Raiding Target's Clearance Section

  • Published on: 2019-01-03
  • hey everybody welcome to another video where I do whatever I want and today I rated targets clearance section and had the most fun so I thought I'd show you what I purchased it's right after Christmas so like all that I forgot I was wearing a weird shirt a string from just be black man match my soul so after Christmas target has a bunch of stuff that they over stocked and they have to get rid of it all to make way for other things and so I told Jojo that I needed to go to Target so she went with me and she had a little fun with this idea and made me buy a bunch of really random things that I wouldn't have bought on my own definitely got way too much stuff than I should have but that's ok cuz it was all on clearance wanna see what I got on sale ready let's begin I've done a target clearance thing before haven't I I think I have I hate that I can't wear glasses with the ring light if I stay here you could see my eyes huh first things first this guy's this was only six dollars and 48 cents it is a tree stump chair pad that's right knees and German you could put this on the chair sit on it and it looks like a tree stump I've never seen anything like this before in my life it is a one-of-a-kind probably millions souls it's actually quite soft nothing like wood actually what can be soft if you sand it fine enough I hear my dog sniffing at the door you didn't want to come in the first time do you want in you want come sit over here I love this you come sit next to mommy and he's leaving you come right here come right here good boy that was stressful for it didn't like it you ran away you did not like you he ran away you didn't even like my tree stump man let's see if it's comfortable to sit on fluffly you want to sit on my stuff come here miss them so weird sentence you're why are you scared of the stuff my dog's been really weird today my dog just had like a full-on panic attack of some sort I filmed it all on ends the story my daughters jumped up on me and I just I'm pinned against the couch he's being really weird tonight I don't quite know what's going on please I can't thank you now he's just fully sitting on my lap mean weird alright next product guys this was only eight dollars and 38 cents and I can't wait until I have to go to another fancy event so I can use this as my purse it's a Lucky Charms lunchbox but all wait tricks on this side the tricks are balls man the tricks are balls tricks used to be shaped like fruit and I refuse to admit that I'm an adult and that's why I see balls now just reach for kids and apparently can't see the shapes of the fruit like they're supposed to and adults see the balls but listen I got this really cool lunch Bend pail lunchbox lunchbox there it is and I want to use that as purse to my next event and I'm very excited about it cuz this fashionable fashion next products okay so like I was with Jojo so she made me buy this maybe because she didn't want people to see that it was on sale it's a lot of her products now I'm making the world see it it was only twelve fifty eight cheapest Jojo cero product I've ever bought I've never bought any she just gives them money so it's the cheapest and most expensive Jojo product I've ever bought maybe this will cheer him up we've got you a unicorn you want to cuddle them then we also got Jojo actually it's a Bobo you love Bobo blanket Oh ah good clearance okay I think we have a winner next product again I was with Jojo and we wanted to see this water bottle was better than the one that she gave me and I use all over the place this was only 12 48 that seems expensive cold for up to 24 hours that seems what insulates to keep my drink fresh it quenches my thirst from dawn till dusk well let's see how this holds up to the Jojo see what water bottle I have alright so this was pretty hard to fill up in my fridge water thingy my bob thing cuz couldn't see where I was aiming this - Jojo already has one up with her water bottle there apparently you sip it open the top that's pretty good that's pretty good my girl is pretty good mmm can you water fountain it though kind of hard fountain it if you have to share it with somebody else also you can't see how much is in there but it does keep it cool I'm gonna say this water bottle versus JoJo's they're both good for different reasons they both have their ups and they both have their downs but they're not the same they're for different types of people also this is very ugly next product I mean I couldn't pass up this this was 48 cents I don't know what it is it is a sound wave I thought it was some sort of Star Wars does it transport oh oh I get it oh it transport oh okay I thought transformers well cars what is this Oh upside down little person and then it transforms into a box transforms into this box aren't transformers aliens that look like robots that transform into cars and not a little robot that transfers its PO Box you know what it was worth the 40 cents goodbye like good bu y bi not good bye be ye but we're still here I said good purchase that's the word I wanted to use its product I got this not for the video but just cuz I liked it was 1048 and it's insulated drinkware Collini aziz from starbucks she gets the one from starbucks they just keep your drinks cold just that I look cute I just wanted it and so I found a good excuse to buy it was for the video and then I just keep it that's product of the day next product oh my god Jojen picked this one out the heater just turn on or the a/c I just had winds start blowing at me he turn on the a/c very good this it's a laser game that apparently you play on your smartphone it was 648 I don't know let's try and figure this out okay I just downloaded the app oh it's very noisy oh there's a father's ago it travels around my room with me oh my goodness wait this is actually pretty fun I'm not good at video games no no I supposed to be doing ever wanted to be doing anymore like I've searched everywhere there's no zombies I do not get this game next product oh my god I am so excited about this one this might be the best thing in the world rap sorry I just ride the catchphrase for the first time and it's a goal wrap around