobody else better to do that than Chef Ramsay that's my work take me through yeah obviously to fry laters a grill two ovens this oven doesn't work only the one side works ready daddy got handle well yeah but it doesn't want to sleep it's going to slow that thing yeah I've got no punt that's all you don't the pilot lights don't work I mean we you know I carry the gas mask if you have enough to stay there are a lot of things that are not working as properly as they should my old sous chef used to love to rip the top oh I just do what I have to do to make it work like Frankenstein yeah tonight did you have any questions on the menu at all so far I'm gonna do the case of you at meto the computer mushroom fundido Russian fontina we go in the microwave or we're gonna do it properly [Music] [Music] yeah I'm getting really frustrated my food should be up on the line and it's not because they're I tries to do everything himself well we just are playing them up yeah oh my hell you're good for I know Greg is definitely getting backed up and it's like I'm here to help all right no there is no question that Greg works hard in the kitchen he's a blast want me to jump down there I got a bit but he also prefers working alone what which translates to painfully slow delivery of food and unhappy customers waiting 10 minutes 40 minutes Greg let me be fine right now for 3005 give me number five be tried sleep they put this legs yeah I'm working order I'm working on God there's seven of you way out there and two of us back here she's killing me yeah I figure I can't take her coming back and telling me that I'm doing it wrong or it's taking too long it's deflating me fine she's filming right now they're ok I got it after customers late as much as 90 minutes Breck finally pushes food out of the kitchen ok but when the overpriced slow food arrives it does little to please the customers she's like a bunch of greasy pork cheeks censorship blows why don't you love they came back because I can't I gotta get to screwed up okay but you need to understand what is the problem is right now I can't talk to you right now let me finish okay I don't get mad at Mary for telling me to want the customer feedback is she wants me to sort of drop everything then listen to her despite Mary's constant critiques Greg keeps it together run home stress well physical a stable right now and finishes dinner service thank you have a good night [Music] guys can you just leave us alone for two minutes please okay grace it's not the way to run a business the soup submerge into here that you don't even realize what you've taken off and you have a wife that is happy to see you do then I'm pissed with her the way that I must say she's driving you into the ground but I didn't see any support there tonight I'm sorry now there's a big difference between nagging and being supported the whole weight of this restaurant is on my shoulders you know she says hire somewhere well the money's not there no whatever what am I gonna do guys can you see with two minutes please please I'm worried he correct I don't know any other way to do it chef I've even like she sat down and said tonight I fucking need you in here whether you like or not and if I didn't know the background watching the way you two liaison each other I'd never believe that was husband and wife ever we don't act like husband always anymore it's just too dangerous but it is just it's so fragile in here it's all built around just you and between unites and assholes think no I don't make that up [Music] my family depends on I don't want to let him down you can't do on your own there has to be a way it has to be a way I can't let it fail no just can you you
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  • Boobalopbop

    Wow they definitely don't interact like a married couple. They don't seem to know each other.

  • Aida Batres

    The wife annoyed the hell out of me, she's an embarrassment to all hard working mexicans.

  • Leena Husa

    I'm trapped in a kitchen nightmare videos spiral and I can't stop watching them 😂

  • Ingrid Garcia

    I like how Gordon told the camera men to get out but yet they still got everything on the hidden cameras

  • Sara

    brO I have never seen an emptier kitchen even my 15M kitchen has more supplies than this restaurant

  • Secrets Of the past

    Sometimes I wonder if the customers are just saying what they are saying about the food because the cameras are there. like, would they think it sucked if they didn’t know it was supposed to suck?

  • Julie D

    How about the owners run their business properly instead of harassing their chefs. And give them proper equipment to work with.

  • Sheryl Brown

    Watching in 2019 . When was this from? Let me know people .

  • Mich Jean

    Here's what the sous chef did this entire service: Microwave the fundido hand the head chef the tongs dressing the salad or something?

  • McDonald's Big Mac

    They have zero business running a restaurant 😑 Like are you FUCKING KIDDING ME !