Gordon Ramsay Appalled By 'English Style Fish & Chips" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-11-14
  • ex enjoy your night my gravity beans well Amanda sorry yes two things who is there on the front cover there that's nice Denise yeah destiny is looking wonderful looking wonderful wonderful wonderful sorry Wow Denise thanks that she's a rockstar everything is just in your face Denise who would you recommend the big Bay Club it has our shrimp salad and crab cake well let's start off with that shall we okay and I'll go for the much better the moms moms Wow okay so I gotta go for the give all my fish and chips Palmer boma Palmer Palmer Palmer so some like Baltimore so you're saying it quickly Palmer Wilma it's Bo Maurice Bellamy's boss Balmerino BoBoiBoy bomber Bulma Thank You Home Coming looks amazing thank you Paul [Music] yeah that's for sure all right we can go on the Big Bang you know I used to just say you know serve a good food and the people will come this is where the shoulders taste like this is perfect well we continue to serve good food but the people don't come back is that my big bag yes are you taking that again we take it tower of seafood a big big club what's in there this is a layer of shrimp salad Pelayo um cupcakes bacon and lettuce and tomato thank you how does not easy sandwich this one I mean honestly it's question of death I surrender to break it down deconstructed Wow the crab delicious it's a very pleasant surprise let me tell you those nice layer of crap and then he's stone-cold shrimp underneath all manner of course this bit here I mean then they taste either a week old you might got their gasoline to the fridge after this it's all one hop sex he almost takes for the tainted yeah just a mess I'll leave that one done they said they said the shrimp taste that the head like a weird aftertaste her like I almost tastes like really the refrigerator these are they tastes like they're old a lot of the menu items are crap it's Denise's recipes it's the way she wants it done I don't understand this is perfect Denise never think she's wrong this was burger and that's her biggest downfall no dark it's good enough are we happy with us I'm taking this lease Stieg it Venise does what Denise wants to do and she won't listen to me she will listen to anyone else it's aggravating english-style fish and chips Wow English style holy mackerel house cut fries from fresh potatoes and what kind of fish is it cod fish cod fish okay well submissive age is greasy no okay great thank you thank you [Music] fries the name of this bird is for a fat the batter Sami doesn't stick to the fish stressful mache dry let's just drive well the whole passage is sort of almost like pills away from it those fries or shame was just so soggy with my fingers yeah we have three chips and the tastiest thing on the plate is the tartar sauce it's a big disappointment I love fish and chips Wow the cooks are doing the best that they can with the way they've been told to do things so it's nice this fall over all greasy finish by the batter is just falling off of it and I said the fries they were much changed really that's weird when he squeezed it and all this like grease all over him french fries you know you get some potatoes that are one way having a problem with a consistency of the potato I mean it's just making me crazy right give the meat luck coming off like now thanks les jeez and this one is that is a very bold statement thank you it's like a flamingo turn just landed on my plate it's terrific dad that's disappointing this the actual flavor yeah the deme glass is just so thank you sometimes that can be running today it's actually thick was just mouthing like a big thick varnish that just I believe it's a nice s better than mom's me but thank God my mum's not join us for lunch today manda sorry two things who is there on the front cover there needles yes Eagle looking wonderful
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