flap around Napa wrap it's a blanket that turns you into Buzz Lightyear you wrap around you flap around and your nappa wrap this is actually amazing it's a blanket that you just put on your back and arms its wings they're called cozy wings that's pretty cool I hope it fits me I've never been more excited for anything in my entire life well this fit how does this work how do you go room know this alright okay ready oh how I look does it look cool do I look like Buzz Light oh it looks terrible looks absolutely [Laughter] wasn't as cool as I wanted it to be I don't really get the point like not a blanket the point of this utter is it a shawl it's a shawl next product Jojo pick this out it was $7.00 to unicorn pencil holder what it comes with ten colored pencils it's like the unicorns ribs oh yeah that's pretty cool actually okay you know what wait this is pretty cool except oh wait a second I found a flaw in the system what happens when you like use one up and they're like all out of order and like they're all like different sizes unicorn won't work anymore for argument's sake oh wow these are really hard to break oh wait okay okay experiment over you know what I mean when you start using them and they dwindle down they're all gonna be different sizes and it's not gonna fit the unicorn anymore I found the flaw in the system next product okay Jojo also picked this one out she went for all the kid toys obviously and her holding her a lass type last I I don't even know it's a wacky slappy sound thanks you need to stop using words like slappy and flappy as part of kid description bubbles up to 20 times its size it expands up to a hundred times its size let's try it oh oh my god I don't hate this not yet okay so it's slime smells poisonous oh it's very stretchy oh it's very stretchy slime this is good slime cuz it's very stretchy God do I like slime all of a sudden its elasti putty it's not fly miss elasti putty there's difference oh this is fun did not work my hands dries and working the way I wanted it to I don't have a straw for that squirrel shirt this is good slide at the end of the day it's bouncy it's stretchy and you can blow bubbles in it if you have the right straw which I currently don't which is my fault my hands do feel a little gross afterwards knuckle line it does smell very chemically but better than I thought it would be this was a great clearance by flurry that's what I grew up with you it was slime in a bottle that you made fart flirt that's what I grew up with ladies and gentlemen slime that farted amazing next product this was 628 I don't know what it is snow I can't even see the name Jojo she got this one too snow cones this isn't a snow boat add water for magic scented snow surprise snow and quotes apparently it's not real snow you guys I hate being so tall because I can't do anything in frame I didn't put as much water and as they said because it keeps saying it's gonna overflow and I don't want it to overflow all right let's watch oh my god it actually smells really good this actually smells really good [Music] well I think that doesn't inflate it as it's gonna get you know aren't taught not to touch the yellow snow isn't that a thing am I supposed to use the scooper can I use my hands well this is in no way snow this is it's this is not snow it's spongy no oh no I've spilled it on my floor is there anything in it oh there's a lot there's things in the bottom get out yet that's fine what I find this stuff there anything else oh this smells really good guys this smells really freakin good out well I got a turn what is this that it I'm just going for it oh this is amazing oh oh doesn't smush together very well this is not a very well designed product but it smells amazing and it feels really cool nothing like snow absolutely nothing like snow it feels really cool I'm gonna say this awesome this was a pretty good one this was a pretty good one you guys was a pretty good one all right last and final product I bought this because I don't know what it is dice game but the dice all say things on them like sage lime peach mint you must be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages always drink responsibly drinking thing why would you put the sticker over the freakin instructions shake up your cocktail hour with unique exciting ingredients it's portable I want to play with this alright so what are you doing here take out the cork I get it I get it you throw the one that says the type of vodka and then you choose then you roll the number dice to sell you how many of these dice to throw in and then whatever these say you mix into the alcohol I don't have alcohol so I can't play this but I want to see what I would have gone okay so I throw this it landed on whiskey Oh whiskey's disgusting they're all disgusting okay and then I would have to put in four ingredients so I have to put in maple syrup cranberry juice lime and sweet vermouth this would be fine if you took out the maple syrup like cranberry juice lime and sweet vermouth that's fine adding the maple syrup is disgusting but I could see how you could get very drunk on this game back when I was a drinker this might have been pretty fun to play alright well that's it for today I hope you guys enjoyed my target clearance raid there were a lot of things but I was with Jojo we overspent I couldn't decide what to get but if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe you see videos every Tuesday and Thursday on this channel make sure you subscribe to my vlog channel also that you're listening to my podcast all things Internet that comes out every Monday you listen to it on iTunes or on Spotify or just go to my website Rachel Ballinger comedy comm forward slash podcast - what can you mean your place for you to listen I'm your daily listening routine let's go though I love you guys so much oh let's do a shout out for the day alright so the person who retweeted my 2018 predictions review slash predicting things for 2019 Marie thank you so much Marie for retweeting that I love you guys so much we have a great new here hope it's going well for you guys but remember above all else stay awesome possums [Music] [Music]
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