The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 2018-12-22
  • here we go here's your sausage pizza holy it's like the pizza does eight Denver yeah shit okay I'll let you take that in thank you oh my god rapid increase the oil grease can we have an oil in there the grease he said it's too greasy just exactly what I feel oh I don't want to hear honestly the best pizza in Denver I mean does that look like the best pizza trust me I can tell you it doesn't taste good so let's steal the dough so thick why am he's just like a loaf of bread is like a baguette in that that's our thin crust that's the thin crust stone Wow seriously a lot of people get upset with me for that when they ask for the thin crust and I bring them Wow it's our son does raw raw pastry my god what a mess nothing I'm done already addressing okay I'll let him know listen that is definitely not the best piece from Denver let's get that right baby he wanted me to show you he said she was going on inside and Tracey it is daily look really I really think - are you kidding me I don't know what the chef is talking about and a lot of people love it I do I eat it but you guys leave it are you kidding me what that's disgusting I'm hungry I think sir perhaps his problem is that it hasn't tasted a classic pizza before damn is good is taste that all this fancy stuff you know here the meatball hero Wow and how do you would you I guess you approach that Wow thank you my darling no problem just visually there's nothing here Oh looking about that that's not anywhere near a hero sandwich that looks more like a sloppy joe bad it's all soggy there it's like eating a patch of soaking wet grass after a cow shall over it we all done with that it's definitely not a hero yet disgusting there's the type of hair on the menu it's not here oh it's zero I'll let him know please do you want to hear chefs response yes yes he said it's a zero not a hero I don't believe this I have plenty of people that they love my meatball I am very proud of my meatballs and for sir prime Z to say it was a zero it's very insulting always nervous when there's menus with ghastly pictures did you need a few moments I'm gonna order the Lodi's potato pizza yeah let's go for the famous ribs I'll go for this pull the pork cheese boat say a little prayer trust me I already so prepared today okay is that ramsey yes sir I'm just hoping Gordon Ramsay gives him too hard on me because this type of food wasn't my idea got ice cream in here sad and grim but I can't fit that looks like this had a thousand Buffalo's walking all over lovely thank you very much holy mackerel that's the strange Peter I've ever seen I'm gonna ask my beloved father to bless my food judge my éclairs a quick favor yes yes which one just blessing my food oh yeah would you sure yeah you peace occurrence absolutely well good and gracious God we asked to bless this food last chef Gordon as he is about to receive it that it may nourish him we ask this through Christ our Lord thank you fingers crossed Oh God he's a well man that is a ranch sauce they put a ranch dressing on the pizza yes it's almost like sort of wallpaper paste so the pizza sucks to be honest I've tasted the pizza and it tasted good I didn't see what he was talking about ribs gonna be right huh what do you think yep perfect thank you I was hoping maybe just maybe he'd like the ribs chef I'm doing all right here who's just one for the sauce the chef's recipe rule it's a generic sauce to shame cuz it just destroys the flavor I they are embarrassing I mean you got College in there a mouthful of fat grease on the outside that's not even trimmed sad I agree Island very very didn't like the restaurant sad what do you want trimmed off that all ribs have federal John doesn't get it he ordered the inferior rib he's trying to cut corners I'm just so frustrated that I feel like banging my head against the wall thank you doing enjoy thank you processed cheese that just like gluing pulled pork sandwich yeah that's pulled straight at the bin sweet taste of nothing and absolutely ghastly oh dear they have a pulled pork sandwich oh and sighs excuse me forgive me Father but they have sinned and I had a respect for you guys you're not gonna eat that okay okay I don't go straight to hell man forgive me I have sinned after saving the priests from an ungodly meal tear down Gordon's anxious to meet the creativeminds responsible for the food Jeff Gordon are you the chef we don't really have a chef how can we don't have a chef the recipes don't really change when everything's prepared the same way you seem to stand proud of that the menu is designed to cut a lot of the labor out cut a little labor out and serve shit I finally in glad I have somebody who agrees with me as far as the standards on the food John doesn't listen to me hopefully he'll listen to Gordon having a midwest Kazim you think of the excitement in terms of you know a lovely braised ribs a fantastic source the source was synthetic we sell a lot of them is that an excuse to serve shit because you said a lot of them are you that lazy or you sell them so fuck you who cares sorry that reduce stinks can we have a chat as owners yes somewhere yeah together right now Joe ready well that one about as he as I expected Akira Akira what's the connection why are you married to each other your chef Yui I'm a manager now you do not cook much any mercury and they say you run the I'm going to the front of the house lady greet the guests right serve tables if needed be ready this speed thank you writes this table with a little ball with me sir okay gotta try the sushi I'm the green tower that sounds nice and then let's end up with a little bit of the salmon sashimi I think that'd be enough thank you miso soup doesn't taste very fresh chef your green tower thank you let's trace onto that does that it is yeah thank you thank you so is creo are you finished with the green tower and it's just pulled out this disgusting hair yeah I'm definitely sure that your sashimi thank you and is a salmon fresh yes thank you John the salmon is freshly frozen it just tastes like it's frozen how was your specially that's definitely frozen it's very very my mistake it was just a four-player present they tasty frozen little mean they way they're freezing I guess we get lazy with our food that's the sushi pizza it sure is it's rice salmon crab and mayonnaise some cheese thank you Japanese pizza you're right that is an insult of pizza and Japanese food when was the miso soup made yesterday yes they I'm just tell me why was something like that tastes salty he's probably been sitting in there reducing overnight what you mean reducing overnight you keep stuff in the memory overnight right what the sushi Peter was a fucking joke right okay hideous disgusting and an insult to Japanese culture and an insult to a fucking pizza house burns on them you don't buy them but I do why they burnt we leaves them some time you want we wash them clean em they use them again I can't believe this is happening Lisa I know Kira don't run away like a snake okay I just scraped dried chicken off these there's bits of food on there do you think this is right just feeling sticky days on the end that's food being wiped off it see to keep mayonnaise in the fridge no that's not required for initiation that's a refrigerate after opening a walnut how long's that be staying outside for always seeing our state space ammonia for years yes it's almost like you're a man in denial anything to say or no I should he doesn't know how to fix it though he opened this place on the assumption that he was the delegator he's lost I think that the restaurants burned him out he thought that we were gonna be living la vida loca and when the business didn't go the way it was supposed to he didn't know what to do but you don't really think that you're lazy right you think you work do you think you work really hard all the time I said I think you should go cook you go to water cook anymore that's the way I cure feels if if I can pay you to do it why should I do it but you're not really paying them your kids are bad he doesn't know how to get off of his little skinny-ass and really getting to work what I need you to shut up for two minutes and I need you to talk and this is part of the reason while you've lost your voice not as your wife wearing the trousers but she's speaking for you reason talk to me come on talk to me they've just I don't know you
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